honey gourami colors
It’s is very important because they often suffer from problems such as bloating and impaction due to an improper diet in the aquarium. The uniform golden colour says you have a hybrid, and not a 'real' honey gourami. In the wild, their habitat is filled with fallen logs, sticks, leaf litter, and aquatic plants. Weird Honey Gourami color fact: On rare occasion, a female Honey Gourami that had already spawned changes color to a “male” color. For a start, here's your free ebook when you sign up! They are omnivorous fish, that is, they feed on small insects as well as plant parts that they come across in the wild. Hello! The secret to keeping the fish successfully in the aquarium mainly depends on the conditions you provide for them there. Honey gouramis are sexually dimorphic, which means you can tell the males apart from the females visually via physiological differences. Of course, this heavily depends on the quality of care given to the fish e.g, diet, water, temperature, and stress, etc. Heating might be required for this species if you are located in colder parts of the world. Dwarf Gourami may even nip long pectoral fins on the Honey Gourami.

As a general rule, males grow to in 4 cm long and females to 5 cm. The honey gourami does well in tanks that have slow-moving water flow, much like their natural habitat where they usually occur in slow-moving streams and stagnant pools. The fish is better to be placed in soft water and the ph of the water in the tank should be 6.0 – 7.5. Ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates should be kept to a minimum as this species stresses out easily. Make sure the aquarium plants are thickly planted. Natural pH Control in a Freshwater Aquarium: a Practical Beginners Guide, A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Right Chiller for Your Aquarium. So, basically, the trick with Honey Gouramis is just proper care and feeding and you will definitely get the best results with them. For this reason they are best kept apart, unless the tank is large enough for the males to establish territories. Hence its common name, the honey gourami.

You should add small and peaceful fish such• Guppy• Swordtail• Molly• Neon• Tetra• Betta. The foam stays near the water surface. Although there have been appearances in Nepal and some parts of South-East Asia, by and large, the wild population of honey gouramis tends to come from India. The male will guard the nest and young fry. I have 3 honey gourami and 2 look like they are getting darker. Generally, they do not display their full-color potential in fish stores often due to stress and overcrowding, thus they are usually not picked by new hobbyists for this reason and prefer their slightly larger cousin, the dwarf gourami instead. Honey Gouramis will eat flake food, algae flakes, tubifex, frozen bloodworms and live brine shrimp.

When they are ready to spawn, the male builds a bubble nest at the surface and then Two other color varieties have been selectively bred—a red-orange variety known as sunset or robin red, and a lighter variety called gold. They should not be confused with their slightly bigger cousin, the dwarf gourami which has a blueish hue and grows to a size of about 3.5 inches. This will help the Honey Gourami become more confident and decrease the stress.Fish is active mainly during a day. The males of the fish are thinner compared to the females who are a little larger in size. For example, if you’d like to add another 5 more 2-inch fishes to the tank, the minimum tank size you should have would be 10 gallons plus another 10 gallons for the additional fish which makes 20 gallons. Also, males display brighter colors, like dark blue around their abdomen, during the breeding season. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. There are instances of completely red colored specimens being sold by pet shops.

Sponge Filters: When Should You Prefer Them? Good tankmates include non-fin nipping tetras, non-fin nipping barbs, corydoras, platys and other gouramis. Remember to always ask a veterinarian for help regarding all of your pets. Feeding them is also very easy as they will most likely eat anything that is thrown at them (no pun intended). Do you have the right water in the aquarium? In the case of the golden one, the males are almost continuously yellow, only the rear dorsal, anal and caudal fins are reddish. A 10 gallon planted tank for a pair will do just fine. However, there are certain species of fish that you should steer away from if you decide to house them in a community tank.

Some remedies for bloating include feeding your fish boiled peas or to stop feeding for a few days to let the digestive tract work itself out before feeding again. They also have generally sharper features as compared to females which tend to have more rounded features. It is advised to carefully scoop the nest out of the spawning pool after spawning and move it to a separate breeding tank. The fish belongs to the popular Gourami family but it isn’t as popular amongst aquarists as the Dwarf Gouramis are. The males reach a length of about 4 cm, rarely 4.5 cm. Generally, Honey gourami is timid, slow and fearful. A tank that includes this fish should be planted and decorated to provide adequate cover. When they commence free swimming the fry should be fed infusoria and brine shrimp, and a week later finely ground flakes.

The male continues guarding the nest, and rebuilds and repairs it if needed, while the female leaves the area. The female Honey Gourami is slightly larger than the male Honey Gourami and its coloring is paler. Males usually will have made a bubble nest on the surface of the water in a corner of the tank.

When Honey Gouramis are looked after properly and they are housed in an ideal aquarium for their requirements, the colours that they start to develop are stunning.


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