hard promises newsies script

You hear me? you know her? The owner thinks I should only cover the really important stories.

The walkin’ mouth. JACK:Extry, extry, Joe. CHIEF: We can’t just charge in there and break it up, Mr. Pulitzer.

Then you go where ever you want to buy a ticket for. JACK: Nah, they're out west looking for a place to live, like this. I used to be your tootsie-wootsie

Everybody's sleeping.

- The. Still, it's a fine life MUSH:It don’t make no sense.

Well, that's no good.

(Jack hands bundles of papers to the newsies. here, so he can rehabilitate him. (The crowd cheers. David is first in line. Hear that fellas? (Jack opens the window. Nobody comes through those gates until they put the price back to where it (Snyder hands Racetrack a coin. (The newsies crack up laughing. CRUTCHY: Psst! PULITZER:I’ll give you whatever means you require. This is the story I wrote about the rally.

After all, you’re their leader. ), (Crutchy hands his crutch to a kid.

SEITZ: Those kids put out a pretty good paper there Chief. (Outside, the Crib and police are gathering. SEITZ: I don’t think they’re just going to go away, Chief. - The first day being described as a “sensory overload” is so true and relatable for me. NEWSIES:Goodbye Warden! A delivery cart is pushed onto it’s side. And it will be you who put him there.

He’s an escapee from the House of Refuge where his original sentence for three months was extended to six moths for disruptive behavior. I see you Spot).

RACETRACK:What are we supposed to do to the bums? -Jack leaving for Santa Fe on a train and David running along the train telling Jack he wishes he could come with him. No! scabber! I wish to see him. SPOT:Hey, fellas, they’re over here! SPOT:On the grounds of Brooklyn, yer honor. Give me your answer in the morning. Talk about the upcoming election. stay there. Once and for all! Denton has been watching all of this. SPOT:Where does it say my name? CRUTCHY:I don’t want nobody carrying me, you hear? climes in.

Crutchy. JACK: Oh, this is my pal, Davey.

but then a bug scab comes up against Jack. But I always land on my feet Me and Dave, we can carry Remember me and Teddy Roosevelt? David, Les and Sarah watch sadly. You got a new guy in here. Then a thousand. LES: I’m alright, I’m alright. SNYDER:Therefore, I ask that he be returned to the House of Refuge. KLOPPMAN:What do you mean you didn't do it? SEITZ:Those kids put out a pretty good paper there Chief. Get down! ), (Jack hears her cries and runs, dropping his papers as he goes. Mr. Wisel to you.

RACETRACK:It's not good to do that. Move along, move along.

RACETRACK:See anything good this morning?

(Everyone cheers. Jack falls back and is caught by cops. ), SEITZ: Don’t worry.

SARAH:Papa’s so proud of you and David. DAVID:How can you be sure they sent him here? (Jack opens the window. Jack starts making faces and blowing raspberries at Weasel, Oscar and Morris through the distribution window. Charged up San Juan Hill with Col. Teddy Roosevelt. What do you think the Refuge will do to him? All the newsies cheer and yell. Resisting arrest. Once and for all Ain’t gonna be nobody but us. You listen! Racetrack gets Medda to safety and start to leave), (A huge man kicks Racetrack in the stomach and punches him Who's bettin'? OSCAR: Yeah, run Davey. DAVID: Jack, this isn't a joke. What a fine life Without stoping for a second, Jack jumps off the roof, leaving David and Les alone. I’m You been in a bad mood all day! SEITZ:I don’t think they’re just going to go away, Chief. DAVID:Sure, just as soon as you deliver our demands to Pulitzer. Been living at large for some time under the allis of Jack Kelly. The desert, the sky, the sun. These circulation wars are cutting into our profits because you spend as much as you make trying to beat Hearst. PULITZER:What? KID BLINK:This ain’t happening. Now, we’ll need the newsies to circulate. BOOTS:Summer stinks ), (Jack runs back inside. OSCAR:Heya Jacky-boy today, Miss Medda Larkson, the Swedish Meadowlark. JACK:So, from what I saw today, you're boys are a couple of born newsies. JACK:What’s it gonna take to stop the wagons?Are we ready? Uptown to Grand Central Station SARAH:Why didn’t you wake us up? JACK: How can I be sure the Delancey’s stink? To your friends, I won’t be so kind. (He closes the window.

it’s only gonna get tougher from now on. scared of Brooklyn?

Irving Hall).

It's their stinkin' paper. DENTON:Ain’t you heard?I’m the King of New York!

(etc. You know, I was thinking. JACK:Thanks for the advice, Governor. Traitor! Jack, look at me, will ya? JACK:Hey fellas! Now the World will hear JACK:So my name’s really gonna be in the papers? PULITZER:No, no! with me! There are a lot of tough looking boys.

fight you began, JACK: JACK:Nubbin’ with all the muckety-mucksI’m blowin’ my dough and goin’ deluxe!

At. So that's what they call a family? MORRIS:You’d better run, Cowboy. BOOTS:Hey, we ain’t scared of Brooklyn.

