honda silverwing 600 problems
VAT no 918 5617 01 This really didn't prove to be much of an issue once we got used to the angle of the spacious floorboards and dialed in the five-position adjustable backrest. It inspires confidence. Dunno why i waited so long to get one. The right-side brake handle controls the front caliper's two outer pistons while the left-side brake handle controls the front caliper's center piston along with both of the rear caliper's pistons. There are very well supported forums and Youtube videos that cover all the essentials. On a recent weekend camping trip the lot went under the seat inc. tent, bag, stove and clothes. It’s cheaper than Suzuki’s Burgman 650 but considerably lighter and has the advantage of Honda reliability. I changed the standard screen for a Givi screen which eliminated buffeting, and I altered the riders buttstop to a backrest which was quite simple to do and cost pennies to achieve. The bike is a decent all round bike, can carry huge amounts with an additional top box, good weather protection and providing the wind is not too strong, good for long motorway cruising stay at 70 all day long.

Twist and go really does accelerate well for a heavy bike. On a '64 plate. Only have 57 miles on it but like it so far! Contact Us • Yes I know it's £7k (0% over 3 years). No matter the road conditions, the Wing's remarkably adept chassis does its job with uncommon proficiency. Honda Silver Wing - Hi, Welcome to the Silverwing 600 Forum. Very comfortable to ride but drinks a bit, all in all, overall a good buy. The Prospects Are Limitless For this machine to carry the badge of the Wing, it had better be prepared to rack up the miles and then some.

Glad it has ABS. After all, it was the early '80s then, and Diet Coke, Bud Light, and Richard Simmons were all the rage. Battery went flat for no reason, turns out the under seat storage latch light was left on overnight, took the bulb out, sorted. The price is a bit steep but the  Honda FJS600 Silver Wing is a great motorcycle that can certainly raise a dyed-in-the-wool biker’s eyebrow…, Watch the Honda Silver Wing take on the Aprilia Mana, the Suzuki SV650 Sport, and the Pigaggio MP3 400. 2001: Honda FJS600 Silver Wing launched.2003: ABS option introduced on Honda FJS600 Silver Wing.2011: Honda FJS600A Silver Wing [£6,505]. Excellent power despite being a "tub of lard". Buying experience: Just bought a leftover new 2013 ABS model last weekend for a little less than 3900 GBP (5995 USD). It wasn't a scooter; it was a motorcycle. Whether traversing steep mountain roads two-up or negotiating the morning mayhem, the Silver Wing has the goods to get the job done with loads to spare. Review your HONDA SILVER WING 600 (2001 - on). That, fellow scooterphiles, translates into crisp, reliable performance on the street. Sure, in the touring world, the Silver Wing always takes a back seat, or maybe the second podium, to its big brother. I found one with less than 2000 miles for £2500. The change to the Silverwing 600 was viewed with caution, but in reality, the useable performance is not a lot different. I've done 4500 miles on mine in all weathers. A sort of Gold Wing 'lite' if you will. On rough roads it can get a bit bouncy and if you take it over 80mph (which you can easily), it get a bit vague especially in cross winds. Extremely easy to ride with automatic gearing, plenty of legroom which gives the option of moving your leg position to ease stiffness. I have added heated handgrips for winter riding. Of course it can, and quite well at that. It really handles well and is easy to ride. 845898), for the HONDA SILVER WING 600 (2001 - on), Honda FJS600 Silver Wing motorcycle review - Riding, Honda FJS600 Silver Wing motorcycle review - Side view, Honda FJS600 Silver Wing motorcycle review - Rear view, Honda FJS600 Silver Wing motorcycle review - Front view, Honda FJS600 Silver Wing motorcycle review - Exhaust. I was at a Honda dealer for a test ride day and after doing a Pan and Crosstourer I was waiting for a guy to come back with a Dullsville when the sales guy said why don't you have a go on the Silver Wing. It does everything and it's the vehicle I find myself taking most often (I've got 4 at my disposal) so that says a lot. The rest of my luggage fitted into the large top box and a few items packed in vacuum bags attached to the pillion seat. With a fuel injected, 582cc parallel twin knocking out nearly 50bhp, we could easily be talking 'proper' motorcycle here. Lying beneath the elegant surface is this ride's most important element, the engine. The acceleration from standstill is amazing as no gear changes are needed. Everything you need except hazard lights, although the i/android generation might get bored having nothing to do except ride. 2002-2006 Honda FSC 600 Silver Wing Front Cover Stay B/Bracket NOS 50410-MCT-000 (Fits: Honda Silver Wing 600) It's very smooth and just does what it should. ... the Silver Wing is an old-outdated design with small diameter tires and shakey handling. Advertise • Don't need no accessories really , but I have a Satnav arrangement using the 1inch ball and stem. A sort of Gold Wing "lite" if you will.

