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You get paid via gift cards and other items. You just need to be on the lookout for their Lyrics Associate job openings. With every podcast to choose from, it’s going to be no different than the podcast app you’re using right now. Then, you will be asked to download the app to get started. With WeLocalize you can do just that. You get paid via PayPal once you earn $20. Such websites pay users so that they can review music of new and upcoming singers and songwriters. So, if let’s say you work on 30 songs in a month, simply multiply it by four. You get paid via gift cards and other items. Great idea for a video!! We will update the guide with new relevant websites. Your email address will not be published. Slicethepie is no longer available,showing 403 Forbidden while Radioloyalty is showing a blank page.Or it could be just me experiencing such things. Remarkable fact: Earnably pays you bonuses and increases your payout options as you advance on the site. Now that we are aware of the fact that listening music gets you an opportunity to earn money, why not grab that opportunity and make some money out of it!You can also earn money by following your hobby like traveling the world. 99 Tips To Save Money As A Stay At Home Mom! It’s free, and during this time, the website will basically want to know about your listening habits as well as what kind of music you listen to as it will try its best to match you up with songs that pique your interest. I only endorse products or services I've used or gotten great feedback from. sounds amazing, never heard of these before ….cant wait to try these applications………. Once you submit your review and it’s confirmed, you can earn gift cards. Thanks for sharing! After completing your profile, you receive emails with corresponding tasks to carry out. You get paid via PayPal once you earn $20. UniqueRewards pays you to listen to an internet radio if you’re a resident of the US, UK, or Canada. HitPreditor is open worldwide as long as you’re 13 years or older.

Users have an option to listen to any radio station that’s available to them at that time. Website owners can add the link to their website/social media as well to earn money anytime someone clicks on a link. Read this amazing travel jobs to earn passive earning. The more you listen the more money you earn. I’ll go through one website, which pays that much and searches for lyrics transcribers online all the time. Thanks for letting us know. Today I’m sharing a way how you can get paid to listen to music online and get paid even $4 for every song, which is really decent, right?. While this is true to an extent, there are other ways to take surveys, such as in... Did you know that you can keep your computer running idle and make money in doing so?

Sign up as fans and listen to the tunes of these amateur artists. And, according to the description, stations are based on your mood, genre or even popular artists.

The important part: You should sign up with online music review sites that pay for music reviews. However, The best option for me – SliceThePie – is not available where I live…. Sign up to their site listen to the music and provide your honest review to the artists.

This is all dependent upon how fast you can type.

Podcoin doesn’t pay you to listen to music, but they do reward you to listen to any podcast you listen to as long as you listen to it through their app. I read the company pays about $4~ per song. Are there any other options worldwide which are as massive as SliceThePie? Selfie Payment - How To Get $1 Per Selfie (Free App). My name is Tom Nathaniel, and I created LushDollar to help share my honest thoughts on everything money. Here are a few fantastic platforms to earn up to $20 – $50 in the next couple of minutes!

They pay their curators through PayPal. Connect to the Cash4Minutes system and they will reward you for every minute you are connected to their system and listen to a selected radio broadcast. Some companies pay in US only, however, there are some like RadioEarn and Welocalize that are availible in other countries as well. Research FM pays you Amazon gift cards to give feedback on songs. When you first start to listen to music, you will not earn lots of money.

On this website, you basically need to listen to new music and then rate them. I can’t sign up with musicxray as Fan. SliceThePie will reward you to listen to music, but they do ask you to write a review after you listen to a song. TryMyUI Reviews: Get $10 to Test a Website? It’s one of the most rewarding app if you want to generate passive income by listening to songs.

Aside from listening to music, you can also rate artists as well as earn bonuses if you complete a certain number of reviews within a certain time period. Users have to complete tasks for which they earn points. Listen to the songs of new and upcoming artists and later on write reviews about them. My goal is to help people be their best and create incredible businesses that change the world. Earn up to $50 per survey from home! Users simply have to sign up and choose their type of music, listen to the sample of music provided and rate it.

Following the next month, RadioEarn will then convert these points into money, in which you can cash out via a bank transfer, Amazon gift cards or even Bitcoin. Earnably pays its users through PayPal, Bitcoin and Amazon Gift Cards. Turn Unused Phone Minutes into Cash with the Radio. I'm an entrepreneur, fitness freak, artist, car enthusiast, sports fan and self improvement addict. Music XRay allows you to make money ($0.10 per song) listening to at least the first 30 seconds of a song. This one is a great website. You can withdraw your money via PayPal. In the meantime, give a few of these websites a shot to see if it’s worth your time to listen to some tunes while you go about your day. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below! To ensure that you are an active listener, they have you sign in through its CAPTCHA every 3-5 minutes. For you music lovers out there, this is simply perfect. There is another website, MusicXRay, that pays you to simply listen to music from music genres that you are interested in. Inbox Dollars – Earn instant $5 Right now by becoming a free member! 10 Top Sites To Sell Old Electronics And Earn Instant Cash! Why do these websites pay you? They are said to be the largest paid review website on the Internet, paying out more than $4 million to date and seem to be quite reputable. Music XRay allows you to make money ($0.10 per song) listening to at least the first 30 seconds of a song. You can use it on many different devices and it is open to people living around the world. Music Xray: Music Xray is a New York-based music tech company. is a Android / iOS based mobile app that pays you around $600 per year for playing music on your mobile phone.

