gazelle helicopter fuel burn

If I cruise alone on a cool day near sea level, the helicopter will be operating efficiently with a light weight to carry and burn less fuel than if I operate near maximum gross weight on a hot day. The helicopter also features a round, glassed-in cockpit, three main rotor blades and 13 fenestron blades in the tail rotor. Nice piece of equipment. (I actually “dispose of” spoiled AvGas in my lawnmower and ATV once in a while.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. While still in the final design stages the SA 340 attracted British interest, leading to a joint development and production share-out agreement signed on 22 February 1967 and officially confirmed on 2 April 1968. (Our tax dollars at work)! The range and service ceiling of the helicopter are 500 miles and 20,000ft respectively. If you have something to add to this post, please use the Comments form to speak your mind. My helicopter can hold about 46 gallons of fuel. The Gazelle helicopter (SA 341 / SA 342) is a multi-purpose, lightweight utility / attack helicopter manufactured by Aerospatiale Helicopter Corporation, France. Gazelle related info & photos at! Interesting... thanks for info! The first helicopter was introduced in July 1972. It is a civil and commercial variant powered by an Astazou IIIA engine and is also called the Stretched Gazelle.

Get a conversation going -- you never know what you'll learn. At Helitech, I saw that MW Helicopters can supply ex-mil Gazelles on a foreign register with a full CofA ie no restrictions.

Hi all i am looking for high skids on a 342 and a engine. Normal cruise is 120-130kts. Lebanon's Bekaa Valley in 1982. reply. The…, The B-1B Lancer, also known as “The Bone”, is the US Air Force long-range strategic bomber developed by Rockwell International,…, MiG-29SMT is an improved version of the MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter aircraft, designed and produced by Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG (RAC…, The Su-47 fighter aircraft, previously called the S-37 Berkut or Golden Eagle, was developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau of…, Get important industry news and analysis sent to your inbox – sign up to our e-Newsletter here, “The helicopter is used in 23 countries, primarily for surveillance and reconnaissance.”, “The helicopter features a round cockpit, three main rotor blades and 13 fenestron blades.”, “The Gazelle has direct voice input (DVI) systems that control avionics instruments.”. The length and width of the M621 cannon are 2,207mm and 202mm respectively. Looks like Aviafora is becoming a reference place for Gazelle helicopters! The Aérospatiale SA 341 / SA 342 Gazelle is a single-turboshaft-engined light utility helicopter produced by the French manufacturer Sud-Aviation, later Aérospatiale, today Eurocopter.Military usage of the Gazelle includes ground-attack and anti-tank operations. The least I’ve ever paid for AvGas was $2.43/gallon way back when I first started flying. The SA 341B served the British Army in conflicts in the Falkland Islands… I wouldn't know about US register, last info I have about this one is G-IBME for the Gazelle Management Services since 2011 (sadly, no photo yet).

The maximum take-off weight of the helicopter is 1,800kg, while the endurance is 3.5h. Can you help, I'm looking for approved maintenance training center for SA 341 /342. Everything is dismantled up to the naked body. The reason most people seem interested in learning about fuel consumption is because they’re trying to figure out what it costs to fly a helicopter. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The web portal includes a comprehensive civil and military aircraft encyclopedia. Westland completed the final assembly of SA 341 in 1970. The Astazou IIIA engine is primarily used for civil and military applications. take-off weight: 1800kg, Can anyone help with new or serviceable parts airframe and Turbine for the Gazelle ex military Helicopter. The most was around $9/gallon when I needed to refuel at an airport with a fancy FBO that normally caters to business jets. Some helicopters with piston engines, including mine, burn AvGas, which is also known as 100LL, a high-octane, leaded fuel similar to what you might put in a car. Does G-SFTA still looks like onto the pic above? In 1967, Britain joined a production-sharing agreement and began its long association with the Gazelle as a military helicopter. The last one i knew of was operated by CH-2 news in Los Angeles till 1992.It flew everyday so must of been reliable. K.Munson "Helicopters And Other Rotorcraft Since 1907", 1968. Kinda curious. Fuel burn is about 150 liters/hour with the Astazou IIIA. The great Australian Skyfox and gentle Skyfox Gazelle aircraft The helicopter has a cruise speed of 264km/h and can fly at a maximum speed of 310km/h. Someone should filter one by one and if the tail number is registered to a trust, then probably resident outside the US.


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