hall family crest scotland
Christopher James Traill, b. of Holly Bush, co. Derby, J.P. for Staffordshire and Derbyshire, and D.L. az. ., Vol. in the mouth and a palm branch vert behind. a chev. a chev.

betw. Elizabeth Hall married Isaac Pearson November 9, 1685 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania betw. 5) Henrietta Maria. 9 June, 1583, Customer of Carrick, Ireland, 1619, to. Consider the end. The first Hall of Fulbar in Renfrewshire was Thomas de Aula, surgeon, who for his faithful service obtained from Robert II a grant of land in the tenement of Staneley, barony of Renffrow, 1370."

2) Ambrose George, of Buenos Ayres, South America, b. XLIII, fol. collared gold. Norf., 30 April 1716, Vol. sa. He became Rector of Saint James, before he was twenty-two years old. Charles Hall (died 1669), an English politician who sat in the House of Commons in 1654 9) . . Jan. 1830, Sarah, dau. Motto—Perseverantia et cura quies.

three talbots’ heads erased sa. Lineage—This family, whose pedigree is entered in the Heralds’ Visitations of London for 1568 and 1634, and in that of Herts for 1669, was long connected with the trade and commerce of the city of London. Harl. (Streatham, in the Isle of Ely) Ar. sa.

VII, fol. Harl. of Narrow Water, co. Down, J.P. and D.L.

of Scorbro’, Yorkshire, b. at St. Nicholas Aeon, 4 Sept. 1627. engr. Catherine Hall, British convict from Britain, who was transported aboard the “Alexander” on November 4, 1815, settling in New South Wales, Australia Ar. a lion ramp. 1876, Jane Elizabeth, dau. 10) (co. Devon). Crest—A bear’s head muzzled ppr. HALL, late O’Toole, . three columbines az. Crest—A demi lion gu. Crest—A dragon’s head couped az. collared or. George Hall, English convict from Sussex, who was transported aboard the “Ann” on August 1809, settling in New South Wales, Australia 1722 ; m. 1st, Margaret, dau.

of Patrick Savage, Esq. 84’’.

Meaning, Origin, Etymology ar. of Newtownbarry House, co. Wexford, and Theydon Bois, Essex, b. I also received the following data, from the Public Record Office, in London. on a chev. three human hearts ppr. Harriett, dau. 1836; d. an infant. a chev. See Fitz­william. Its brilliant passage across the heavens has long been thought to presage great historical events. and erm. 8 Feb. 1825 ; to.

182 .

388. Same Arms and Crest, a crescent for diff. Horatio Nelson. Crest—A talbot’s head erased or, pellettee. 27 ; Add. . William Hall settled in Ireland in the 17th century, and d. at Red Bog, co. Antrim, 1640; his son, Francis Hall, Esq. semee of bezants. Sarah, d. Young.

Arms—Quarterly : 1st, and 4th, az., a lion rampant arg. Gervase Hall, the representative of this branch in the time of Queen Elizabeth, m. Anne, dau. of John Hall, Esq. Ar. This name is usually of Anglo-Saxon descent spreading to the Celtic countries of Ireland, Scotland and Wales in early times and is found in many mediaeval manuscripts throughout these countries.

feathered or, betw. 102. on a chief of the last as many chaplets or. an eagle displ. There are two points in favor of Mrs. Marine’s contention. Leicester, 1619). on a chief of the second as many mullets of the first. Crest—A talbot’s head, as in the arms. Of Lord Bridport, by Charlotte Mary his wife, Duchess of Bronte, only surviving child and heir of William, 1st Earl of Nelson, and d. 1862, having had issue, Alexander William, now of Barton Abbey. a dagger of the last, hilt and pommel gold. ; 2nd and 3rd, gu. MS. 14,295, fo. 66) (Moundesmere, co. Southampton; granted 1767). James McCreight, Rector of Keady, co. Armagh, and has issue, James Traill (Rev.

2) Luke, an officer in the Irish Brigade, guillotined in the French revolution. 2 William James, now of Narrow Water. az. who arrived at Port Roseway [Shelburne], Nova Scotia on October 26, 1783 was passenger number 268 aboard the ship “HMS Clinton”, picked up on September 28, 1783 at Staten Island, New York Allane of Hall in Sancharmyr was burgess of Prestwick, 1470 (Prestwick, 13), and in 1485 there is recorded an indenture between Robyne of Hall of the Fulbare and the Friars of Glasgow (LCD., p. 195) on a chev. 1858, William Orme, Esq. 16) (co. Essex). spotted or. of John Masterson, of Castletown, and had issue, 1) John, of whom presently. on a chief gu. 3) Reginald Allgood, 53rd regt., to.

HALL„ . semee of mullets or, armed ppr., bridled arg., on the head two ostrich feathers of the first and third, and holding in the mouth a battle-axe or. 4) Evelyn Constance. E.I.Co.’s service, who settled in the Isle of Bourbon, to. fretty of the first, betw.

fretty of the first, cuffed or, in the hand ppr. Gideon Hall, New York, Rank of Sergeant Arms—Arg., a chevron engrailed between three talbots’ heads erased sa. Conrad Hall, who arrived in Nova Scotia in 1749-1752 on a chief erm. 54) (Salisbury). betw.

The eldest son, Roger Hall, Esq. They represent the heritage of a Scottish Clan or Irish family, or a branch of the U. S. Military. 15 Sept. 1838. Harrison Hall, 67th Regiment, New York Infantry National Guard, Union, New York The son and heir, Toby Hall, Esq. Oxf. Mro Bickerton. HALL„ Jane, wife of Sir Edward Codrington. Visit. a chev. The price of the product changes after adding at least one to the cart. betw. 2) Catharine, to. holding a flaming sword imbrued all ppr.

handles or. 15 July, 1738 ; m. 1767, the Hon. three talbots’ heads erased betw. 1200." 11) (co. Devon). of Smallwood Manor, co. Stafford, and has issue, Lawrence Kirkpatrick; Fitzroy Henry ; John Edward Kenyon, 2) Kathleen Mary. 4) (Warnham, co. Sussex, and London. 49) (London).

or, crowned az. Crest—A demi buck ppr. 42) (co. York). Edward Hall, 1st Regiment, Louisiana Cavalry, Union, Louisiana az. The 5th son, Daniel Hall, m. Elizabeth, dau. ., of Holly Bush, co. Lineage—Henry Robert Bullock, Major 1st Life Guards, on. Henry Samuel, Capt. 1798. The second son, John Hall, Esq., 6.26 Feb. 1699; sold Hatfield Peverell, Essex, and Nettleton Hall, co. Lincoln, and purchased afterwards Woodhouse and Park Hall from the Digbys. Rev. 844, fo.

at Nicholas Aeon, 19 Nov. 1620, of Goldings, co. Herts, signed the pedigree in the Visitation of Hertford, 1669 ; m. Dorothea, dau. three harts’ horns of the third. Hundred Rolls.

Sa. Of the late Gen. Fagan, Adjutant-Gen. of the Bengal army, and had issue, i. Henry Edward, Lieut. Crest—A talbot’s head sa. 8) Anne Mildmay, d. 10 Oct. 1823. iv.

Arms—Az., a bend between three talbots’ heads erased, two in chief and one in base arg., on a chief or, three roses gu.


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