how to deep fry polish sausage

But take note, you need to boil them first before grilling.

Place the sausage on the grill. This method is not advised for kids and teens.

Few pieces of smashed garlic cloves (optional). While most sausages bought at the store will be pre-boiled, this won’t be the case with fresh sausages, so you need to do some boiling to give them the right texture. Otherwise, try using a bottle of a dark beer such as a Guinness, as these are more likely to impart good flavor into the dish. If you want to prevent a mess in your kitchen, this would be the best cooking method of polish sausage you can do. Every time I am abroad, I miss Polish food. Frying the polish sausage is the most convenient method for browning it and experience juiciness in every bite. Your email address will not be published. It’s my favorite way of cooking kielbasa.

Cooking sausages in the deep fat fryer ruins the oil because the fat from the sausage runs into it, it will need changing more often if you fry food with … However, did you know that kielbasa has various kinds? Place kielbasa on a plate and pour one shot of distilled spirit (95% abv) over it. While boiling, most of the liquid should disappear, but it is possible that you will still have too much liquid left in the frying pan. Beat eggs and place in a 1 gallon baggie or bowl.

Hey there, I'm Nancy, founder and editor in chief here at Cooky Mom, and I’m absolutely in love with food and health blogs. Required fields are marked *. Cut your sausage into 1 1/2-2 inch sections and set aside. If you notice that the skin gets dark after 1-2 minutes of grilling, it means that the temperature is too high. You can cook more than this at one time, just make sure that you have a large enough pan to do so. If you are having it without add-ons, simply pour the oil on the skillet, heat it up and add sausages. Some sausages with turkey and beef filler are sold as Polish sausage, but all-pork sausage has the most authentic flavor.

Make sure that you do not over fry your sausages, as this can cause the fat content to be reduced, and this will cause the sausages to lose a lot of flavor.

Put the dish in the stove and bake for about 45 minutes. If not, here are some of the most common ones: Usually made in veal meat and pork with garlic, this type of polish sausage takes the U shape.

And this is the main reason for its widespread popularity. However, you can buy kielbasa made of poultry, fish, or tofu (vegetarian kielbasa) in Poland.

When making authentic Polish sausage, you’ll want to start with fresh, all-pork Polish sausage.

Pour the cold water until the sausages are covered. Don't make the water boil! About 5-10 minutes each side, the heat should be medium. Place the sausages and add ons in the dish. Some sausages with turkey and beef filler are sold as Polish sausage, but all-pork sausage has the most authentic flavor.

No wonder why- it’s tasty, filling, and always made of the highest quality of meat. 7 Of The Best Espresso Coffee Brands Of 2019: What You Need To Know, 7 Low Acid Coffee Brands That Will Make You And Your Digestive System Happy (2019 Edition).


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