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Among compact .22 rifles, the AR7 will bring on a suggestive eyebrow raise. I use ONLY CCI mini mag or Velocitor. The bolt is pretty cool in that it’s recessed…. And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. How many such items out there for the AR-7? Decades on, Henry Repeating took up production of the rifle. Great 50 yd rifles !! Speaking of the trigger…it’s surprisingly decent.

it goes bang every time, hits what I point at, priced right for any budget, and its a henry, so the customer support is fantastic if you do need them. Pretty cool and fun to hunt small game with. I’m not a huge fan of auto-loading .22 rifles, but I am a massive James Bond fan. Remember the Boy Scout Motto: "BE PREPARED".

Knowing that you’re more than likely to trade for ammo and you wouldn’t have to be picky trading with .22 knowing you can shoot them all in one rifle. The 10/22 TakeDown is a rifle you will enjoy every chance you get to shoot it PLUS you have One is a bit of a deal breaker and another is more of a personal preference. Let it be or just buy more mags. Let's find out. The manufacturers recommend use of 40 grain round nose bullets in high velocity loadings. I followed that up with 100 rounds of Remington Golden Bullet 40 grain rounds. The Henry Survival Rifle can be had at the $300 mark in black finish, true timber camo, and my version – viper western camo. so many options readily available. GI#: 101527535. At first glance, the rifle looked like a plumber’s first foray into firearm design. Then attach the barrel to the receiver…it has that indexing nub that’s familiar to anyone who has built an AR-15. Let it go to chamber a round. Survival AR-7 is available in black or camo and all models are equipped with an adjustable rear sight and a blade front sight. Up close, the Henry Survival Rifle is more than adequate for dusting off small game or getting the lead out in a potential self-defense situation. If you do your part you should be confident of hitting what you're aiming at at 50 yards all day long. It will keep a decent water seal that will keep the AR-7 afloat for some time. It can look a little weird but you get used to it pretty quickly.

On the range. I’ll cover how this purpose-built little rifle might be your next gun for backpacking and general prepping. All iterations of the AR-7 from the ArmaLite to the Henry U.S. A fun day at the range or a last ditch survival weapon if you bail out of a plane. It’s highly recommended that you go with some hotter stuff like CCI Minimag. Get proficient on YOUR time. And of course the very audible/tactile reset. With the Caldwell Chronograph plugged in from 10-feet away, I fired my two-primary test ammunition — Winchester Western 36 grain hollow-points and Remington Golden Bullet 40 grain round nosed bullets. Tighten it down then put on your barrel. (Photo: Terril Herbert). Both guns are accurate enough at 75 yards.

It is also worth noting that the design of the stock has the receiver and barrel offset to the right side. I fired the AR7 as fast as I could with 6 magazines containing mini mags. Its still cold. I was easily nailing clays at around 35 yards. Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle 230. at Brownells. Like the original Henry U.S. I had zero malfunctions with those and you can check out more of my favs in Best .22LR Ammo. The feed lips were easy to bang up and rounds started shifting in the mag. Armalite sold the rights of the AR-7 to Charter Arms in 1973 who kind of messed it up and contributed to a less than stellar reputation of the AR-7. Both are well broke in with over 500 rnds each. For survival I would look at the Henry.22 lever gun. I had one AR-7 come with a Henry Survival Pack. I became my group's "gun guy" and everyone who had questions came to me. No failures when I stuck with the good hot stuff but be prepared for a normal amount of issues with cheaper stuff.

A .22 rifle has a lot of merit for survival. Just my 2 cents. Shot a lot of squirrels, fair number of bunnies too. But this isn’t anything new. It is also of note that the AR7’s bolt spring is tough. The AR-7 requires high velocity ammunition for reliable functioning. .22 is far more effective than keyboard experts give it credit for. It has adequate accuracy and high reliability if given the proper ammo. So, I was tickled by the little rifle when I saw the original Armalite AR7 being used to assassinate Bulgarian killers and dispatching of a Spectre helicopter in From Russia With Love. covered forearm not needed.

It’s chambered in .22 LR so you can carry a large quantity of ammunition without adding much weight to your gear. Henry Repeating Rifles got the design and production rights in 1980 and fixed it up a bit (more details coming up). I’m not quite sure if there’s a proper order…but here goes! Though the accuracy suffers slightly due to the rifle’s light weight, the rifle’s portability is what makes it so great.

