goro akechi quotes

His guidebook profile also states that Akechi always makes sure to try out the latest popular dishes in order to use food as a conversation piece.

If he doesn't, Loki will evolve into Hereward, with Akechi vowing to "sow chaos as far as the eye can see," intensely relieved and grateful to the protagonist for keeping their promise.

Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight: Playable Character (DLC) 3.

Due to his relationship with the protagonist, he is alarmed and disappointed should he ever accept Maruki's reality as he believes that it's betraying his ideals and their relationship with each other. Akechi makes an appearance on TV, where he is asked his opinion on the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. However, in the most recent game, he was playing with his right hand. —Sae Niijima interrogating the protagonist about Goro Akechi, —Akechi to the Phantom Thieves during his boss fight, Persona 5 Dancing in Starlight - Goro Akechi - Voice Lines English. it draws up through the center of your life and leaves you with before and after- and during, a second …

Goro Akechi

Back at Leblanc, Ren laments his inability to save Akechi, but is determined to move forward for the sake of his own proof of justice.

When they get out, Akechi points out how he and the protagonist share an unusual bond because they both had adults that ruined their lives (coincidentally being Masayoshi Shido for both of them). Akechi responds that he had met the host personally, but is surprised that Kasumi is his daughter. He goes into detail of the protagonist's traits that he admires and puts himself down by comparison, making it sound like Akechi wishes he could be like the protagonist. He is later present at the arrest of Kazuya Makigami and his gang, noticing the protagonist when Kazuya sees him. However, his usage of the Wild Card happens to be very poor, as he relies on only two Personas based on parts of his personalities and doesn't have special bonds with anyone besides the protagonist.

He is determined to live his life following the path that he chooses for himself, without anyone dictating him, even if it means he will die doing so. “love, a single word, a wispy thing. His casual winter outfit consists of a white long sleeve shirt with flaps under a blue diamond sweater vest, beige pants and brown shoes.

With the implication of Akechi's fate, the Thieves are saddened by their loss, with Ren, in particular, slamming his fist against the door, but they are forced to press on in order to get to change Shido's heart in his stead. Akechi will always attack in this order: Megaton Raid > Eiga > Kouga.

17-18 Later, as Shujin Academy is voting for a guest celebrity to speak at their cultural festival, Akechi is chosen by a landslide majority, and he accepts Makoto Niijima's invitation. Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight: Playable Character (DLC) 4. Akechi assures Ken that there's nothing wrong with him, but later quietly reveals his astonishment at Koromaru's sharp instinct.

Later, he fulfills the same role as in the game, trying to assassinate Ren during Sae's interrogation during the final episode of the anime. Two years before Persona 5, Akechi acquired the power of the Wild Card and gained access to the Metaverse, although he is never shown in, and is likely not permitted in the Velvet Room. After that, Akechi's 3rd awakening is triggered. With no other choice, the group agrees. As the game takes place during the Sixth Heist, Akechi is included as a party member as Crow. If negotiation with a god-like Shadow fails, you can try again.

Next physical attack inflicts 2.5x damage. Their anger is instead directed towards Shido, as he was the one who made Akechi murder them, and Akechi was only following orders because he was groomed and manipulated as an assassin.


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