DAVID:I don’t care. (Crutchy leaves, realizing his mistake. She has a basket full of lace. Maybe if we got every newsie in New York, but... JACK: Yeah, well we organize.

the top. ‘Bout all these sweat shop kids DENTON: David. David’s hand, then goes to the side and starts writing. DAVID:Alright. Come on, Come on. Ten cents a hundred!

the key.

Lift one finger and it’s right back to the Refuge. Like I'm gonna live forever. It’s just what the big shot’s wanna see.

JACK: Pulitzer may own the World but he don’t own us. DAVID:They’re waiting to see what Spot Conlon is doing, you’re the key. CRUTCHY: I dunno.

JACK: Hanging on your every word. Read all about it. (David walks up to Jack) is where the power is. Alright? See the headline Yeah, he was here, but he put an egg in his shoe and beat it. Huh? WORK KIDS:When you’ve got a million voices singingWho can hear a lousy whistle blow?And the World will know! The Delancey's chase Jack around the Square. it. DAVID:I do now

(Just as all hope seems lost for Jack, a bunch of newsies appear on the rooftops, David crumples the story up and throws He’s Much obliged to you ladies. MONAHAN: On what grounds? What’s his real name? Jack and Kid Blink run outside and find they are surrounded by cops. When you’ve got a hundred voices singing

Warden Snyder, sir. A cop leads Snyder into the paddy wagon. Just tell me I’m seeing things. We’re gonna go fix you’re pal, Davey. You know, I can’t afford to be a kid no more, Dave. How do you do, sir? Jack leans against a It's got to be at least 50-50. You look like a gentlemen. MEDDA:No! He’d be happy to oblige. DAVID:(pointing to Snyder)Is he a friend of yours? dangerous. and other giants of the newspaper world. We have a deadline. SNYDER:I have reason to believe he’s an escaped prisoner, possibly dangerous. Move it along? NEWSIES:In nothing flatHe’ll be coveringBrooklyn to TrentonOur man Denton Recommended Blogs to Learn More ; Archive; thtvscoboi asked: We all know that Davey and Les did get an education before he became a newsie, but what were their educations like? DAVID: What’s the matter? We got the best part of your family right here. Do you swear you won't forget me? Besides, it’s like the Waldorph out here. new employee. Carrying the banner through the slums. Oscar and Morris DENTON:It’s awfully nice of Mr. Pulitzer to let us use his pressJACK:Yeah, I just hope I get to thank him for it someday. PULITZER:No, no, no, no! Go back to the Refuge tonight, think about it. Spot opens the gates and the Brooklyn gang join. RACETRACK: Nobody told the horse. Staring right atcha

Hey! Jack throws Morris into a box), (Jack headbutts him and he falls near Morris. Mother loves you

You showed ‘em how boy! Things from Harlem, Queens, all over. Not quietly! Wait til I get you back to the Refuge! I tell this city how to think. Like the wind Break it up. DENTON:The Governor’s very grateful that you brought this problem to his attention. And that’s what so great about New York! Oh, aren't you He’s the King of New York! Stop the World! A police officer is about to close the door.) You shut up and listen to me for once! a bad name. Talk about the upcoming election. That’s what so great about New York!

Jack, why don't you stay here tonight? You know, I was thinking. the back.). And I'm on the train that’s bound for Santa Fe, And I'm free Judge E.A. Alright, alright. KLOPPMAN: What do you mean you didn't do it? The owners decreed it not be in the papers, therefore… I came to tell you fellas good bye. (The boys go back to Newsies Square, where the rest of the newsies wait.). Dave. Not from the likes of him. (Crutchy hands his crutch to a kid. (A cop opens the paddy wagon and the kids from the Refuge come out. it’s all over and I can get outta here and go to Santa Fe. We beat ‘em. (She continues to walk with Oscar behind her. What’s going on? day when all that changed. DAVID: Oh, yeah. The others She shoves him away playfully), (After dinner, they talk as Sarah clears the table.). That we’re street rats! JACK:Runnin'! DAVID:It’s Snyder. dollars just to beat us out of one lousy tenth of a cent. KID BLINK:They almost all knows how tah read SEITZ:Those kids put out a pretty good paper there Chief.

I don't know you. DAVID: Jack! And all the others. and Boots sneak into the Refuge’s gates. JACK:I’m not going back to jail, Joe.

to you ladies.

Offer him double. They’re gonna be playing with my hands, alright. I need some help! The trolly strike's all we've got. Now, who defied me? How bout a change of scene? DAVID:At the factory. We don’t even got five cents. I’m As the guard talks with the nuns, the two boys sneak by. Not from the likes of him. NEWSIES:

For the first time in my life, I got money in my pockets. Besides, it’s like the Waldorph out here. PULITZER: 'Trolly Strike Drags On For Third (The crowd cheers. INSIDE- Pulitzer is at his desk. Freeze! MONAHAN: Alright.

fight until damn Doomsday if it means we get a fair shake. I want this rabble he’s roused to see what happens to those who would

TEN PIN:The gimp? (…then kicks the guy in the groin) (Jack, David and Boots start across the Brooklyn Bridge.).


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