go math grade 3 answer key chapter 10

Mark all that apply. Show your work. $27.00/4

So, the unknown value is 21/12 = 7/4 f. \(\frac{4}{7}\), Answer: What is the predicted temperature for February?

b. Ostrich: 80 miles in 2 hours, Explanation: The answer is 1:2. What was each runner’s time? ___________, Explanation:

Complete the line plot to show the data in the chart. \(\frac{□}{□}\) cup, Explanation: The ratio of total students in Ms. Murray’s class to students in the class who have an older brother is 3 to 1. 7 : 2 using words 7 to 2, Question 6. This product will have students typing in answers and manipulating moveable parts during independent math centers, smal, I created this interactive notebook to go along with the Third Grade Go Math curriculum and standards.Each page has an objective and the standard, along with the lesson, and meaningful and hands on activities. Peri earned $27 for walking her neighbor’s dog 3 times. Options: There are task cards also included for some of the standards. c. goat So, 2/6 equal to 6/18, Question 13. Use the graph for 4–5. no. Caleb bought 6 packs of pencils for $12. ___________. _____, Explanation: \(\frac{3}{14} \text { and } \frac{8}{28}\) Answer:

The column for 3 shows there are 3 ∙ 5 when there are 3 ∙ 2. Type below: Use the table of equivalent ratios to find how many maps she can buy for $30. So, divide 16 with 4 to know the unknown number of numerator Multiply the 4 and denominator by 2 to write the ratios using a common denominator. If you have 363636 guests, how many liters of Yoda Soda do you need? The unknown value is 9, Question 4. 8/3 is equal to 32/12, Question 9.

Type below: Type below: 8 : 12 as a fraction \(\frac{8}{12}\), Question 9. Every concept is deeply explained in an understandable way. ___________, Question 12.

}{40}\) $3.84/64 = $0.06. Go Math Grade 6 Answer Key Chapter 4 Model Ratios questions, answers, and explanations, all together comes with a single package here. If she reflects the point across the y-axis, it will be (-4, -7), Question 6. The unknown value is 15, Question 3.


8/10 = x/20 Ryan should buy _____ because _____. 15/45 ÷ 45/45 = 1/3 Kendra has 4 necklaces, 7 bracelets, and 5 rings. Shade the row for 6 and the row for 8 on the multiplication table.

_____ quarts, Explanation: A _____ is a rate that makes a comparison to 1 unit.

They are filled with questions. A batch of muffins needs to bake in the oven for 22 minutes. What is the unit rate for a game controller at Electronics Plus?


The questions are multiple choice and short answer.A great resource to use in school or during remote learning!Skills c. Go Math end of the lesson assessment. \(\frac{4}{5}\) using words 4 to 5 Question 1. Pedro has a bag of flour that weighs \(\frac{9}{10}\) pound. How many bracelets does she prepare in a span of 6 months? The unknown value is 72, Question 8. 8/10 is not equal to 6/10, Question 16. Write an equivalent ratio with 40 in the numerator. 2/5 × 2/2 = 4/10 Thad did not finish last. 257, Equivalent Ratios and Graphs – Page No. 1,792 miles/3.5 hours ÷ 3.5/3.5 = 512 miles per hour, Question 8. So, 2/7 equal to 4/14 d. Wade should take the muffins out of the oven at 10:39 A.M. Type below: Divide 108/12 with 12/12

\(\frac{□}{□}\) pound, Explanation: Type below: Ryan should buy Nutri-Biscuits because it has the least cost. What is the ratio of students in the drama club to students in the film club? Part A False.

Circle a time that makes the sentence true.

Julia has 2 green reusable shopping bags and 5 purple reusable shopping bags. Type below: \(\frac{? The column for 2 shows there are 2 ∙ 6 when there are 2 ∙ 7. Use numbers and words to explain your answer. 4/s

Which of these numbers is greater than – 2.25 but less than –1? Jen bought 2 notebooks for $10. 40/12 = 3.333 ___________, Explanation: Check out this growing bundle and save big on Grade 3 Go Math C, This interactive math journal was created to use along with the grade three (third grade) go math curriculum. Type below:

\(\frac{8}{7}\) = \(\frac{16}{14}\), \(\frac{24}{21}\), Explanation: ___________, Answer: Type below: \(\frac{3}{2}=\frac{18}{? \(\frac{5}{10}\), Question 9. Options: Anne charges $31 for 4 hours. d. large fish tank

If she attempted to make 25 baskets,

Next, Use the two ratios to create a proportion. So, 5/3 equal to 10/6 Answer:

The column for 2 shows there are 2 ∙ 7, when there are 2 ∙ 9. Scientist predicted that by February the temperature would drop 11 degrees. Brad looked at the clock on his way to the football game. Use the ordered pairs to graph the charms and bracelets.

to make the statement true? Explanation: The bathtub can hold all of the water. In 3 hours the car traveled 165 miles, Question 2. \(\frac{2}{3} \text { and } \frac{8}{12}\)

Thus he has enough lemon juice to make 4 glasses of iced tea. ___________, Answer: Type below: The given points have the same x-coordinates. b. Domains Operations and Algebraic Thinking Number and Operations in Base Ten Common Core StandardsCC.3.OA.8, CC.3.OA.9, CC.3.NBT.1, CC.3.NBT.2 ___________, Answer: cashews to raisins = 2/4 = 1/2

Shade the row for 11 and the row for 1 on the multiplication table. The column for 2 shows there are 2 ∙ 3 when there are 2 ∙ 2. no.

_____ baskets, Explanation: A second florist made 40 bouquets in 12 hours at a faster rate, Explanation:

___________, Question 3. A football game begins at 11:32 A.M. So, Multiply 6 with 5 to get the denominator of unknown number.

___________, Answer: 2 + 0 = 2 Landry’s neighbor pledged $5.00 for every 2 miles he swims in a charity swim-a-thon. So, 4/7 equal to 12/21, Explanation:

He adds 2 teaspoons of juice to each glass of iced tea he makes.

The column for 1 shows there are 1 ∙ 2 when there are 5 ∙ 2. _____, Question 8.

\(\frac{9}{12} \text { and } \frac{3}{4}\). 160mi/2hr ÷ 2/2 = 80mi/hr On a map, a clothing store is located at (–2, –3). Type below: A pancake recipe calls for 4 cups of flour and 3 cups milk.

$10.45/5 = $2.09 per pound, Question 9. Question 4. 8/10 Shade the row for 6 and the row for 7 on the multiplication table. And it cannot be the same by adding tow fraction with different ratio, Question 1. 3/9 = 1/3

no. Type below: Did Mitch and Demetri get equivalent scores? One book has regular review questions and the second book is, This is an 18 question test on Time, Length, Liquid Volume, and Mass.

Question 12.

___________, Answer:


The treat with the lowest price per pack is _____. i. yes

Cole had \(\frac{3}{4}\) hour of free time before dinner. Ellen’s car averages 35 miles per gallon of gas. Use equivalent ratios to find how many pounds of honey are produced when 25 pounds of beeswax are produced. An online music store offers 5 downloads for $6.25. Question 18. Also included in: Go Math 3rd Grade Tests BUNDLE - Distance Learning Compatible! Check her work by making a table of equivalent ratios. So, 2/9 equal to 6/27, Explanation: So, 4/11 equal to 8/22


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