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Still in Elijah's mind Hayley is running as fast as she can in the woods, screaming for Freya. Hayley suggests that they go to keep up the ruse that she is the reason Caroline and Tyler broke up, and Tyler reluctantly agrees. The Hollow, back in her spirit form, destroys the pendant once and for all, and tells them that Hope now belongs to her. In that very moment, Elijah appears out of nowhere, punches Lucien and rescues Hayley, while Freya casted a spell which removed serum from Lucien's body, making him an ordinary vampire again. Hayley shares a dance with Elijah and he once again suggests to come back. In Après Moi, Le Déluge, Klaus has shown to care about Hayley, outside the baby and shares with her the discovery of his werewolf clan. In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, Hayley meets up with Jackson and he tells her they have to go by the book to make sure the unification ceremony goes well. Hayley then takes Klaus' necklace to Lenore. She is last seen with Elijah grieving in public to keep up the ruse. She tells her that the first full moon is going to hurt, but she's tough and can handle it. He tells her what they teach there, and how they can help kids control their powers and to use their magic for good purposes. They put her in the crib and go in the next room to have sex. Under Rebekah's care Hayley feels that something wrong and begins to be ill. She doesn't allow for anybody to get in her way. She asks him where she can find Marcel and if he doesn't tell her he'll die. When Hayley tells Elijah to either help her or get out of her way, he takes Céleste and the cure from her. After Josephine says that Elijah is the one who needs them, Hayley appears behind her and Josephine grabs her wrists. They both feel quite protective due to having difficult and intense families. After Hope's departure, Hayley falls into depression. He told Elijah that they wanted Davina Claire and that Hayley was in the way of getting her. She was finally able to hold her daughter again when she was reunited with Hope in The Map of Moments. Hope's life is on the line, and Klaus has never been more desperate. She then tells him that if she uses Hope to try to manipulate her again, then he'll never see them again. She then talks about Hope, and how she wishes she could have really gotten to know Jackson. When Aiden's funeral is about to begin she comes out and tells him that she's spent her whole life searching for her family and that she has found it. They are honest with each other and are currently working together to protect their child as well as protecting each other. Hayley is in some building with Keelin. They help out the werewolves and they talk to the last one to see what he can reveal. Klaus demands to know what happened with Elijah's soul and her talisman. After giving birth to her daughter, Hayley and Klaus decided to send Hope away with Rebekah in order to keep her safe. She could have possibly had a small crush on her because of his kind personality. However, they do disagree with the best way to protect their daughter. When she can't take it anymore, young mom Hayley Marshall and her seven-year-old daughter Hope move across the country to New Orleans, not knowing what she's about to walk into and the family drama that abounds at St. John's Memorial Hospital in New Orleans. She tells him she met Elijah when she was going through some tough times. As she is still up against the tree she hears Hope calling her name. Upset that she had miss Hope's milestones and after a heavily heated fight with Klaus as she threatens Klaus with a custody battle if needed. After this, Tyler is forced to leave New Orleans and the two never speak again. In The Devil is Damned, she is wondering why people keep broomsticks on the porch and Jackson tells her if the couples are engaged can't wait for a preacher, then it served as something to keep the urges down, which he's referring to sleeping together. Although Hayley ultimately betrayed Tyler, she seems to have genuinely cared for him, as she refused to allow Tyler to be used in the sacrifice. Hayley then starts thinking the Hollow made Richard kill her parents.

Hayley tells the truth and snarls she was getting poison to put their child out of its misery. When she has both she will let Keelin go. Hayley leaves the room realizing she was the cause of this, makes an anxious phone call to Sophie who does not pick up.

She then comes across a campfire with dead bodies surrounding it.

He tells her she needs to go home and pack some bags and get her and Hope out of town. They arrive at the Lexville location and it's mentioned that they've been to a few others before this one.

Hayley has also become extremely paranoid, far more than Klaus, believing that Klaus will always be a threat to their daughter, because he made enemies over the years, believing that they will hurt Hope to get revenge on Klaus, her attempt to take Hope away from Klaus ultimately turned the latter against her.