Owned it less than a week, though. I've upgraded the screen and fitted heated grips to give that bit of extra weather protection and comfort. Also, post anything you have about all of the accessories you have installed or know about. A pair of Hagons have sorted that. Colleagues have referred to it as a 'hairdryer' and they may be right! Back shocks on a 2005 bike that are very bouncy. By the looks of things, the smaller silver brethren has its sights set not only on these ends but daily commutes, errands, and other 'round town pursuits as well. Plenty of luggage space, all very well thought out. It wasn't a scooter; it was a motorcycle. Stability was never an issue with any of our testers due to the rigid steel frame and quality suspension components. One balancer is located above and forward of the crankshaft and works in unison with its counterpart located below and to the rear. I can't complain about the buying process which was handled well but the costs of servicing are ludicrously high. My silverwing won't start or even turnover I have a 2006 Honda FSC600 Silver Wing, the problem is that the bike - Honda 2005 Silverwing 600 ABS question. Stainless exhaust has rust??? Rapid acceleration, and reasonable mpg. The Honda FJS600 Silver Wing is beautifully put together and well designed, making it not just useful but also a real joy to ride.

The panels can be a bit rattly and vibey at times. You've really got to try a big maxi scooter. TECHNICAL SPECS:Honda FSC600A Silver Wing, MSRP $ 7,949 / $ 8,449 ABS Warranty 1 year, unlimited mileage, limited warrantyImporter/Distributor American Honda Motor Co., Engine Type Twin cylinder, four stroke, 582cc, DOHC, 8-valve Fuel unleaded Fuel Capacity 4.2gal (15.9l) Fuel Mileage 47mpg (5l/100km) Theoretical Fuel Range 197mls (317km) Bore x Stroke 72x71.5mm Max Power 50hp Ignition computer controlled transistorized Starter electric Lubrication wet sump Cooling liquid Transmission automatic V-matic belt drive, Chassis Front Suspension 41mm telescopic fork, 4.7in travel Rear Suspension twin shocks, adjustable preload, 4.7in travel Tires & Brakes Front Tire 120/80-14 Rear Tire 150/70-13 Front Brake one triple piston caliper, 256mm rotors Rear Brake twin piston caliper, 240mm rotor Dimensions Length n/a Width n/a Seat Height 29.1in (739mm) Wheelbase 62.8in (1595mm) Dry Weight 500lbs (227kg) / 511lbs (232kg)ABS, © 2020 RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel. But in this first incarnation of the Silver Wing, "less filling" apparently didn't "taste great" to the touring crowd of the day. Owners' reviews for the HONDA SILVER WING 600 (2001 - on) 9 owners have reviewed their HONDA SILVER WING 600 (2001 - on) and rated it in a … Only complaints would be tank size which seems to start flashing at 100 miles and I've never dared do more than 130 miles (which seems to be 13 litres- I cant believe that the tank is 16 litres, and I'm not risking it) I can't offer any comments on tyres other than the standard Bridgestone Hoops seem okay at the moment. The members are friendly and helpful so just have fun.

Fast-forward nearly 20 years - my, how things have changed.

I use to think why would anyone want a big scooter, but now i would haft seriously consider why anyone would want a normal bike for everyday use. So, we've established that the Silver Wing has plenty of power and handles well, but can it stop? There are comments regularly made about the bike being a bit thirsty. Great engine and the CVT keeps it in the right zone.

Take one spin and it's likely you'll agree that this scoot has earned its Wing. Easy home servicing so that £200 covers oil, filters, brake fluid, coolant, plugs and a tyre. The Honda Silverwing IMO is the best of the lot in the Honda scooter line up . The seat’s vast and plush, there’s loads of leg room and the screen/fairing works a treat. Brake pads and front tyre seem to last for ever, a rear tyre goes every 4K. 9 owners have reviewed their HONDA SILVER WING 600 (2001 - on) and rated it in a number of areas. I keep meticulous records and I have a low of 54mpg (in winter) and a high of 64 mpg (in summer). Sure, it sounds technical, but it works extremely well. But in the scooter-touring world, the Silver Wing is front and center, a legitimate gold-medal threat. As a commuter it makes no more sense than a GS or Blade (too fat for town work) but as a cross country toy or two up tourer it is an incredible machine. Saw this Silverwing online having only 2200 miles on the clock at less than half the price of the Burgman which had done similar mileage, but was a few years newer.

The finish is excellent. The handling along a backroad is most entertaining, although you won't be chasing sports bikes. Find a Honda FJS600 SilverWing for sale. The members are friendly and helpful so just have fun. I've added heated grips and I also picked up some wind deflectors which increase the weather protection.

I'm really glad I bought it and I'd recommend one as a utility vehicle over anything else. I think it's overpriced new but used ones seem reasonable. If a machine that promises enough punch for any highway, a fully automatic transmission, comfort to spare, and a user-friendly attitude sounds good to you, then Honda's "other" Wing may just have you believing all that glitters is not necessarily gold. Search Fixya. I like the engine braking that occurs when you ease off the throttle, in fact if you ride carefully and anticipate, you can slow down enough not to always need the brakes. Browse Categories Answer Questions . Honda used the CX 500 transverse-mounted V-twin platform to launch their version of a slenderized touring machine, the GL500 Silver Wing Interstate.

Hi, Welcome to the Silverwing 600 Forum. By 1984, gold signified the only wing aloft in Honda's aerie. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. I commute 50 miles a day and have not ridden anything to date that suits me better. You get so much more with a silverwing and I'm sure if more people tried it they'd be converted too. We ask that you be polite and also introduce yourself on your 1st post. The only possible downside really is the image but as an older bloke I no longer give a rats about that!


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