how to break the bead on an atv tire

In my spare time, I enjoy the thrill of trail riding with my friends.

So far used the trash can, tried soap water, tried rotating the bead in the grove.

This method does have the disadvantage of not completely sealing the tire cord, leaving it exposed to the elements so it may rust over time. While still holding the second iron in place, use the first iron to continue the process of lifting the tire over the edge of the rim.

We love to go riding with our three kids all over the country.

The tire is beaded when the tire bead has been pressed over the bead retainer and rests against the inside of the lip of the rim.

Snow is by far the most difficult for all vehicles because of the... For many ATV and UTV owners, getting their machine ready for winter is essential to keep your ATV or UTV in good shape and prolong its life, but it is also likely something that has just become part... Hi!

Tire bead breaking is usually accomplished using a tire-mounting machine, but if you do not have access to this and do not want to have to bring your tires in to a tire repair shop, you can consider making your own DIY tire bead breaker.

On the inside of the rim, close to the lip, there is a small bump called the “bead retainer”. The procedure for tubed tires is very similar.

I recommend using a tire-inflator that has a gauge for this part.

On-road tires will not be faced with challenges like these under normal circumstances. And never use gasoline for this! As for beading the tire, this can be a bit tricky on tubeless tires. Some are more expensive, and other options are very cheap, but with the cheap options, you will likely find some major disadvantages in safety, risk or ease of use.

This is my favorite method for fixing a punctured ATV tire as it does not require you to break the bead of the tire and can be done in a hurry, and anywhere with very little tools. Many other tools can damage the tire or wheel because they press down on the sidewall of the tire. That is, for those that do not want to spend a lot of money on tools or don’t want to spend a lot of time on complex fabrication. Remember to bolt down the tool, and leave about 3-5 PSI of air in the tire for a better chance of succeeding. But, as you may know, ATV tires are prone to having tire leak issues by the bead. This is the most effective and reliable solutions I have found.

Use a tire jack to jack up the ATV so the wheel can be removed from the bike. A chain-link cathing your brake line will rip it in half instantly. Fit the strap around the entire circumstance of the tire. This ensures that the tire won’t slide in different directions on the rim. We mentioned earlier that there are a couple of different options when it comes to tools that help you break the bead. A company called BeadBuster sells a tool that clamps onto the rim and forces a wedge in between the rim and the tire. That’s mostly achieved by the air pressure inside the tires.

We started ATV Man to share our passion and what we have learned, as well as to help us continue to learn more, meet great people that share our love and encourage us to get our riding more! This video dramatically demonstrates how it's done in a garage setting, though the people in the clip use far more starter fluid than is needed. You can end up risking the tire and get frustrated if your attempts are not successful. How hard is it to change ATV tires?

The idea is you slowly drive a truck up the piece of lumber until the weight of the truck breaks the bead.

A curved metal ‘shoe’ pushes down next to the bead using a long lever. The air compressor alone won’t be able to supply enough airflow to get it to seal. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

And for the occasional tire job, there is not really a need for one neither. He also runs and loves to travel and ride ATVs with his family. There is a great chance of bending or damaging your rim with this method. You can help out the process by using the soapy water trick we mentioned earlier, and another tip is to leave a little air in the tire.

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No, it’s not the one where you put starter fluid inside rim and light it on fire. This may sound brutal, and that’s exactly what it is.

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