Enjoy the sites! If you have some playlists with at least 400 followers on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or Deezer, you can apply to be a curator. SliceThePie lets you make money by listening to music and reviewing it.

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In order to get music offline, choose a radio station to play and press record at the beginning of a song you like. Nothing else is required on your end.

Think of it like for music. is a music research company that pays you to provide feedback for radio stations on what kind of music to play. Well, the answer to that lies in the article ahead! You won’t make much, but the company says you can make up to $120 a year if you’re active enough. All in all, you’re supposed to do two things: Listening & Reviewing. The recordings are mostly only 30 seconds long. Slice the Pie Review – How to Earn Money for Reviewing Music, The Ultimate Guide to Help You Make Money on Music Xray, Top 15 Sites That Let You Listen to Music for FREE (Plus, Two That Pay!

Why fusioncash Is worth looking to is because you can also join its online forum, where members can help answer your questions about the site, how to maximize your earnings, etc. With Music Xray, it’s as easy as listening to the song and that’s it. It offers additional points for members who complete the previously noted tasks.

To use RadioEarn, you will first be asked to create an account. The users create their accounts and fill out their contact information, which includes landline number. As thanks, we'll send you our course "Turn Any Business Into An Online Empire" FREE + secret gift (Valued at $315)! Yes, they do pay. For instance Musicxray has got only two slots i.e for Artist and MIP no more slots for Music fans. Users have the option to listen to any radio station that’s available at the time. Only a few sentences, not much. These artists pay a stipulated fee to promote their music and along with that build a fan base by uploading their songs to the portal and they also, in turn, generate follower-ship. 6 Apps That Give You Visa Gift Cards for Free in 2020, 5 Companies Hiring for Lots of Work-From-Home Jobs Worldwide Right Now, 8 Work-From-Home Jobs That Pay $15/Hour or More in 2020, 7 Easiest Work-From-Home Jobs for Beginners 2020, How to Make Up to $15 per Hour Listening to Music (6 Ways), 5 Work-From-Home Chat Agent Jobs and Websites, How to Make $100 a Day Online from Google Adsense, 18 Apps That Pay You to Do Basically Nothing in 2020, 5 Work-At-Home Job Sites with Flexible Hours, 10 Companies Always Hiring for Lots of Work-From-Home Jobs. All it takes is $2 in collected earnings before you can request a payout through Paypal or a gift card. It’s a website that connects musical artists to the playlist curators. It’s a website that connects the artists to talent hunters. I activated international calling on my account, and none of the numbers would go through.

My goal is to help people be their best and create incredible businesses that change the world. See more FAQs.

Here you can earn money by listening to music. 7. Cash4minutes doesn’t appear to work in the US.

Are you frustrated with getting your pay through…, This is really interesting and something I wasn’t even aware of before. Once you sign up, you will be asked to register your phone number before you sign up so that you can start dialing into radio streams, but there appear to be no limitations. As a fan, you get paid to listen and rate music in various genres, anything from Folk and Country music to Rap, Pop, Hip Hop and everything in between. Users can also earn by rating artists. I enjoy music and thank you for info, didn’t know that many sites out there. Learn how your comment data is processed. You can redeem your earnings getting an Amazon Gift Card.

Will review and watch later.. I’ll go through one website, which pays that much and searches for lyrics transcribers online all the time.

The best way of earning and lisneting too. I had done the survey junkies but wasn’t worth the effort. So, if you like listening and/or trying new items, it’s a great way to voice your opinion and get rewarded. Here's a tutorial on how to start a blog pretty easily. 30 Of The Amazing Free Stock Photos Websites Which Provide Breathtaking Photos For Either Commercial…, Your cute selfie can give you passive money by following this simple and amazing guide.…, Do you want to earn instant cash? Today I’m sharing a way how you can get paid to listen to music online and get paid even $4 for every song, which is really decent, right?. 1. Check out the following articles to make some passive earnings from your home. SEO Fundamentals – Meaning Of SEO and It’s Importance, 10 Ways To Make Money Using Voice Over Services From Home, Get Paid $1000 To Use These 15 Amazing Mobile APPS, Survey Junkie Review-The Real High Paying Survey Site With Income Proof. HitPredictor, as part of the iHeartMedia family, gives you the power to influence new music before it’s even released as the company works with record labels, radio stations and even the band’s manager.


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