heal pathfinder 2e
However I did some basic math and actually a wand 2 lvl lower than the apl, utilizing the resonance that's left after investing stuff, heals quite a bit. Only the 2 action version gets the +8 bump. Druids can be far better at healing than you are giving them credit for; leaf druid gains the power good berry which gives you healing equal to ((1d4 + WIS) * Max Spell level) * WIS. Sure that is pretty bad healing in combat but out of combat it can be your party healing. My tables interpretation of the spell is that the 1 Action is 1d8 healing. Teamwork! A 3rd level caster can give the staff 2 charges for free each day, each of which can cast Heal. These aren't options in pfs, and during the combat encounters it is basically a combat engine. One of the contributing factors to the problem is that monsters are about as powerful as they've always been. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Healing staves are better if you are stingy on RP.

3rd. (This subreddit is not administered by or affiliated with Paizo Publishing®, LLC in any way), Press J to jump to the feed. School conjuration (healing); Level cleric/oracle 9, shaman 9, Domain healing 9. In my experience it’s uncommon for the party to have that much downtime. It still uses resonance but can be recharged each day. Fast Healing (Ex) Source Bestiary 6 pg. But what if Pathfinder isn't looking to be like League of Legends and World of Warcraft? As it stands, it looks like we get our asses kicked too much in 2E for any table without a cleric - which makes the other 9 classes much less valuable. I'm interested in hearing all sorts of Healer concepts and builds, so I don't want to restrict it more than that. I'd like to play a Healer.

Godless Healing Feat 2.

Why would they scale differently if its all rolled into one. I've not found a way to heal enough during battle for it to make a meaningful difference, and when I do the math it's almost always better for a cleric to attack them instead of heal. And with Cure and UMD no longer a core part of Bard there are even fewer options for this role.

I admit that I have not yet playtested the system, but I feel a group engaging in multiple CR-appropriate encounters per session will almost require a Cleric or Pally spected into healing. That doesn't feel good for anyone involved.

This is one of the answers that makes sense, but one that worries me even more. If you play with a more tactical mind then you don't even need a cleric. Even then, we will usually still need combat healing. But then you actually have to think tactically with the group and not barbarian all over every encounter.


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