hot fuzz parents guide

A police officer kicks an old lady in the face, causing the lady's head to have a bloody impact with a car bonnet and also trips up an elder gentleman.

Very fast and not very graphic.

Some violence, but enough of a storyline and good humor for it to even out. People need to know that Hot fuzz is not your average comedy. They are shown hallucinating. A policeman threatens to decapitate someone. But some of this humor is one of the funniest you will ever hear if understood well.

seriously don't let your 10 year old see this. Nick Frost's character mentions twice that a woman was fingered. It is offscreen or implied, as quick cuts and camera angles obstruct direct view of physical attacks. So buy the Blu-Ray, stick it in the player and enjoy.

Parents: Set preferences and get age-appropriate recommendations with Common Sense Media Plus. The film has several violent images throughout. It is revealed that almost the entire population of a countryside village are murderers who are part of a cult and have an almost unsettling agenda. The structure lands on the man, spiked side down, destroying his head and inserting onto his neck, as blood and gore spray around. 17 uses of "fuck". No blood is shown. Decapitations, exploding heads, stabbing. some violnace near the end all taken comically and like some blood, loads of english bad words nothing bad, like one sex reference...some drinking in a pub, charecters are nice and have good intenions [sort-of]. It is the revealed that the fork was stabbed into a packet of ketchup. During a shootout scene, criminals are shot, impaled, and crushed. He is then seen unconscious with a bloodied head from the impact.

A tomb full of rotting corpses (including the corpses of children) is found. Little blood. The movie is full of adult humor and there are some very graphic scenes (some of which you should cover your child's eyes for). A man gets hit in the head with a hard object. Don't be too deterred by common sense media's rating, which is, at least in my opinion, pretty unfair. In all reality, you should probably know your child's tolerance for comic-like violence before taking them to this, but it's also a movie where you could cover their eyes during those parts and let them watch the rest of the movie! 1 use of "cunt". 9 uses of "shit" (1 is used as "horseshit", and another is said on a recording on a TV screen).

Neither are very brutal, but they are lengthy. He is then seen unconscious with a bloodied head from the impact. It is later shown that it was ketchup. Plus, in the end, none of the bad guys is really dead, so they all have to pay for their crimes by going to jail. Hot Fuzz Critics Consensus. 1 use of "prick". A killer pushes a concrete spire from a church roof onto a man standing below. 1 use of "ass" (used as "ass-wipe"). The death of Tim Messenger is quite shocking and brutal, but like everything else in the movie it's over the top and comedic. A killer pushes a concrete spire from a church roof onto a man standing below. there are some disturbing gross gory scenes, the 2 grossest being a rock falling in to someones head point first causing it to explode(all shown happening, not offscreen) and a man falls on a spike which bust through his jaw, and out his mouth(once again, all shown) but he still says, "oww...this really hurts" with it in his mouth.


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