how to reset kangaroo joey pump

Troubleshooting Guide Enteral Feeding Pump Kangaroo Joey™ 15 Hampshire Street Mansfield, MA 02048 1-800-962-9888 508-261-8000 … 3 0 obj 2 0 obj Place Kangaroo Joey pump on a stable surface or attach it to the IV pole using the pole clamp. Flush your feeding tube as instructed by your nurse. 4 0 obj �CL/��)�c�'�z�Y��磜|�J�*����������Q]��Q^|���_�H"�9YW�՚���UMg:�ЭS$�����)v[3�� Should that have caused it to stop or do I simply HAVE to have the valve/tubing assembly installed for loading message to stop?Thx!


I pushed down on the little metal piece that the first end of the valve fits over and I thought that action would cause the “Set loading” icon to stop but it did not. 9�VU���o����v�����]~r����*����Ǜ 2 0 obj Disconnect the tubing from your feeding tube.

<> 0�ަ׊���4���/�����[���H���DgFZ�������?���f@�r22r0XTѴq �G�767�n��qd "9:ܲ�ul=O�8�u���.

%PDF-1.4 %���� �]����L�Y�,�� 6a.��b��O�4#�0 %���� 18. 0000014928 00000 n I do not even know if it functions correctly. 1 0 obj

Refer to the following pages to resolve errors or alarms. 5. <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 4 0 obj %���� ( Log Out /  I just happened to come across one of my old videos and I received over 12,000 views! x��\�o�F�� ��~� �}%��8�M�\����n�>�2e�%��k��ffI�Kji�m�X��3;����٥����>|�Ȣ��}��;�ti����?޾��f�/�P+��Y���Vl�������.������ ;� �O˪Xe� Clean work area. <> 0000008375 00000 n 0000026887 00000 n Press and hold POWER DOWN key to turn pump off. 0000030808 00000 n Syringe for flushing PROCEDURE: 1. Tue May 07 2019 Language.

Press RUN key to restart the pump. endobj 0000002318 00000 n x��ko۶�{��~��F��� @�8]��֤+.�}pl%1njg��,���s(Y�-*RV\�e�<�����`�������'�l�͙a��/�z����'M,5S2��f���,c��/_��>��5;Y��^�`� �hU̯&�a�dz�����������ǻ|���z����b������_��,_�8�>���q�ί €�TĉP,U:�/`�]��7g!��7/_\Dl�';�����h ��6�cE0�.�il:�

Chris S. Tue May 07 2019 Reply from Chris S. … <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 4 0 obj endobj 0000043998 00000 n Enter your email address to follow my blog and receive notifications of my new posts by email. 16.

0000005263 00000 n

I just happened to come across one of my old videos and I received over 12,000 views! H��WێI ~�y�~���:^������F�]-����P�ՓaQ�_�m�Oe�~|JG:dԣ_>>�����ǧw����ϟ~������O/����������>��_?=���K:~���O��������{���p��ԡ���o�����a˧�������7���������Wa=�{;s������~��OP�Nf��F����O���j7�k�Bx�ٸ�n'%���������gJt��L���zq^�J����I鬹����3W6��tH(G��Sѩu5k�����L�I�բ����G3}�.R����'�Α�#�{�sr�;Ee瀅��@�Յ�q���'��b���U�����r�➭�B���������I|��֋�\�1�J@�~�g��eP�@>��At���k`�+�+�hh�Yy�����S���IK��f�����\rH����2��Z9��Q��q$BLCG�^��@� Hey there care givers!

KANGAROO JOEY™ Enteral Feeding Pump figure b. KanGaRoo JoeY pump set loading area. 0000020200 00000 n endobj

0000016734 00000 n RP)�YZ�]�v��fF&�q�X�a+��U( �b�)'r�n5=���A�[��xw؅�! Hey there care givers! 0000008991 00000 n "��̏ ���_ެ���_?|��E?�o��ëu��#���J����j��|b%� K��h7�� �D. In these cases, we understand if families do not want to change to an Infinity pump and would rather continue to order the feeding bags that work with the Kangaroo Joey pump. <> ։��,l,9��" b�n1�,��1cL��B�r�Y��V��Zbab�U�c6�l���ׄ ���bUQC�ũ�E��'���h��m� p̴��T��,���([���D�|���%">f�̘���Ÿ 0000002442 00000 n %���� %PDF-1.5 4 0 obj 3 0 obj [m�q%�߱?y��ۼ�w�d��af�=�ӷ��?��_��s-���j��2bx�N�<8�k��,��p�a�exj�4R%��Oހ�(���f Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account.

0000041847 00000 n How to change language back to English . 0000010862 00000 n 1 0 obj We will do our best to meet quantity requests. MedWrenchManager . ��%�w���,���mQ��1M������>”p�Q'� �2��T|G�]�.��x(�զ �h�?O�Ff��E/�n%p�o5��`��P�b9��)]�K���t>K���Jo��9���8m A��������f]��.��� �;g>�q1 �@5��հ���e�\��m������F�a7�N؛|U�eG�� ���[^2aU� Press RUN to restart the pump. <>>> 2 0 obj 0000022738 00000 n HOLD ERROR: The pump has been inactive for 10 minutes and is waiting for next step. H�\Wɱ-���}�� $@��o�m;�y�%er����T1hH Ȱ���3��l?�X&������R���V궀;�V��ֆ�@`�����;��G/�}��M��ĞѬ��C�����}� nmQ+54�6��=���Ф��Z�J'��1�V���?�/�x�/��c�kE�r)n4/�uc����+ذ�������춸'h٠�ްA�?q)�c}|���$ˮ���5�����y�l�1�\���/��#8!�� ��14]O�!Lۯ�a����"�� ��Y��$�vB�w�L9̐��ۺ��b��rRH�1\���� � �s4�O(�C���$Q ��H���Պ�H ��S�m,Y��Y ]��� =ݙ-?��mߡ!�h�V:'�l17Z��K䨂�[�ԯ���"�U�.�H�+��.��#nW��[qf�|zƵ:" endobj endobj

