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NO GAME INCLUDED, BOX ONLY  The box art was created solely by Galvatryne of NintendoAge.com Like the box? Crushingly hard.

This icon alone may account for why the game never made it to America, not to mention the word “Holy” in the title was an affront to Nintendo of America’s “no religious references” policy. A couple of years later, they would make a less brutal (but still difficult) platformer in the form of Metal Storm which seems to have corrected several of Holy Diver‘s faults. Retro-Bit x FigPin Limited Edition Enamel Pin Set, Holy Diver 8-Bit Cartridge and Protective Dust Cover. Beautiful glossy 6 page color Manual Available (Optional for an add'l $12) - See above.

Players: 1 : Year: 2007: Cart size: 256 KB: File size: 106 KB: Graphics: 6: Sound: 6: Gameplay: 7: Overall: 6 (1 vote) Rate it!

Holy Diver 8-Bit Cartridge and Protective Dust Cover compatible with original NES® and Retro-Bit® consoles. Perhaps the only other story that even comes close to the magnitude of sheer marvel is the intro to Zombie Nation / Abarenbou Tengu, but that’s neither here nor there. While it does a good job at creating a dangerous atmosphere for the big bads you’ll fight, it’s also likely to annoy you and perhaps make you nervous during a particularly protracted fight. The bracelet you get early in the first stage is necessary to break blocks later on, and you’ll get high jump boots which help you for tricky gaps later. Get it here: Holy Diver - The NES Dump. Holy Diver *Manual Available* NES BOXES This box (manual & label) have been professionally printed, hand cut, creased and folded. Thus begins the Legend Of The Holy Magic King’s Justice. The three escaped the forces from another dimension in the hope to bring light back into the world. Though not extraordinarily well known in North America, Irem released several quality games, most of which were designated for public arcades. You have successfully subscribed to this product. Like the box? Perhaps listening to Dio’s legendary song while playing it will grant upon you the power of rock and roll to slay the denizens of the Black Slayer… and hey, even if you lose, at least you’re failing in style. While doing more damage and safer to use, each twin fire shot takes up one mana point and it cannot be used recklessly. Beautiful glossy 6 page color Manual Available (Optional for an add'l $12) - See above. Exclusive postcards, book previews, and more. The game Holy Diver with authentic dust cover. Emulation Lair The Vault Manual Project Message Boards FFA Links. Still, Holy Diver itself is worth very much a play, but don’t expect to beat it without cheating copiously or spending many afternoons learning the ins and outs of its levels. Units in Stock: 0 The graphics are sharp and surprisingly colorful for a game about Hell, though there’s some subtly disturbing imagery that pops up every now and again, like the awesome skull with a snake crawling around it in front of a cross. Posted The Black Slayer had further extended his empire over the countryside and the interdimensional forces were even more powerful. Even as a relative warmup, the first stage throws flying skulls and purple rolling bug-things at you, but the difficulty already takes a massive leap upward in the second stage, wherein you are forced to manage your use of blizzard to cross lava pits. Behold the power of rock in video game text form: Resurrected-The Legend of the Holy Magic King’s Justice. In fact, just looking at it is likely to bring Castlevania to mind. Emulation Lair The Vault Manual Project Message Boards FFA Links. Literally every level has at least one 1-up and at least one other pickup which will permanently help you through the rest of the game. The occasional heart pickup restores a bit of life, though the magic crystals that only restore a measly two points of mana are barely worth it.

Hell, anything that flies is liable to destroy you over a pit, and even if most lava pits are not instant death, they’re often placed around enemies which can’t easily be hit or killed in less than six fire blasts. Holy Diver is a nigh-shameless ripoff of Castlevania in terms of visual design and gameplay, but this is not necessarily a fault.

This box (manual & label) have been professionally printed, hand cut, creased and folded. The box art was created solely by Galvatryne of NintendoAge.com. He can also turn from white to blue with a press of Select and shoot out twin fireballs which travel the whole screen. This website uses cookies for various functions. Include in the box: – 8-bit Holy Diver black cartridge and protective cover

The last thing you need is faulty nerves when the jeopardy of being hurled back to the beginning of a level it took you about fifteen minutes to fight through is a very present possibility. Their primary claim to fame is the (in)famous R-Type series of sci-fi shoot-em-ups, famed for their power-ups systems and tight gameplay, freakish stage and enemy design, and their unrelenting brutality. The blizzard spell freezes weak enemies and ices over lava pits and falls, allowing you to cross and break through them under a limited window. For my surprise, the NES carts were for sale, as nobody were actually renting them - it was the SNES era. Beautiful glossy 6 page color Manual Available (Optional for an add'l $12) - See above. Holy Diver (Japanese: ... distributor Retro-bit announced that they would give Holy Diver a worldwide physical re-release for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The outright truth about Holy Diver is that it’s hard. It’s nothing more than the typical action-platformer blend of multiple enemies combined with instant death pitfalls, but someone turned up the jerkweed dial up to thirteen, a whole two steps above eleven.

