how good is antonio gibson

“They won’t really reach out to you to tell you a signing date, but coach [Mike] Norvell and the staff were on me every other day. “He’s going to have a lot more opportunities than he’s had the whole time he’s been here combined just next week,” Cowboys Coach Mike McCarthy said last week. “Grades were just … at the end of the day, you could also blame me to be honest, but as a young kid, I was getting bad grades and my coaches weren’t really saying anything to me because they wanted me to play,” Gibson told me recently. Last year, rookie WR Terry McLaurin led all Washington players in fantasy PPR scoring with 191.9 points, followed by RB Adrian Peterson with 147 points. Log in or sign up … I think it does. The rules established by the ACC's medical advisory group require anyone testing positive for COVID-19 to isolate for at least 10 days after the test before returning to practice, assuming they no longer are showing symptoms. As a pro running back, he has 55 carries and 15 receptions. “Yeah definitely, but I try to ignore those messages,” Gibson told NBC Sports Washington’s JP Finlay about his fantasy hype. They were checking in making sure I was all right, seeing if classes were going good, checking on my family. You know how the internet go looking for one thing and end up finding something else.

6 best running back in terms of rushing grades. Most expected Peterson to come out on top, at least to start the season, but now that he’s gone the competition is almost non-existent. And with that, it was time to review five of Gibson’s plays from last season. I went from the standard rushing stats to the Pro Football Reference “advanced” stats to see if anything stuck out in a positive way, and some things did. Film and stats that explain why Antonio Gibson is a promising offensive weapon, Washington’s anonymous 1991 team stands today as the greatest in NFL history. A few more questions before we got to the tape. Bring that factor in the game, where if you do something like that, you get the sideline hyped, and you get a chain reaction from that. Interestingly, his Yards After Contact number is a rather pedestrian 1.9 yards per attempt, so he isn’t breaking away after breaking tackles, but he is earning tough yards and helping prevent negative plays. More Dynasty Analysis For Freedman’s Top Rookies. Rookie running back Antonio Gibson needs to be given the Aaron Jones treatment. Surprisingly, I didn’t see any broken tackles in that Ravens game. They trust what they have in rookie running back Antonio Gibson.. Gibson has been talked up by the coaching staff and has had his skill set compared to that of Carolina Panthers all-pro running back … I feel more comfortable at receiver, just because that’s where I’ve been. Sweat has been dealing with a concussion, and while he hasn't yet been cleared from the protocol, his presence is encouraging. Is Kyle Allen the best healthy starting quarterback in the NFC East right now? I am not sure how good Gibson will be but I do know that Ron Rivera is high on him. At the moment, Gibson barely shows up on the radar of traditional stats like attempts, yardage and average yards gained. No matter who is backing him up, Gibson should see the majority of targets out of the backfield, potentially even getting some slot work as a receiver in some sets. Week 8 NFL DFS picks for cash games and GPP's. Gibson makes a neat move to his right and picks up 5 yards. When he was done with that route, he had to choose between scholarship offers from West Virginia, Mississippi State and Memphis. The major concern around drafting a player like Gibson is the crowded running back room in Washington. His game-to-game stats may not show exactly how good of a player Gibson is, but the grades tell a different story. So when they try to come to my legs, or they come to me with the arm tackle … if you come to me with some little boy stuff, you know I’m looking to break it.”. McKissic, a similar back who works well running routes out of the backfield. I feel like people don’t know how to adjust sometimes to seeing that speed and a big body, you know, to make cuts like that. Gibson’s biggest competition is J.D. By the way, I thought it worth mentioning that I recorded the all-22 for two games this year — the Cardinals and the Ravens. Through three weeks of the season, Gibson has 140 total yards rushing with two touchdowns and 10 broken tackles. He's a terror with the ball in his hands, having averaged 8.4 yards per carry and 13.1 yards per target (11.9 RAC) in 2019. Latest on Washington running back Antonio Gibson including news, stats, videos, highlights and more on ESPN That, and what it says about his NFL potential, was my focus when I talked with him recently. For those searching “fantasy football sleepers for the 2020 season" on the internet, the name Antonio Gibson has probably become a common occurrence in their clips. Will the Washington vs. Giants Week 9 rematch be televised in your area? So rather than judging Gibson based on the total numbers he puts up, this measuring stick shows how well he has performed when given the ball, factoring in things like poor offensive line play or missed assignments. Close. I don’t just mean that I didn’t see Gibson break a tackle — watching every offensive play run by the Football Team against the Ravens, I didn’t see a single player in burgundy & gold earn an extra yard against Baltimore because of a missed tackle. It’s just the size and what I’m able to do.

The only real challenge to Gibson’s output is his ability to learn the offense now that he’s the RB1 for the team. He broke 16 tackles on his 33 carries and 17 tackles on his 38 receptions, according to Pro Football Focus. NFL Prospect Comp: Ty Montgomery but bigger and much faster with more draft capital and less polish.

Small sample size, yes, but those numbers are just insane when a broken tackle rate of 25% is shooting par. However, Memphis started to give him snaps out of the backfield last year and he dominated.” Clearly Washington saw something they liked enough to draft him in the third. This is at the heart of what makes Antonio Gibson a promising offensive weapon. In 2019 Gibson caught 38 balls for 735 yards (19.6 yard average) and 8 TD's. McKissic, a similar back who works well running routes out of the backfield. The midway point of the 2020 season is near. 1. He’s already I think had more carries already this year than he had in, maybe not his college career, but definitely in his last season.

This young man is only just getting started, and he definitely shows a lot of promise. Consider Gibson a flex option with upside. Gibson’s biggest competition is J.D. You can follow him on Twitter: @AndrewHallFF. When it comes to fantasy football, those are truly the best words one can hear. The hybrid running back, wide receiver drew comparisons to … It’s probably good to remember that Gibson is still developing. Turner is part of the Carolina Panthers-to-Washington movement that happened over the offseason, as he spent the 2019 season calling plays for Christian McCaffery.


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