honda grom cam
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Awesome Package For the Honda Grom. Clear. These kits come complete and there’s no need for additional purchases. Valve timing angle (for stock cylinder head) IN valve open 7°btdc close 36°abdc. Their cams are precision ground from billet blanks using high-tolerance equipment, not welded and reground. Valve timing must be measured and adjusted when installing. Regular price Our highest performing MSX-125 camshaft , delivers unmatched profile lift velocity , for radical street / track racing. You’re just in time! Their cams are precision ground from billet blanks using high-tolerance equipment, not welded and reground. Rated 0 out of 5 $ 249.00 $ 236.55. SALE HONDA GROM 2014-19 Camshaft ST-1M Yoshimura MSX125 Cam. Bike Runs Wayyyyy better!!! Currently 5/5 Stars (2) Description: 2014-20 Honda Grom and Monkey bike racing camshaft.


In stock-+ Add to cart. After tons of dyno and street testing, we feel this it the best bang for buck upgrade available! Color.

Improper installation or cam timing could result in catastrophic engine failure. Home Grom Parts Grom EngineSALE HONDA GROM 2014-19 Camshaft ST-1M Yoshimura MSX125 Cam. This camshaft can be used with a stock engine, but will even give better results with the Koso 170cc big bore kit. Billet 6061-T Clutch Kit Enhanced Lifter Plate – Honda Grom msx 125 Made In USA, GROM MSX 125 BILLET REAR LOWERING LINK IN 2.5 OR 4.5 INCH, TRS RUCKUS HEADLIGHT BRACKET GROMMSX 125 RUCKEYES 14-19, 2 Pin ATR Blinker Adjustable LED Flasher Relay for Grom and ATR, Koso Mini 3 Cylinder Head Thermometer – Honda Grom, TRS The Ruck Shop Lanyard Holder Keychain Key Chain Black Lanyard Clip Grom Ruckus, Tappet Crearance(mm): IN 0.08-0.12mm/EX 0.08-0.12. Sale.

Yoshimura camshafts are Made in Japan from premium materials.

For fastest response, contact us through email  - We've created a camshaft package that allows you to add a TB camshaft and our DHM Reflash to your bike. Performance cams typically have a duration ranging from 220 up to 280 degrees or higher. These are imported from Japan. Yoshimura camshafts are Made in Japan from premium materials.

Required fields are marked *. TRS Engine / Frame Slider for Honda Grom 125 MSX 125 ON SALE.

Service is awesome too! We ship overseas. Sale price You can also choose to purchase a core ecu, we will send you a flashed ecu and you can return your original one and receive a $50 credit or keep it as a back up. $214.00.

***If you already own a DCR or TB camshaft you can still purchase our Reflash for those mods here: These are imported from Japan. I did lose a little bit of power below 4k rpm but with a grom your never really that low in the revs anyways.

Before with the stock cam in third gear it would take forever to go from 7k-9k but with this cam it just keeps pulling and pulling all the way to the limiter. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. A cam with a duration of 240 degrees or higher will typically produce the most power from 3,500 to 7,000 RPM.

SALE !!!!! Your email address will not be published.

Included: DHM Reflash (more info here)TB Parts CamshaftYou have two purchase options for delivery.

EX valve open 37°bbdc close 9°atdc 1mm lift Decompression Removed; Requires fuel controller; Kitaco Type1 Grom Camshaft will give you mid-range power while the Type2 camshaft will give you top end high rpm power. This will add as much as 2-3hp and will also increase your rev limit to 10,000 rpm, while also correcting the fuel and timing tables in your ecu. Best Bang for your Buck on the Grom!! Very happy with the results! This camshaft requires fuel injection adjustment. These are imported from Japan. The service was fact and now my bike is fast! this packaged woke the grom up! This camshaft can be used with a stock engine, but will even give better results with the Koso 170cc big bore kit. The higher the duration, the rougher the idle and the higher the cam’s power range on the RPM scale.

When performance counts, trust Yoshimura.


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