From evil organic tree beasts to twin pink plant worm thingies, their appearances impressively defy the boundaries between organic and alien. Write us using our internal ticket system. The NES cartridge includes limited edition pins, stickers, certificate of authenticity, litographs, and so many more goodies! Neue Spiele für klassische Konsolen erleben gerade eine Renaissance - wir sprechen über verschiedene Arten und Spiele. Customers who bought this product also bought: Retro-Bit SEGA Mega Drive 6-button Pad (Black, 2.4GHz), Wind and Water Puzzle Battles (Dreamcast), Retrode Plugin Pack (without N64 Joystick connector), Metal Storm Collector's Edition (EU Version), R-Type Returns (SNES) Collectors Set (Black Cartridge), Holy Diver (NES) Special Limited Edition (White Cartridge), DragonBox Talk Episode 03: Neue Spiele für klassische Konsolen.

The new edition is limited to 2,900 copies, and costs 35 USD for the regular version, and 60 USD for the Collector's Edition . Randy needed to find the Royal Coat Of Arms of the Crimson to battle the demons.

The Holy Diver (Collector's Edition) is a limited edition published and distributed by Retro-Bit, compatible with all classic NES consoles and Retro-Bit consoles: Outer collectible hard embossed cardboard box. Dying in any segment sends you back to the beginning of that part, and losing all lives shunks you to the very beginning of the level. ... Holy Diver. Overdrive brings out two circular floating blobs which do decent damage and act as a shield of sorts for Randy, as well as resembling the shield blobs from Gradius. There are no particularly dazzling effects, but the neat backgrounds and enemy designs lend a great gothic hell ambiance to HD. Randy attacks with an infinite supply of fireballs by default, and though they are not too powerful and somewhat short-ranged (flying through only a fourth of the screen width), he can fire them quickly and can also shoot upward if need be. There is enough here to distinguish its identity from the Belmont saga starting with the lack of whips. Somewhat mercifully, you have infinite continues, but you are spared no quarter in any other respect. Notify me when product is back in stock, This box (manual & label) have been professionally printed, hand cut, creased and folded. For better or worse, there’s a wide variety of enemies to deal with in each stage, with at least one new monster (but often several more) to be found in the next area. The next 17 years were difficult but Randy, Zack, and Ozzy devoted themselves to the cause of Holy Magic Justice. It is only too appropriate that Holy Diver is about descending into Hell, as it may very well be crafted by Lucifer himself. Addeddate 2018-12-01 19:46:01 Coverleaf 0 Identifier NESManuals Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t59d4bj4v Ocr ABBYY FineReader 11.0 (Extended OCR) Ppi 600 … Topics Manuals, Game Manuals, Nintendo Entertainment System, NES Collection opensource Language English. Oh, not to mention the small round goblins which sink up from the floor on top of thin columns surrounded by deadly black pitfall space. In nearly every sense of the word, Holy Diver is a hardcore game, and not just because of its heavy metal-derived setting. You are rewarded a cape which halves the damage you take after beating the stage five boss, and a few stages have large heart jars with give you a new notch in your health bar, merely three squares by default. Just as hard as the first two R-Typegames if not even worse in some respects. Needless to say, this is very helpful and necessary for a couple of long stretches without any floor. The Black Slayer, Demon King of the Underground Dark Empire, has extended the world of darkness and weakened the power of King Crimson whose wisdom has guided the world of magic for generations. The is the first time the game is released outside of Japan, and the game would be translated into English. Get it here: Castlevania II - Simons Quest: Redaction *Manual Available*. You get almost no breaks, the difficulty sharply boosts for each new stage, and all bets are off in the final two stages, as they take about a full ten minutes to get through even if you’re REALLY good. Other ludicrous foes include arbitrarily-moving flying eyeballs which are completely invincible, gargoyles who toss out fireballs while floating just out of your attack range, large bouncing heads which spam projectiles and take about a dozen hits to destroy, and golems who are nearly strong enough to qualify as bosses. While somewhat out of the way, the wizard staff in stage four cuts your magic use in half, making it nearly mandatory. Product Code: NC-HD-USA


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