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I'm looking at the Fellow Eddy, Espro Toroid, or Motta Europa.


We have had our Gaggia Classic for a little less than a year. This is my first time owning/using an espresso machine, and I've run into an issue that I need advice on. Ideally, you'd want at least 10 or so, but you can get away with 3 or 4 (cheaper motorized grinders will only have 1 or 2 that work for espresso, which is very difficult).

Grinding for Espresso – Metal vs Ceramic Burrs.

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And my issues with the Vario are mostly around build quality issues mine had and the resulting inconsistent grind. The stainless-steel models are cheaper, but they have a significant drawback. It’s certainly not required, but by all means, experiment with it! This is after saturation, not before.

If you opt to get a separate grinder (which we recommend), here are some tips to keep in mind: ​Ceramic grinders don’t heat up like that, and although they’ll cost a little more, it’s well worth the added expense. My old gasket was leaking so I ordered a new gasket online.

You put the beans in the hopper, select your drink of choice, then sit back and wait for a minute or two until it’s ready.

You can easily swap it out for a Rancilio Silvia wand, which is A LOT LOT better. You load your grounds into the portafilter, tamp them down firmly, then load the filter into the front face of the machine. They’re not expensive, but you’ll need to purchase both not long after you get your machine so you can keep it nice and clean. They heat when you use them, which can sometimes burn your grounds and ruin the flavor of your coffee. We use it every weekend we are home and absolutely love it. The primary advantage of a double boiler is the fact that models that employ them allow you to simultaneously steam milk and brew a coffee drink, which cuts down on your wait time, so mostly, it’s a matter of convenience. Should I Make Coffee With Distilled Water?

The key difference here is that super-automatics are true “bean to brew” systems, meaning that they come with built-in grinders, and offer one-touch convenience. Coffee purists will love this, while newbies may be a little intimidated. First, you get two different filters, one for a single shot, and one for a double. Also note that the water tank is not removable, making it similar to most drip-brew coffee makers.

Any HX, DB will be a huge improvement. You simply open the hatch and pour your water in when you need more. Mmmm tou just missed the idrinkcoffee promo on Breville, their DB with a PID was around 1.3k which is a great price for new and would have solved some of your problems. Keep in mind that as the beans lose freshness the grind has to be tightened, so if those beans are old (ish), you will be extra challenged to slow the pour and also to get any crema at all. Usual suspects: Lelit Elizabeth, Prifitec Pro 300, Silvia Pro, Bezzera BZ13, Lelit MaraX, etc. Note: ​If you have a water filter installed at the tap in your sink, you can use that in the place of distilled water for the same effect. I do all my shots without the drip tray installed and put a shot glass under the release valve tube that comes down. This forum is closed to new posts.

This is an important part of our GaggiaClassic espresso machine review, and on paper, the machine looks fantastic, with an impressive 72-ounce, top loading water reservoir, but there’s a problem.

It’s generally the first feature that designers strip out as a cost saving move. When you combine the milk and espresso, you lose heat. My gripes with the Gaggia are the slow/inconsistent temperature changes and the inability to steam and pull multiple shots without long delays. It uses a porta-filter, which you manually load your grounds into. But for the price, a good hand grinder is tough to beat. I followed this video Review of the Gaggia Classic Pro espresso machine. The Classic doesn’t have an auto-frother, relying instead on a Pannarillo wand for steaming milk. THE GAGGIA COFFEE LINE A unique experience Find out more . The only real possibilities are the grind and the freshness of the roast.

Great starter machine.. Obviously a grinder is more important and should be your focus, but a gaggia machine is a solid, predictable gadget to have. I've not owned a Rancilio Silvia nor a Gaggia Classic so can't offer an opinion on either; however, I do have a Niche Zero. I'm interested in upping my latte art game. If you don’t mind working a bit for it, semi-automatics offer surprisingly robust capabilities at a fraction of the cost, and the Gaggia Classic is an excellent example of this. Mostly it comes down to convenience.

My wife is the resident expert with regards to pulling a shot.

Here, it’s worth noting that the maximum cup size that will fit under the spigot is just 3.5,” so in most cases, the crema shouldn’t be an issue. Cleaning a semi-automatic is a bit different from the more advanced super-automatics as well. Any other changes we could recommend (like adding a second boiler, for example), would add significantly to the cost of the machine and take it out of the entry-level price range. Login with username, password and session length.

I have the Silvia v1 steam wand on a 2013 model if that's relevant.

To make a great espresso, you need at least nine bars of pressure, and the Gaggia Classic Semi-Automatic’s pump is rated at fifteen bars, which provides all the power and pressure you need to get world-class espresso with every use of the machine. The second - is backflushing, which is a detail that unfortunately gets left out of a lot of Gaggia Classic Model 14101 espresso machine reviews. Thankfully, however, that’s not true! I also bought a blind basket for backflushing from another store. Hello. I use a Hario Coffee Mill Slim for grinding.

Th​​​​​​is is another area we must place special emphasis on as part of our Gaggia ​Classic 14101 review. How to PID a Gaggia Classic the right way. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-2041080816011617"; They allowed the Preciso refurb price off a new grinder.

As good as the Gaggia Classic is, it doesn’t offer much in the way of convenience, mostly in a bid to help keep the machine’s price low. Initially the only complaint I had was a very tight portafilter fit into the machine.

Honestly if your budget includes taxes Im not sure you’ll do much better than the Gaggia?

I understand the GC Pro is set at around 13bar and most people recommend around 9 or 10 for optimal performance, but what …

I love mine. For Gaggia OEM double basket the approximate dose is 17 - 17.5 gms. It also gives it a fair amount of heft, with the solid casing contributing most of the unit’s 20 pounds of weight. Pump cant deal with too much coffee, its a fine line to tread. A better basket than the standard one helps a little, so does a naked portafilter (this will teach you how to get good shots). Press J to jump to the feed. //
There’s no learning curve here, which is good because the user manual that comes with the machine is stunningly vague and non-helpful (unusual for Gaggia products). I scored a Gaggia Classic off my dad and it's a friggin awesome machine for the price.


OPV sets pressure limit, puck then controls flow.

We use the grinder for coffee and espresso. I'm mostly maintenance but understand enough to be dangerous. This will be a short section because as a semi-automatic machine, the Gaggia 14101 Classic espresso machine doesn’t come with a built-in grinder, so you’ll need to either buy one separately or use pre-ground coffee, as mentioned before. The Niche Zero has replaced my Eureka Mignon. My second hand gaggia classic came with a nice shiny silver tamper - but its diameter is much smaller than that of the basket. While it’s true that the first few milk-based drinks you make with this model probably won’t turn out the way you want them to, but if you keep at it and keep practicing, you’ll master it.

Really enjoying the Gaggia Classic Pro I purchased about a month ago. google_ad_height = 60; If you’re pulling a small shot into a small cup, you may want to hold it closer to the spigot.

I was able to froth milk just fine in my old pitcher so I'm not sure if the Espro's shape will do anything.


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