how to make a mascot costume
After graduation, we wanted to continue writing together, so we moved our publications to the digital sphere. Thus, the costume has to be as comfortable to be in as possible. I worked around that by swaggering side-to-side whenever I walked, which people kind of expect a mascot to do anyway. Businesses, big and small, and individuals have realized the benefits of having a mascot. This is your last chance to get things right before adding the fur.

Good for breathing and air intake to the head.

A key factor that will determine how approachable your mascot is will be its facial expression. I’m a student at a school and I was in RTI and we were building random things. Also do you have any tips on making a dome mask for a character? If you're a guy, wear a cup. Besides, it's FUN walking around blind with a giant block of foam on your head!

Absolutely include the cooling fan, or you will learn, as I did, that a fur and foam suit can send you very rapidly toward heatstroke even in an air-conditioned basketball arena (my university-issued Tiger suit lacked this feature). Worldwide delivery to your door in 4-6 weeks. It is solid and thick. DO drink a lot of water while wearing your costume, especially in hot weather. Do you need a costumes for kids? So awesome, Lynne! Begin laying on the smaller areas then lay on the larger ones. This infuses your mascot costume with positive energy that the kids will gravitate towards. Just right. Can you recommend any store for me? Your school, league or organization can save a lot of money if you make the costume yourself. Was just visiting that website you shared, but it’s fairly confusing for someone who’s completely new to this stuff. You can get black window screen from a hardware store and cut it to the right shape. Remember that you’re not making a realistic model of an animal, but rather an entertaining character that kids will find engaging.

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We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The ears are a great spot for hiding a vent.

At this stage, it started looking more like the Flintstones' saber-toothed cat than a cougar. I would really appreciate it! Next, begin hollowing out the center space, starting from the bottom and working upwards layer by layer. How hot does it get. (iNews Journal will never disclose your e-mail address to any advertiser. I think that this website is a great place for people of all ages to go and build something fun. Our regularly updated news articles continue to attract new readers every day. From use at promotional events to creating brand affinity, a mascot can come in handy in multiple occasions.

(NO GLUE REQUIRED. I worked around that by swaggering side-to-side whenever I walked, which people kind of expect a mascot … This will immediately make the kids feel as though the mascot is a part of the event that should be engaged.

Time for a nose! Begin gluing on the fur using the foam spray adhesive. A costume that gets too hot will also result in the wearer losing their energy faster, which will show in the interaction of your mascot with the audience.

That’s why your mascot should always have a huge grin on its face.


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