fright of their lives karaoke
The Whole "Being Dead" Thing Pt. That Beautiful Sound (Reprise) (Non-Album Track) Barbara 2.0.

Girl Scout. [ADAM, spoken] Fright Of Their Lives. If we want our house back, we have to fight for it!

I'm sure we can haunt our own halls We'll rattle chains and

3 (Non-Album Track) Good Old-Fashioned Wedding On the album, this song runs straight into the next track, “No Reason”. [ADAM, spoken] [Adam and Barbara make "ghost" noises.]. )Ugh, Copyright Barbara! Yes! Ready, Set (Reprise) No Reason.

[BARBARA, spoken] Are you willing to take the next step? No one can see us! 2019 BroadwayBeetlejuice the Musical - Fright of Their Lives Lyrics"Fright of Their Lives" is a song performed by Alex Brightman (Beetlejuice), Rob McClure (Adam) and Kerry Butler (Barbara) from the musical Beetlejuice. Fright Of Their Lives. BETELGEUSE:OkayListen up, I’m not gonna lieRight now, you couldn’t frighten a flyOr scare a seagull off of a fryYou ever stop to ask yourselves "why? That Beautiful Sound (Reprise) (Non-Album Track) Barbara 2.0. That needy pervert was right. The Maitlands realise that Beetlejuice has a point, and resolve to haunt their house and its current occupants, the Deetzes.

[BARBARA] Ready, set— On the album, this song runs straight into the next track, “No Reason”.

BETELGEUSE: Okay Listen up, I’m not gonna lie Right now, you couldn’t frighten a fly Or scare a … Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) / Act I Finale. [BARBARA]

[ADAM] Ready, Set (Reprise) No Reason.

That Beautiful Sound.

Say My Name. Well, how? © 2020 The Musical Lyrics All Rights Reserved, Beetlejuice - Fright of Their Lives Lyrics. [ADAM] The Whole "Being Dead" Thing Pt. 3 (Non-Album Track) Good Old-Fashioned Wedding

[BARBARA, spoken]

Invisible (Reprise) / On The Roof. That Beautiful Sound. I gotta get right outside my comfort zone Oblivion calls The Maitlands realise that Beetlejuice has a point, and resolve to haunt their house and its current occupants, the Deetzes. Let's... haunt this bitch!

'Cause Adam, we're ready as we'll ever get Just wail and moan until they go So we might as well walk through some walls We're ghosts, damn it! Invisible (Reprise) / On The Roof. If we wanna win back our home Girl Scout. Ready, set, let's— [BARBARA] "Both of you are super politeMiddle class, suburban, and whiteWell, all of that is finished tonightExcept for the white partObviouslyTake your placesI want scary facesNow go!BiggerFurtherHarderNot badSever a headPreferably someone you knowBARBARA: (spoken)Look at me, I'm so scaryBETELGEUSE:Don’t be so vanillaWould a little anger kill ya?C’mon, drop your pantiesI’m trying to fill youWith wisdom and skillAnd the instinct to killADAM: (spoken)Again, we do not want to kill anyoneBETELGEUSE: (spoken)Fine!But somehow, somewayYou gotta make 'em see ya'I'm talkin' jumpscaresThe jerky Japanese ghost-walkPlus;Learn to throw your voiceFool your friendsFun at partiesADAM: (spoken)Now THAT is cool!I wanna do that!BETELGEUSE:Whatever it takes to make ‘em go crazyRaising the stakes by punching a babyScare ‘em awake till they breakThey'll be quaking in fright‘Cause you’ve got some evil deep down inside youPut all the farmer’s markets behind youYou’ve gotta workGotta haunt till it hurtsThrough the nightAnd give those guys the fright of their livesYeah yeah!BETELGEUSE:Let’s start with things that you hateADAM:Well, hate’s a very strong wordBARBARA:Perhaps when people are lateADAM:Or getting pooped on by birdsBETELGEUSE:No, what fills you with rage?BARBARA:Being mean to a petADAM:Chefs who use too much sage when they make beurre noisetteBARBARA:Over-glutinous foodADAM:Or when kids call me "dude"BARBARA:Oh, I find that so rude!BETELGEUSE:Well, there’s lots there to useTake a deep breathAnd give me your best primal screamBARBARA:Aaaah!ADAM: (spoken)Barbara, that was brilliant!BARBARA: (spoken)Really?BETELGEUSE:Try it againMaybe this time pretend like you mean itBARBARA:Aaah!ADAM: (spoken)That was even better!BARBARA: (spoken)Thanks!BETELGEUSE:I want freedomBut to get my freedom I need themTo get a living person to say my nameADAM & BARBARA:Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse?BETELGEUSE:I know that beggars can’t be choosersBut do they have to be such losers?Both of them are deathly dull and lameADAM & BARBARA & CHOIR:Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, BetelgeuseBETELGEUSE:Why God, slash Satan, did you send these bed wetters?Even, like, a tax attorney would’ve been betterSomebody with gravitasSomebody to fear who-ADAM:Excuse me, Mr. BetelgeuseWe can kind of hear youBETELGEUSE: (spoken)Yeah?Well that was a soliloquy so you’re the one who’s being rude(sung)Whatever it takes to make ‘em go crazyBARBARA:Turn all the lights onADAM:Dress like a babyBETELGEUSE: (spoken)Adam, I don't even- No(sung)Get your heads in the gameADAM & BARBARA:Let’s hide their phonesBETELGEUSE (ADAM & BARBARA):Screw their phones!Ugh, these dopes are both hopelessHow will I ever survive?Unless they get the fright of their lives~(Yes yes, we're feelin' it, they're gonna feel it, we're killin' it!


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