how to get yunobo out of the cave

One drops a treasure chest with a Royal Bow. If you get it, youcontrol Rudania. There’s a door with an eye-shaped hole. Blessedly, that will brighten the inside of Divine Beast Vah Rudania.

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Instead, use Stasis on the sphere before tilting the beast back so when stasis wears off, it will go down the slope into the beast instead. Ganon will summon his incarnation - Fireblight Ganon. This can be confusing, though. That also means its weak against ice arrows.

When used, it will protect you from all forms of damage while blocking. With the map of the Divine Beast, you’ll also have locations for all five terminal you need to take control: one near you, two by the back legs, one by the tail, and one on the top. Get More Views by sharing it on Might be worth looking into sometime. You can then move the canon right to destroy a boulder that releases another vent, and use it to glide up to the highest canon that you can use you to destroy the boulder blocking the vault. Yunodo voyant Daruk.jpg|Yunodo voyant l'esprit de Daruk, Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence. Just follow the roads and the waypoint on your map. When you can’t go any further, you’ll hear Yunobo screaming for help because he can’t get out. Climb up to the bridge hanging over Goron City and follow the path to Yunobo at the bridge. The first Sentry patrols up ahead, so wait until it crosses over a tunnel to rush inside and make Yunobo wait until it’s back on the other side, and keep moving forward. Then hop up, lock on to the part that protrudes out of his back and whack away. Cependant, il est assez amical et offre rapidement son aide à Link dans sa quête pour libérer la Créature Divine Vah'Rudania. As you round the bend and get a good look at the lava fields of Darunia Lake, you’ll spot a large cannon and a Goron who isn’t your target. 14. Seeing Daruk carved into the mountain will cause Link to remember another memory of his time with the Goron Champion on the Divine Beast. That’ll break his shield and make him vulnerable for attack.

Get Discovered! Vah Rudania starts horizontal.

Lighting the torch will open the gate. Dodge backwards if he’s about to swing horizontally, and dodge left/right if vertically. Entering the beast, the door will slam behind you, making the interior extremely dark.

At the Abandoned North Mine, talk to the miner near the entrance and he’ll point out Yunobo’s position.


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