Ella is in for a hell of a ride, not only questioning her own abilities but also her loyalties, will her choice be the right one? Hayley tells them it's a safe place for now and they must hurry so no one can find where they are. They have a lot of similarities and came to trust each other. Rebekah tells her that she is going to help her look for her "good brother", Elijah. I grew up in a warzone. Freya finally gets into the room where Hayley was being held hostage, Hayley asks Freya if the totem was destroyed, she isn't sure and Freya gives her a knife and tells her she needs to stab the Hollow. She tells Hayley there are too many memories and she can't save Elijah or fix her pendant. Hayley hugs Hope and tells her Mary is now in charge and Hope is okay with that. She tells them it's their choice if they want to keep the rings and be a slave, or be a part of a pack. A battle begins to save the baby, Hayley tries to save her baby and she attacks Genevieve in the process. Hayley possessed the standard powers and abilities of a non-Evolved werewolf.

They burst through the doors and fall together in the sunlight and both instantly burst into flames as Klaus looks on and screams at the sight of Hayley's burning corpse. She tells him Hope is nothing like her or the Mikaelsons, that she's innocent and a very sweet child. The two share a steamy love affair but obstacles hinder their chances of being together. Hayley asks Freya how long they have until the Hollow wakes up. Hayley was transformed into a hybrid by her daughter's blood. Audio. Sometime later in Austin Texas Hayley is at a bar. Hope has the feeling that she has lived this day before, that she has seen this girl before, that she has felt it before. Klaus arrives at the compound and Hayley tells him that she's not going to let any more wolves die. She tells her that even though the Mikaelson's need her, Jackson needs her too. Falling in love with your patient is never a good idea. After an eventful summer travelling the world, Natalia Gilbert is ready to settle down in New Orleans with the Mikaelsons and help out with the newest addition to the family. When Hayley finds her pack Klaus demands that they treat their leader with respect. When they find Rebekah they need Hayley's blood to break the spell so they could get her body so Elijah bites her. In Haunter of Ruins, she talks with the rest of the family at the safe house and notices Hope has just woke up. They talk about their feelings towards each other and they talk about Hope. She doesn't blame him and he says if she doesn't want to tell him about hers, then she doesn't have to since it won't change how he feels about her. Killed by Hayley talks with Klaus and she tells him that she's sorry for what he went through. 85 (TO)8 (TVD)93 (totaled)

They first met during the first full moon after her transformation as a werewolf. She awakens sometime later and punches Aurora in the face and tells Cami to go ahead and put the syringe in Aurora, which knocks her out. She wants the bone to finish what she started. She tells him that there needs to be no more tension and to let Jackson run the pack he sees fit, without orders or favors from Klaus. Their destinies intertwined after a fateful night together. She is the first female character to get married on-screen. Elijah tells her that Jackson and the rest of the wolves will need her help. When Klaus and Elijah back home they do not find Hayley. We can’t do this. Hayley and Freya see in a flashback Richard Xavier Dumas killing Hayley's parents while baby Hayley screams and cries. Later, after Tyler has forced the hybrids to submit to him and Adrian has finally broken his sire bond, Hayley reports to Shane that they have their twelve hybrids. Sophia Zariah Mikaelson: As they are not friends, they have a mutual understanding. She has not yet been seen in her wolf form. She tells her that when Jackson is ready to talk, he should come home. Hayley gives up on trying to talk to Hope and leaves. She also tells them that her parents were killed by one of the Hollow's followers.

She fights back against Elijah and runs. What happens when a beautiful girl appears that takes her breathe away . At the feast a group of men appears, they bring a message from Marcel and they cut their wrist. She tells them that if he hurts any of the wolves, his mother will be the least of his problems, and walks off. He tells her that he spent a lot of time tracking her as a wolf, and they joke to which he tells her she's better than the Andrea Labonair he was waiting for. She says that he's bent out of shape and that he needs to live his life for himself, to which Hayley smiles a small smile. Hayley Marshall (39) Klaus Mikaelson (33) Rebekah Mikaelson (19) Freya Mikaelson (16) Josie Saltzman (16) Kol Mikaelson (15) Elijah Mikaelson (15) Lizzie Saltzman (15) Caroline Forbes (11) Include Relationships Hayley Marshall & Hope Mikaelson (42) Hope Mikaelson & Klaus Mikaelson (24) Hayley Marshall/Elijah Mikaelson (9)

Hope comes and saves her dad, shocking both Elijah and Hayley. Later, she is sitting in her bedroom in front of a fire and Elijah comes in, holding out the list, which is shown to have all names crossed off. So she took back her letter to their baby. Hayley and Klaus fight, after which Hayley takes her daughter and moves over the road into an apartment with Hope and Jackson to begin a new life. Hayley and Klaus both disagreed, stating that she's just a kid and by doing that, they'll be losing both Kol and Marcel from their side.


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