hermes and artemis fanfiction

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. "Hello class. He still hadn't spoken a single word to her other that the repeated thank you’s and the thing about her coming and Zeus draining his newly regained immortality again.

This kid was so jumpy, ever sense Hades' son caught him stealing his sword. So I do thank you and am in your debt.”. They could always tell the circumstances of his coming, if he was sad or panicked they could tell and got her immediately, the days where his form flickered between a child and his usual form were the most urgent. Confused. Apollo. Next to enter the hall is Apollo with his wife, the wife that shocked all of them, never did they expect Apollo will have a relationship with Eris herself, let alone marry her. She floated over to him, and he seemed to sense her presence because he curled in on himself more. Neither twin minded much.

An artemis and hermes love story By: Artemis01232001.

He hardly even looked up from the ground. Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darou ka. Surely that must tell you something.

Laughter of a certain sun god. "Alright, that's it. Zeus shouted something, but it was lost to the loud thunder.

Hermes, Zeus is here….and Hera…..why are they always around each other when you're around? Prepare medical supplies and blankets.

I am the god of theives, liars, and trickery. She have her freedom finally, Athena thought. She brought Apollo to her tent.

“Ok ok sheesh oh by the way Percy, the asshole who gave me your girlfriend wants to see you,” Leto stated while smirking. “FINALLY YOU ADMIT IT! Close enough that she could feel his racing heartbeat.

screaming “did you need to slap me?” he asked suddenly. Every Protogenoi except Spes, Protogonus, And Chaos walked through the portal. Athena said nothing, because she was reading the Artemis Fowl book, which didn't seem so bad. Percy took a place on his own throne and laid Sage down on his lap as she slept. By the end of it Percy and Artemis were practically glowing red or gold. I peeled the envalope off my face, trying not to barf, and held it out towards Artmis. Pale, sickly, weak, despite this Apollo managed look worse. He shook his head violently. Zeus and Hera were on the porch of their palace, talking about something in the starlight. He started to gag, then spit the letter out on my face. Could it have been that they became to close did a deeper connection between the two really take place or was it just a coincidence? He took a deep breath and continued “My body was so broken already… when he zapped me my form failed completely.

Artemis answered, Hermes hold her hands and you can see the love shining on both of their eyes. With that, I went back to Olympus, told Zeus, then found Apollo –in his Sun chairot- and told him to pick up his sister at sunset. You are the GOD of poetry of course i'm glad your making poems again. None of the hunters knew what was going on so they had theories. Not that I could before, hence that I was at my physical limit.. Ten days since they defeated Antares. She altered her appearance to be one a few years older, 18-19ish. Apollo's been ignoring his email! "Go home, Hermes. He would still defend her honor with his life, and brutally murder anyone who harms her, but their entire twin dynamic that developed over millennia was different now. You don't need to be afraid of him anymore, I'll protect you. "Pay you? “But.. your Lyre.. "You can marry me then you will have your freedom. For most of our existence I've always been the one who was protective of you.” She gave him a sour look. I stated matter-of-factly. Thalia, I need you to prepare a cot in my tent. He had crushed any trust he was regaining in his father. "Zeus….mail." to see him like this. Hermes knew the situation would only get worse the longer it went on and he knew a large part of the blame was on his shoulders. “You need rest Pollo” Artemis said. Demeter is the first one to react, well, she's always the first one to react. He ran out of nectar quickly, and looked absolutely devastated when he realized that, he stared at the now empty cup in horror. It had been 20 years since the giant war, and Apollo laughed for the first time on Olympus. He felt overwhelmed. He felt fragile, like a vase that could break with one wrong action. “When I finally realized you were there I was convinced I was dreaming… or that I was going insane.

That he would stay scattered for as long as he could…. She looked at him quizzically, he nodded violently.

(See the end of the work for more notes.). I wouldn't have worn these pajamas if I knew someone was going to break down my door! "It drove her crazy! "I need you to deliver this to Artemis. if Zeus came back she would teleport them to Delos. “And honestly, you haven't written a better haiku in your godly life” she said honestly. ", "Okay guys, gotta see ya later. I was so scared and hurt and I just wanted it to end. Honestly, it calmed him if only for a breath time however as if an ever sour reminder he'd picture her face and it brought him back to hell. All he could see in her was her blue eyes. Now Zeus was pointing his master bolt at the younger god. I wonder if there are any other hot girls besides Aphrodite.".
Gorge asked. Shocked. The words dug deep into the god's mind he didn't have a response to give the boy it's true he just stood and watched the event playout but what over option did they was there even another option the could have chosen. Hermes soon came into focus and Bell gave him a quick glance before returning to looking at the moon. "It’s a plant that knocks people out. I kept begging him for mercy but he didn't stop.. Everything blurs together after awhile. "I can just tell Zeus that you didn't tell Apollo." She looked at him, confused. He's a crackerjack swimmer, and yes girls he's still single. Apollo always flirted with the hunters! “Do that again and I assure you my lord will kill you,” Metis assures with a voice that could haunt thousands of mortals. “Can you tell me what happened?” Thalia asked. Hestia dropped him to the floor and walked away there was no emotion on her face. I have the pieces but.. Yeah” Apollo sighed, still holding his bow to his chest. Also, i'm not sorry for slapping you. He never wished that feeling of helplessness on anyone. "Oh, contare, my fellow Olympain.

