how to fix kalimba buzz

I do not claim to be an expert in the field, there is so much to be learned every day, nobody can claim to know everything, but what I share is my thought process and findings, as I asked google and the handpan and percussion communities to quench my thirst for knowledge. Kalimba buzzing occurs because of an issue between the tines of the instrument and the bridge upon which they vibrate. Slip it also between the tines and bridge, make sure the rough side of sandpaper is facing the bridge. To keep your kalimba sounding good, learning to tune is the most important thing. Have you heard your Kalimba suddenly buzzing on some of its key? If wriggling left and right has failed to eliminate the buzz on your kalimba try moving the tine up and down on the bridge, using your hammer. Test the tine out once again and if the buzz has gone, Well Done!

Cut a paper into a thin size with... Sandpaper. Another simple solution you can do is just by using a piece of paper. After all, You ought the Kalimba and the key it came in as that is what you wanted, maybe not this retuned one. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. With any luck, you will find only one tine that creates a buzz when played. If none of the above doesn’t work, try to remove the buzzing tines and clean it up. We recommend to find the finest sandpaper (400 -1000 grit per inch) you can buy. My handpan buying guide is the most popular article on site. In this instance, it may be worth cleaning the Kalimba thoroughly, paying close attention to each tine, the bridge, and especially where the two meet. You can learn more about how to apply these buzz fixes by following the link below. This tip points out the resources for removing the buzz and returning your kalimba to sounding clear. Copyright © 2020 Kalimba Magic. There might be just something stuck between the tines and bridge, and moving it may removed them. But if nothings really work, the Kalimba body itself has the issue. Wriggle The Tine from Left to Right

Some of those questions may have been viewed as 'silly', but for me when I finally tracked down the answer, where key to getting started. Cut a paper into a thin size with about an inch in length and about same width as the tines. So what is causing the Buzz on your Kalimba and how can it be fixed? link to What is the largest Percussion Instrument? To keep your kalimba sounding good, learning to tune is the most important thing. His business, Kalimba Magic, is based on the simple proposition that the kalimba is a real musical instrument capable of greatness. Sometimes, the stiffness in cheaper Kalimbas come from the lack of length beyond the bridge.

You can also pull the tines up and down as additional solution. I think "If only they knew how easy it is to fix those buzzes!". In many cases, I could not find direct answers to the most basic newbie questions I was asking. I have created this site to share Tabs, Tutorials, Reviews, Articles and Tools for kalimba with others. Another simple solution you can do is just by using a piece of paper. You’ll know instantly. Welcome to my journey. All Rights Reserved. I enjoyed the unpitched appeal of percussion prior to discovering handpans in a 'moment' I was experiencing.

My old standby method is to insert a sliver of paper between the offending tine and the cylindrical metal bridge piece. And last, the sand paper method in an important way to remove the buzz from one of the high notes. In cheaper kalimbas, the materials used may be inferior, in quality instruments, it may be a small amount of debris on the bridge.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'coolpercussion_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_7',123,'0','0'])); Finding where the buzz is coming from on your Kalimba is a straightforward process. But you can try all the steps above as well, maybe its just another tine issue.

This tip points out the resources for removing the buzz and returning your kalimba to sounding clear.

It begins right at the point where she plays a dead tine. Written by Mark Holdaway, Piece of paper. What is the largest Percussion Instrument? Fortunately there are not many reasons why your Kalimba might be buzzing, so diagnosing the issue is usually quick. Join me as I go deeper into fixing all of these Kalimba sound problems with diagnosis techniques, fixes and more. This is often not the case for Kalimba and Mbira players in Africa, who will either welcome a buzzing instrument or introduce a method in which to make the instrument buzz. In Kalimbas that have not been played for a long time, or stored for any length of time where dust or dirt may have been introduced, you may have 2 or more tines buzzing. link to How Does a Kalimba Work & How Loud are They? Use of this website constitutes acceptance of the, VisibleWebSite™ provided by After that comes learning to fix the odd buzzy tine so that each note on the instrument can ring true.

The modern Mbira is more commonly known as a Kalimba. The bass... How Does a Kalimba Work & How Loud are They?

I've been writing ever since. (, Hold your Kalimba in the correct way for playing, Play each tine in turn, slowly, letting it ring, listening carefully, Make a note of one or more tines that ‘buzz’ when played. They will be adding something inside your Kalimba (Hollow Box). Allowing more tine to produce playing a different key to the one the Kalimba was supplied with is a resolution, albeit not perfect. It is suggested that the imperfect, unclear sound is a reminder of an imperfect past looked upon with fondness, and ‘noisy’ sounds add to the rawness of the music and its heritage. Cut it the same size as we did at the piece of paper.

You can also try replacing it with longer tines cause sometimes it fix the problem. iSA Webs may also in the future participate in other affiliate programs at which point, full disclosure of these partners will be provided. Use of this website constitutes acceptance of the Privacy Policy and User Agreement. Or you are now looking for the solution to fix your buzzing Kalimba? Posted in Tips. For this solution, you need extra effort on buying the sand paper. Thankfully it is not a hard job to find it, as you will only have to play each tine individually while listening carefully to find out which tine, or tines have the buzz. (in decibels). Wriggle the tine left and right to se if there is somethign behind the tine causing a tiny gap between the tine and the bridge. There could be issues with stiff tines, dead tines, or even blank, non-resonating tines. KALIMBA BUZZING, STIFF KEYS, AND DEAD TINES. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

I write about how I went about learning about handpans and more percussion instruments I became interested in. Once complete, play each tine individually once again to see if any buzzing on a specific tine remains. I love kalimba, I have been using and playing kalimba for more than 1 year now. If the buzz has disappeared, you have fixed the buzz on your Kalimba. You can also try to use extra tines as replacement for testing and we hope that it would finally fix everything. Sometimes, when the left/right wriggling doesn’t work, this method will.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'coolpercussion_com-banner-1','ezslot_2',126,'0','0'])); Once you have completed this movement, pay the tine cleanly again, listen carefully, and f the buzz has gone, you’ve solved the problem. Try to pluck the key, if the buzz goes off, then cut the remaining piece of paper leaving the piece of paper in between. You can work around the and try to play and find songs that don’t use those tones, but it is going to affect your overall enjoyment of playing this beautiful instrument, and that’s no good. VisibleWebSite™ provided by a division of The 3rd Party Media Alliance Group of Tucson, Arizona. The Buzz is distracting at best, and ruining your Kalimba playing at worst. iSA Webs also hosts advertising pace for Ezoic, MastertheHandpan, Rav Vast and Sound There are some pretty big instruments in the percussion family, some are make a big sound, others weigh a great deal, but which is the biggest percussion instrument of them all? You’ve begun to improve your Kalimba playing and things are beginning to sound sweet, but all of a sudden a buzzing sound has introduced itself. If you have moved the tine, or even replaced the tine and found that it still sounds dated, the greater chance is that the quality of the board is actually he problem. is a collection of Free Tabs, Tutorials, Reviews and Tools for your kalimba.


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