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Get Out of Your Head Quotes Showing 1-27 of 27. We cherish the indiscipline of lost self-control and call it relaxation; we slouch toward prayerlessness and delude ourselves into thinking we have escaped legalism; we slide toward godlessness and convince ourselves we have been liberated.1”, “Humility is a grateful and spontaneous awareness that life is a gift, and it is manifested as an ungrudging and unhypocritical acknowledgment of absolute dependence upon God.”, “Evil never wants to be noticed, I should mention here. You will not shrink back. Sit up straight.

We get to play little parts in the epic story of a God who put this whole universe in motion with a word.”, “If I can accept that I am so sinful and so broken that I am likely to hurt anyone close to me on any given day without even being aware of it, I can willingly pass out grace to those who hurt me.”, “So if we know no place, no job, no marriage, no child is going to fulfill us perfectly, we can make the choice to quit fighting for happiness in all of it and start to fight for God’s glory in it.”, “Unless there is some craving for God and some distaste for sin in us, we should question if we are believers.”, “Even though every piece of today feels small. Do you often fall prey to toxic thinking patterns like victimhood, anxiety, and distraction? color: #FFFFFF;

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Are your thoughts holding you captive? Preview — Get Out of Your Headby Jennie Allen.

color: #F15B47; font-size: 25px; #thebook p { There are people who love me, who want to be with me. Welcome back. Our God is real. Be the fool. Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere.5 I CHOOSE TO BE STILL WITH GOD.”, “LIE: The more self-esteem I have, the better life will go for me. See more ideas about Jennie allen, Words, Words of wisdom. Understand the science behind why your thoughts can change your life. “You have to thank God for the seemingly good and the seemingly bad because really, you don't know the difference [until we get to heaven].”. The only thing that will fulfill and settle your soul is God himself.”, “I think God could untangle your soul, your story, your gifts, your people, your place, and your passions, and begin to weave it into purposes that you haven’t been brave enough to imagine.”, “He will take this hell on earth and someday show us how hell was building heaven.”, “Every sin, at its root, is based in something we do not fully believe about God.”, “Great people don’t do great things; God does great things through surrendered people.”, “Now let me tell you what I know. All Rights Reserved. This is an otherworldly way to live.”, “The battle for our minds is won as we focus on Jesus—every moment, every hour, every day.”, “We build entire narratives that begin to take on lives of their own, based on assumptions and our overactive imaginations—all because we attend to fears, attend to distractions, attend to worst-case scenarios.”, “The people who stand out to me are the ones who have chosen to trust Jesus more than trusting their ability to make everything work out fine.”, “Our emotions were leading us to thoughts, and those thoughts were dictating our decisions, and our decisions were determining behaviors, and then the behaviors were shaping our relationships, all of which would take us back to either healthy or unhealthy thoughts.”, “The danger of toxic thinking is it produces an alternate reality, one in which distorted reasoning actually seems to make sense.”, “In Jesus, we can change where we fight from without changing what we fight for.”, “Standing between us and victory is one of three barriers—or perhaps all three: the devil our wounds our sin”, “Delight in God and His goodness tears down our walls and allows hope, trust, and worship to flood in.”, Get Out of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts. It’s more urgent than we could ever imagine. But Jennie also knows we don’t have to stay stuck in toxic thinking patterns. Apart from grace-driven effort, people do not gravitate toward godliness, prayer, obedience to Scripture, faith, and delight in the Lord. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I’m in.”, “The Spirit of God lives inside of me, and because of that, I’m never alone. But before God I am no different from these men. We don’t think much about it, but there are hungry people all around us, and God is looking to take the seemingly insignificant little pieces tucked away in our lives to multiply them and feed his people.”, “if we know no place, no job, no marriage, no child is going to fulfill us perfectly, we can make the choice to quit fighting for happiness in all of it and start to fight for God’s glory in it.”, “Weight causes things on earth to fall--to remain grounded. I can reach out to them instead of sitting here, stuck.”, “Because alone in the dark the devil can tell you whatever the hell he wants.”, “but that we would allow God to take up so much space in our thinking that our fears will shrink in comparison. Welcome to your Summer Online Bible Study! } Our God is coming. Be the first to learn about new releases!


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