I protested. Hermes took it as a go ahead but don't expect a reply. furious. "She's almost impossible to Iris Message because she's constantly on the move. Artemis yelled, "What did you bring in now?". Zeus handed me this little envelope. But it still didn't sit right with him. Before Ares can answer, Zeus called their attention and started the meeting. Apollo clung to her like she was his lifeline, and in many ways she was. Because two very, very, VERY vengeful and powerful people that held grudges had them in their sights. Artemis growled. The third stayed in one piece. I got all of it except 8:00-9:00 p.m.!

Apollo’s state reminded him far of his own thousands of years ago when the giants locked him in a brass jar so long ago… but he looked worse.. Or he would have if Artemis hadn't given him nectar and ambrosia. Artemis summoned some nectar and offered it to him. She handed me some cookies. Lastly Percy and Artemis are now engaged.” Chiron chuckles at the last one seeing everyone’s expressions. They got off of them but then they heard a stomp. ", "He thinks every girl is hot in this school. He was stiff like dead game. !SUPER OLD!

Not the shell of himself that remained. Thalia refrained from asking questions until she saw a familiar looking burn decorating his stomach. He didn't care that he was speaking with a God all he cared was someone he cared about someone he wanted to protect had died and it was by his hands. "Hestia please don't take it the wrong wa...". Artemis was seen pissed as hell “Won’t be so funny when you find an arrow up your asshole and see that your body parts are flipped while your front is a horse and your back is human.” She threatened.

His form shimmered to one of someone 11 or 12 years old. “All Hail Sage Hoo Goddess Of Childlike Wisdom And Friends, Minor Goddess Of Youth, Wisdom, And Demigods,” the Morai chanted. I wasn't grateful if i'm being honest. Not by a long shot. Hera said. There's only one answer and that is the silly god, Hermes. And what they couldve done so wrong to make Zeus call a meeting about it, im not sure I want to find out what it is. When Zeus saw Apollo, thunder rumbled and he looked absolutely livid. I found him before that happened but.. Well, you see..”. Hermes was sitting in his chair, this time with a straw to his mouth. Instead, he sat alone in silence hardly eating and avoiding any human interaction. He disappeared into a glimmer of sparks and she started panicking. Una spes mea, qui non potest in dubium vocari credimus champion et tu in me, et ego et puer latere tuo semper. He was the god of trade, and the box he summoned was full of styrofoam to the exact shape of the bow and arrows. He couldn't help the pity he felt for the sun god. I mean, what happened to that kid?
“Who’s thrones are they?” Percy inquired. “I was bound in a celestial bronze net.

Percy grinned “Well since I can tell you’re not liking the formality stuff as you called me Percy... it’s fine Chaos.”. He shivered. Hestia's face grew even angrier by the second she couldn't care less about fate or destiny she only knew one thing at this point. Artemis once again felt anger bubble inside her. "How many times do I have to tell you that I'm allergic to you, Ares?" Distinctly younger that normal. “Elpis is that you?” Gaea asked while crying. "Yeah sure." He hardly saw Artemis as his younger sister anymore, only as his equal.. And that was him denying that he saw her as older. Hermes tried to cheer him up occasionally, but as the messenger god was so swamped with work he could only stay around for a bit. terrified Artemis started rubbing his back as he sobbed, thankfully, that seemed to comfort him a bit. She suddenly felt horribly guilty. You're awake!” She took a step forward, he was suddenly on guard, his mind screaming danger. Pay up." “Do you want to go outside? I jumped out of my bed, sloppily making it look some-what nice. Athena said nothing, because she was reading the Artemis Fowl book, which didn't seem so bad. Today I wasn't the best mood, as you could see. Everyone could see the difference in his behavior. And as a school prank, Hermes sent her an Artemis Fowl book. “Father he..” Apollo’s voice hitched. Apollo showing up at her camp randomly became an occurrence even more common than before. The god that was once so vibrant and cheery was no longer anything like that. Knack for basketball that kid has. “Because Sagey you’re a goddess like I’m a god now” Percy replied smiling at her “You’re also my blood-adopted daughter.


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