honda jazz cvt additive
Car runed is 87000 km done.. My car engine is start but not run .and engine is doing hot ..can u help me abought this.

However Honda seems to have fixed the problems they had, as they are now confident enough to use this gearbox worldwide on the Fit. Hi, here in Malaysia, i heard alot about the problems u mentioned. Well the squeal is gone, and my pocket dented. Yeah its taken a while for Sri Lankans to get used to the CVT oil being different from ATF oil, as many still do their oil changes from their own garages as opposed to the agents, and hence have not known about the CVT oil which was another reason why the CVT issue became so common in Sri Lanka.

They quoted Rs.5,500- but I got a reduction of Rs.1,000- as I also bought the CVT oil from them.

it will solve. maybe bit overfilled. Not dissing what a auto mechanic says, but after car salesman, they have the nastiest reputation of being dishonest and deceitful for their own selfish monetary purposes. cost cutting is one reason that i can think of. ( about 2months back i spent 8000 for the cvt oil)

The miracle oil additive has now increased in price by over 4x and got harder to find, complicating the resolution.

Would be great if somebody can confirm on this.

Is there a possibility that im still using the original gearbox or there is no way looking at my mileage now? Once they fixed it has it brought any issues?? Again aftermarket (VIC) sold all over Sri Lanka is not good enough, so get the original. Well, here we are out of our 2004 1.5 Jazz CVT after 7 great years of not too extensive (60,000k) motoring. The bottle is around 7″ x 2″ in size, and is around 125ml in volume. I’m concerned about the longevity of the CVT, which is why I found this site in a search. Depending on how bad the vibration is will depend on how fast the vibration will disappear. However you don’t need to top your gearbox oil, just that you need to change it at proper intervals.

Flushing may or may not fix the judder, if it returns get the starter clutch replaced under the warranty.


Though toyota has bland designs, the VIOS is a very viable option with no serious issues even if it has high mileages.

I WANT THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION PLEASE. Hi Ray hi, rayazmuthalif | could you please tell me , what is the normal oil change interval if i am in colombo and monthly i used to travel 1200-1500 colomobo and 600-800km out. However you can also directly import one. Your blog has been so insightful :). i have a honda city (fit) with cvt gearbox, i runs in reverse mode without any problem, but in [D] or [S] or [L] it runs veeeeerryyy slow, and sometimes it stops, i have changed the fluid and the spark plugs.

However if you don’t mind looking for older cars the Corolla 110/111, and the extremely popular and still good looking and super EK3 Civic are wonderful options and trouble free (Avoid the CVT gearbox EK3 Civic variant though). Are you looking at a registered car or unregistered. THANX. I have an issue with my gear box, though it is for the Honda HRV – it is a 2001 model, automatic transmission Hi i have a 2001 GD1 HONDA FIT import from japan.when im driving it just suddenly starts flashing the D on the dashboard and thereafter for me to be able to continue with the drive i have to switch the engine off completely then start it what could be the problem do i need to change my gearbox completely or its a problem that can be rectified.Please help i love driving the fit but this issue is making me think twice.mileage is on 105k km at the moment.Short distances it drives well but its the long stretches that are a problem. I just changed the gearbox oil (Liqui Moly Top Tec ATF 1400 CVT) but it did not stop. 5.

I recently had my spark plugs replaced and 2 of my ignition coils replaced since my service agent advised me that these are the causes of the jerking or juddering.

Did it resolve it? I already took a transmission overhaul, maybe about 2 weeks ago, or 3. i love to buy a Honda car..this is my first car so don’t have experience of you said in the previous reply i dont like hatchback models..also old 2000-2001 and before..FC is also matters to me.. I thought at a time, Oh this is the car I should go with. Check your fuel lines. Oh my soul! Well if you are using 2008 fit you should not have a problem as it has a new gearbox that does not seem to have the problems with the old model. Problem is it does not seem to change gears past 3rd gear, hence it has a very high RPM towards the 4 mark, and it does not switch down even with continuous accelaration. Contact Mr Y.Dulthummon on 9076538, he will repair it. I’m facing this CVT issue right now. I’m now looking a buying a 2008 Honda City V-TEC that has the CVT. However, transmission is giving a problem – Once you put the car in a drive ( D) mode, it tends to run on HGH RPM and within drive mode the shift is not smooth . Try to get a few bottles as the things works. Oh ya, before this problem happens to me, there is a small symptom showing that my CVT having faulty.. At first there was a small jerking whenever i started to move from a stop(traffic light, tolls) .

This product is poured into the CVT oil during each change (a small quantity) and it seems a lot of user have managed to resolve their jerk issue which then transforms to a busted gearbox in long term. You did not mention the mileage of the car, but if its recondition and brought during the last few years most cars had their odometer manipulated in Sri Lanka, unless you got it down direct or new the vendor very very well. And recently, I’ve been having problem about jerking when at reverse, and sometimes in forward when i’m running very slow, it is often to jerk when on reverse gear.


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