The 10/22 Takedown has many other items that were never developed for the AR-7 besides the larger capacity magazines mentioned above that can be easily stored in the case that the rifle comes with,. You can also handload individual rounds into the chamber if you’re using really soft stuff (or forget to bring your mag).

I have some old Ram-Line 30 round magazines that ARE Reliable and do not take up much space and snap/lock together that when snapped together are shorter than one 25 round magazine. In general we want and and use all of the same tools for Survival. I do need some info on cleaning the receiver. prob my fault, possible rim lock. For those just now coming across this model, how has it stood up over the years? When I first took the rifle out of its cardboard box, all I got was the buttstock. It has adequate accuracy and high reliability if given the proper ammo. Take down and reassemble. This an awesome rifle. As a .22LR there’s almost no recoil even in a lightweight 3.5 lb blowback gun. and highly portable making it an ideal companion for rabbit hunting and manoeuvring within the confines of a vehicle. When the action is opened and the gun folded, it measures a mere 17” overall length and stows neatly in an included pack/case. The aluminum receiver is squarish in appearance and locks into place via a captive wing screw that is in the pistol grip of the buttstock. When packed in the stock, the rifle will float. Shoots 22,22l,22mag takes care of all rounds in that caliber in one gun. In terms of guns built specifically for survival applications in mind, the single-barrel shotgun and the .22-caliber rifle reign supreme. At just 16.5″ long, when all the components are stowed, it lends itself to any sort of travel and makes for easy storage in the back of your pick-up. I've found that my Armalite AR-7 has been very reliable and the accuracy is good enough for putting small game in the pot. You do not pay anything extra and your purchase helps support my work in bringing you more awesome gun and gear articles. It’s engineered for perfect balance and the ability to maintain its tack-driving accuracy, even after thousands of rounds. The thickness of its grip only takes a few mags to get used to. This may require some shooters to put more cheek on the comb of the buttstock to look through the sights, but in both my left handed and right-handed testing, shouldering and aligning the sights was effortless.

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At 50 yards, things didn’t pan out like I had hoped. Find the receiver screw and line it up with the buttstock and use the plastic knob on the bottom of the grip to get it tight. It will float for a while. I found the Remington offering to be a little more accurate — though not by much. Although the Henry AR-7 is not factory threaded, it could easily be threaded for most UK requirements. Voila. Holding onto the barrel works alright, but I found gripping around the magazine well to be more comfortable. These issues are more akin to a symptom of being so portable than being actual flaws. Your email address will not be published. Taurus G3C Review After 4 Months, 1K Rounds. With that said, the strengths far outweigh any real issues. The 10/22 Take Down is well worth a little extra weight, (the 10/22 Takedown Lite weighs in at 4.5 pounds plus magazines/ammo/ and whatever other items you have added) in my opinion because of all of the various options readily available including a suppressed version among the different models. Well, I've been shooting one of these lil wonders for right at 48 years now. The Henry AR7 is a very popular rifle and with good reason, but there are a few things that did bug me I would like to get out of the way right now. Takes a beating bouncing around a truck, idiot proof assembly. Privacy Policy and And with .22lr you can carry plenty of ammo. I love it. A CCI Stinger might work well if you are forced to shoot down a big animal, but would blow apart a squirrel with not enough left to eat. Otherwise you’re not normally shooting hundreds of rounds through this thing each range trip anyways. Scope Review: Leupold VX-Freedom FireDot Twilight Hunter. Colt and other manufacturers are flooding the market with AR style .308’s that continue to be sold at ever lower and lower price points, while venerable old favorites like M-14 style .308’s are also still made. Survival rifle use a bolt and dual recoil springs that are heavy compared to most other .22 semiautomatics. $275.00 .

good condition Buyer pays shipping Millers Gun Center Located in New ...Click for more info. IF YOU don't feel it is up to standard then replace it with an item/s that will ASAP! Big holes, tubing and threads aren’t what most of us are used to seeing in a rifle. Otherwise, it's hard to not say the Stoner design gun is just perfect. Standing, I was able to put eight rounds into a 1.5-inch group at 25 yards, a typical woodland small game distance — though quite close for any big, leery animals you might hope to take in a survival situation.

I think it could be more of a liability than an asset on a survival themed gun. I pop out the bolt around 200 rnds and wipe it off and reoil heavily. Eventually, I got my hands on the new Henry mode. Many of the tools may be made by a different manufacturer and/or look different such as the AR-7 and the Ruger 10/22 TakeDown or perhaps the knives we carry or mess kits to any other items in our Kit.


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