how to make oatmeal like hotels do

Steel-cut oats are the best. Or single-serving packs of applesauce. Ladle into bowls and top with the dried fruit.

What is baby oil made from? Not sure about hotel-style oatmeal per se, but the consistency you describe reminds me of slow-cooker steel-cut oatmeal. Plan ahead, pack the ingredients you’ll need, and make your oatmeal as usual.

Tried both methods and the IP was faster and it came out perfect. There's nothing unique about oatmeal at hotels. My aunt uses steel-cut oats and cooks them on low overnight. , Your email address will not be published. I’ve also found that different brands of oatmeal can affect the amount of needed water. See my recipes for healthy oatmeal muffins, or check out my Pinterest board for granola recipes!

I often have my friends’ parents tell me that I’m “welcome to anything in the kitchen” before I even ask. Say thank you.

I won’t judge. they definitely aren't using anything special to make oatmeal at the hotel. I really recommend the muffins. But I know there are a few of you like me.

If you’re staying in a hotel, they might have continental breakfast, and they might serve oatmeal. What can I use for pork and cinnamon substitutes in side dishes? Go take a shit, shower and shave and by the time you get back they will be done. :D. Edit 2: INSTANT POT to the rescue! This recipe is wonderful: I’ll cook up a batch and portion it out into small containers for easy breakfasts. We would use a 3:1 ration of water to steel cut oats. 1/2 cup oats to 1 cup water makes slightly watery oatmeal.

Every dollar adds up, especially when you’re eating out for every single meal. They seem to withstand the pressure cooking without over plumping up. can you mix fruit juice from a can into a slushie? The consistency is perfectly thick and not too soupy, the oats aren't crunchy or undercooked but also not over cooked. Take a cereal bowl, dump the oatmeal packet, and pour in some hot water. The more you stir, the more starches you're releasing into the water which will make the oatmeal overly gummy. Thanks. i always make my oatmeal with old fashioned oats, not quick cooking oats, cook and stir until most but not all the liquid is absorbed, the reason yours is mushy is becasue you over cooked it and absorbed all the liquid and made oatmeal paste.

Anyone here a former hotel chef that share the recipe? My wife and I don't even cook oatmeal anymore. Or single-serving packs of applesauce. Grande Soy Mocha, no whip. I put it all in a bowl and in the steamer basket with the circle expander steamer insert upside down to hold the bowl over the water.


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