fujian sturgeons salary
"Then this 6'9" guy walks into my room.". "See ya, Shanxi," he says under his breath, as the van pulls away into the night, "wouldn't wanna be ya.".

When players split into positional work—bigs to one side, guards to the other—Aldrich learned he'd been assigned a personal-skills coach. The choice of programming is fitting given the description Muhammad, 26, offered earlier of Taiyuan: a place, basically, best survived in a hotel room, like some high-rise castaway.

Dad. To that end, rather than slog through traffic in a car service, Fredette rides the metro to every home game, as he's doing on this afternoon in March, swiping his phone over the digital turnstile at the Line 9 station below his 16th-story apartment. At the next practice, though, all of the team's Chinese players and coaches showed up with freshly shaved heads.

It's possible he'd still be in Minnesota had he not grown frustrated by a string of DNP-CDs and insisted on being released from his guaranteed contract in March '18.

Around him, clothes and sneakers spill out of suitcases; a table sits cluttered with survival essentials—pistachios, instant oatmeal, PB&J fixings, two bottles of red wine. "Pretty sure they're forgetting. He averaged 18.9 points and 7.8 rebounds in the 846 games he played in the league. ", Lawson had been hoping to latch onto an NBA team once the CBA season ended, but that doesn't happen after Shandong is swept out of the postseason's opening round in March.

"I know the system now, so I can go to a better city and make a lot more money." Lesson One: Brace for bruises.

Smith was invited over for dinner; former NBA guards Pooh Jeter and MarShon Brooks got phone calls. "I don't mind coming back," he says. "There's a level of respect for Marbury that goes far beyond the CBA," says Smith, who reached the CBA this season with the Fujian Sturgeons.

"What does it look like? "Would you rather sit on the bench and have that little title, or do what you love?". Still others come seeking a gateway to a stable career overseas. Others, like Aldrich, are spit out. Some salt and pepper, some hot sauce to spice up your food. The announcement came approximately a week after Stoudemire departed the United States for Hong Kong, where he was greeted by team officials and then worked out for a few days. He fondly recalls strolling Shanghai's silk markets alongside Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins, hunting for knockoff designer goods. "Some imports survive. Reality quickly set in. There was that time Lawson refused to practice because a road arena had no heat.

A path clears. It's early March and the Loongs are hosting their regular-season home finale, against the Shandong Golden Stars.

As an import, Fredette stands out most, though, by being human and blending in. "It was a struggle," Lawson says. Stoudemire, 36, was the ninth overall pick in the 2002 NBA draft. It isn't uncommon for a front office to cover family members' expenses on road trips. "I was like, 'O.K., I'm not gonna use that; it's not a move anyone will fall for,'" he says. Silk and porcelain may have enticed medieval explorers to the Middle Kingdom, but today's great ballers of China are mostly coming over for the paper. He also appears to have learned from the beef-tongue incident. ", Like Wang, Smith views Marbury as a symbol of potential.

Detailed down to his biceps muscles and many tattoos, the fake Marbury wears a yellow number 3 jersey from the Fly Dragons, his fourth and final CBA stop before retiring in 2018. "I don't know if you want to call me a pioneer or an idiot.". It's easy to see a hard fall here for someone of Muhammad's pedigree.

he says.

Lawson averaged 12.7 points and 6 assists in his eight-year NBA career that also included stops with the Houston Rockets, Indiana Pacers and Sacramento Kings. It's wild. Later, Fredette will express disappointment that they never met up after the game, but Garnett made sure to deliver a parting message through Jimmer's visiting brother, T.J., at halftime. But they are all bonded by a shared experience. On a recent road trip he broke off to visit the factory his company uses, in Guangdong Province. Even then, she sees the silver lining of China for Muhammad.

"That's been fueling my tank.

On that subject: Hop off at the train station outside Jinan, home of the Golden Stars. "It's going to be really dope," he thought. "He tricked me into eating cow tongue. The rise of two-way contracts back home has largely squeezed out a veteran middle class in favor of younger, cheaper talent, but Lawson rejects the notion that he landed here because he'd lost a step.


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