endobj endobj ��F�?�� Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. 19. 3. N�j}��*�}ZU�궸���\lw�>�x�'��}^���'�.+�����( ?_ �7,b2�i���*��a�$��eo?gDn�}���"Z�;�x����q 4!2�`�$Ӗ3���Q��V��.�������6i�%aBi稥A�%�2^S �W-��R@�D�fY$��E��Uϟ]��p�H�B�H�X�-U����������nV�:��w��ߢ{_���e��8Ke��/�W˗\��-��l��Z�����-~�ofQؿm��텅���G�P�+���mo:Y�j�?�m�ʵ����߁۷ľ1���[�p������S����t�����jI8ޑj�t ��“���}xUS�X����giO�,Nx[{����8d4�F�u�-M�|�9��t�4���=�%*f=��Oy���]��\B5�y��T3������� �`�+���K�F���{�� �cZ҇XfT��Ew�G1����2�R.� 1�����Td�jR��1� 3��� qx;��k6�×�� �D�J2B��X�t��aQ3$�� 2 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> ��,�xt�&%��H�ȔF%�B�"f�ǹo�"E�E#U��ϓK��T�a~�r�ӗ8��F��X�Q����N����0O8�ND.��!�\I|�IpT9�U� \���sHE4�,�U�&s�Ix-��Y� �,�'"�*G*#fb�c 20. 1 0 obj Perform hand hygiene. 2�� �(�#h���wm4��KBg�e����9. 0000040721 00000 n I got my Kangaroo Joey pump on Feb 25th and love it! �x-�t�^K���k�&���nW��֌�v5հ2��H8���A�ø�S�+p�\��#s �l6�����KZ2�����1o��� �F!�iH%��a A soft reset will.. ... Press F10 at POST (when the Kangaroo logo is displayed, as below). 2. ��Dw�I:Ca�~v ����jt�ɹ`\��r�(#F0�a�L���0iF��T)f�(LLMqz�P,t�)�E�_���_J�(�2 U-�Kૂ�ʷS6�9��o�us�`��=~U,�����Yd�� wg�68����������>��.< Please call HomeMed if you need assistance at 800-862-2731.

How to set up your kangaroo Joey junior feeding pump. 0000016351 00000 n I especially like how easy it is to disconnect from the power cord and the IV clamp. 0000019451 00000 n 0000021436 00000 n Report Post. 0000043353 00000 n ���1$2��߆��&+4=���&����P���HCm����k�WwA쩈ӎd����֣AaDxM���06�Eo �F�!�%�YZ�ί�a*��aI�G�vĩ�n;���_��f�!�N�qMl�C���0a;�)"��4۱�1��LTI$

<> 0000011414 00000 n <> endobj endobj 0000002702 00000 n Not sure if it will help, but you can find all document, here. r�i\3��|2 q�8����0��ig� ����Ee�i�KS~L�R�X�� 3 0 obj %���� Place Kangaroo Joey pump on any stable surface or attach to IV pole using the pole clamp. 19. 0000010296 00000 n stream Posted in Special needs by onerummymom. {��%� ��U%C�ц�V��1�S��Qk-����~ ��3��Y#`��^[�zВ�;�]��Vx� ��›'� 0000011980 00000 n How to set up your kangaroo Joey junior feeding pump.

��l���ϐa�k�V���&�J#Z���pj�q5G�\m+�ļS�!!�@$8�|4. {ִѽ�q��bfQ�B^ A��Xp�1�GY�t��.Dc�R.7/v?u ҇Qٛނ2�Ճt�Է�]}�=�teX���fYN:ϗ�B��Аr�������lFt���U��!Tڮ(���(&�y�J����(�_]k G� ��O�@���%�Z���.�#/��W��7o���.DiIn��ŝ֍�=w坜��hk��39�fգf�;U�g�F����W��{�(�26q*%�6�,.��3i�ܣ�xY�5�^���6�@��tM�h�a3��h���k!#9î4ZT�7��SlCD�84�p�����Kf� ��J����{�Fbq���v!} 0000010579 00000 n 0000012252 00000 n Perform hand hygiene. 0000034467 00000 n <> stream Perform hand hygiene. ( Log Out /  3 0 obj ���93*LX�t����a�.S6b�޾����[��]����L�4� R�%�$�ܠk就�h�!E"�,���"���̑�dO>Er���2�%��e�g�$ׁd��a�'������U��e��<5�s4�J��m��Vzew4(g@5��H��fpG��|N&�Ñ�2|#2wT�R�D��+-���腝��M��@XA��ǥO#JL�Iٻ#7���N���T���V���U����i�����2��kz�_�9EW?�[�dT���� �[����Vzd�*>�g�Ԍ���Z"�8��h�����C2�Xa���ŭK��*�8�gv2�e:׷$Nq[�Og(��(�#Z� �O:H3��PΥz�(^����R3�՘٫H�bNĐ��B��`qݨm^`�"�J�$�x�eҗ�S|d�Zs�1K4�d1*4r��ҷXe�P%��Scz���Y�� �"�Y���� q. Remove Kangaroo feeding bag with tubing from package.

0000041128 00000 n <>>> 0000037114 00000 n 0000017881 00000 n


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