harvard mph acceptance rate reddit
I'm not sure about Yale's program, so it's definitely worth researching and comparing their programs to see which one you think will serve you best. Go to the program that more closely aligns with your goals.

3. For me, it was epi & biostats).

I am working on MPH as well, but am already a practicing PA - so I may have a different perspective as I am looking at your situation from what I know based on what I have seen (colleagues with MD, MPHs). MD/MMSc. Except for the MD/PhD program, students apply for dual-degree opportunities after being admitted to the MD program. Also would waiting until November to submit my applications significantly hurt me? I personally think you have a good amount of public/general health oriented experience. YMMV. However JHU also offers some MHS programs that are only a year, cut out the research thesis and add a literature review thesis and this program is VERY geared towards people pursuing a later PhD or MD. There are a plethora of fellowships and other programs, but you’ll need to apply early and often. I strongly recommend that adults pursue mid-career graduate degrees if at all possible, and public health is an important and interesting field of study for the world today. Sure, in that it’s an excellent basic business analytics course. In the military one of my duties was merely preventative education/action such as testing water samples and instructing the unit on types of vector borne diseases in the area etc. Looking at everyones stats and experiences kinda worries me. I just got accepted to Harvard's MPH program! Interested in: Yale MPH (Health Policy), BU MPH (Health Policy and Law), GWU MPH (Health Policy), Tufts (Health Services Management and Policy) Applied(include the date of application): Accepted: Rejected: Waitlisted: I know Yale is a reach (especially with my quant score on the GRE), but I'm primarily concerned with getting into BU. Find faculty members and other graduated students who are doing research that interests you, and get involved. Early research and application is key. MD/MBI.

Is it differences in curriculum, teaching style, etc. Pretty sure that this is bogus. That's my point. Be nice! http://www.thecrimson.com/article/2010/4/15/kennedy-percent-school-number/. As an example, I tried looking at East Asian Studies (masters and PhD) and found nothing online, not even a suggestion. The acceptance rate very high, likely 80–90%. MD/MBA. To be fair, the cost situation was similar for me for both schools, so that wasn't a factor. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Research assistant in health behavior research lab; 3 presentations and 1 publication (2 years), Founder and president of gender equality organization on campus (2 years), Research-focused summer internship at reproductive health non-profit, continuing through school year (13+ months), Volunteer for sexual assault survivor advocacy organization (2 yrs), Various leadership positions in other student orgs; organized multiple events related to female empowerment & equality (3 years), Student assistant in women's studies department - paid position (2 years), Interned at girls empowerment organization in part of Nigeria where human trafficking is very high. Seriously debating retaking and, in addition to the extra time, stress, and money, likely getting a more average verbal and a slightly less average quant. thats amazing you got into both. I didn't really know I wanted to do public health till my senior year, so all my experiences are very general health related things. Interviews: 948 (13.91%) Matriculants: 165 (2.42%) … I know that Harvard English made far fewer offers this spring than usual, in part because far more students from the previous year accepted the offer than they had anticipated, so they cut the cohort size the next year to compensate. From what Kennedy's admission committee suggests, its admission rate for its MPP program is 20%, for their MPA 25%, and for their PhD (Government/Public Policy) 7%.

Not sure what real numbers would be, but hypothetically, I can see that Harvard might get more applicants than say U-SND-H....obviously a lot of applicants are looking for prestige, and apply to Harvard (or some place similar) as a long shot just to do it. I have NO idea what to expect with regard to where to apply or where I might feasibly gain acceptance, as I am coming from quite a different background with very little public health experience! My top school rn is Columbia, and I really need a merit scholarship, in which case I would likely need to retake to achieve 80% across the board if it's that stringent of a requirement.


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