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Als das Semester beginnt, will Annalise einige neue Jurastudenten in der Kanzlei anstellen, damit jene ihr, Frank und Bonnie unter die Arme greifen können. Nellie Delgado entered a plea of not guilty and had a jury trial. In Season 2 it is hinted that Frank is some kind of hitman or bodyguard.

Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls. Frank asks if she is sure she wants him to accompany her and Annalise confirms, but when asked what flight he bought, she discovers that he did not book it because Sam told him to wait to see what the doctor said. Currently, the group has disbanded officially as they no longer work for Annalise in a professional setting, but all of them remained in constant contact until the end of Annalise Keating's murder trial.

and a foaming cuppa tea on the side. Laurel later leaves Frank a voicemail telling him to come home, that Annalise forgives him. [27] After recurring in the fourth season, Vann was promoted to series regular for the fifth season.[28]. He is also one of the few whose character goes through a significant arc. Zur Beschreibung von Frank Delfino, "How to Get Away with Murder" Staffel 2 In the third season, Connor tries to deviate from Annalise and the others after Annalise is arrested. Its night and Bonnie is sleeping in the bed while Frank sleeps on the floor. Unterdessen sorgt Frank dafür, dass die Polizei keine Spuren zu Sams Leiche findet und lässt Connors Auto verschwinden, in dem die Studenten den Leichnam transportiert haben. The series was created by Peter Nowalk, and produced by Shonda Rhimes and ABC Studios.

She tells him that she will never forgive him for what he's done. Laurel überreicht Frank die Justitia und bittet ihn, jene zu Asher zurück zu bringen. Annalise wins the case and the right for a retrial for all of her clients, including Nate Sr. Later, Bonnie convinces Frank to spare his own life for her sake, revealing their love affair to Annalise and encouraging him to turn himself over to the DA's office to save them all from being arrested. Soon, it appears the DA's office wants to keep Annalise in prison at any cost, so Bonnie and Frank team up to save her and eventually manage to get her free. Frank was up for parole many times, however, due to his bad behaviour, his parole was denied. The group went through absolute trauma at the time and while each of them handled their grief in their own way, Connor was one of the most affected, apart from Laurel who was of course devastated by Wes' death, and also injured in the fire herself, besides being pregnant. After Laurel leaves, furious, Bonnie, having witnessed this whole encounter, tells Frank to stop "screwing the students." He investigates the night Sam Keating left town for a conference—the same night Lila died—and discovers he went to Yale University and returned to Philadelphia during exactly the same time Lila was killed. Als er erfährt, dass Laurel plant, die Kanzlei zu verlassen, reißt sich Frank zusammen. The Keating 31, previously known as the Keating 5 and also the Keating 4, is the collective nickname for Annalise's Law Students and main characters on How to Get Away with Murder. Connor Walsh was the smart, ambitious, and arrogant law student who was one of Annalise's infamous Keating 5.

In the first season, Annalise selects a group of her best students to work at her firm. Once back, he first goes and sees Laurel at her apartment, though he finds Laurel and Wes having sex.

Frank jedoch wirft Laurel auch beim nächsten Fall oft vielsagende Blicke zu und als Laurel erzählt, dass sie am Abend zu einer Party geht, schlägt sie vor, dass Frank und Bonnie ebenfalls vorbeischauen. The series features an ensemble cast with Alfred Enoch, Jack Falahee, Aja Naomi King, Matt McGorry, and Karla Souza as Keating's students, Charlie Weber and Liza Weil as her employees and Billy Brown as a detective with the Philadelphia Police Department, and Annalise's lover. ("It's All My Fault", "Anna Mae"), Annalise Keating introduces Frank as her paralegal whom the students can go to for help. In the sixth season, in a flashforward, Wes or someone similar in appearance is seen attending Annalise's funeral. When they go to collect the body, they wrap it up in a carpet and carry it outside, and to the woods and they're almost caught by two drunken teenagers who are there looking for some privacy. Staffel von HTGAWM für Dich zusammen.

In the sixth season, Frank is revealed to be the child of Sam and Hannah Keating through an incestuous relationship, something that he was never aware of but that Sam was. In a bar that night, Lisa happened upon Frank having a drink. Nachdem Annalise Rebecca Sutter im Mord an Lila vertreten will, wird Frank von Annalise beauftragt, Griffin O'Reilly die Schuld für den Mord an Lila zuzuschieben und er platziert einige Beweise, wodurch jener in ein verdächtiges Licht rückt. In order to cover up the murder, Frank crashes the man's car. [19] She does not show up for an interview for Caplan & Gold, where Michaela accepts a job, and the two women team up to investigate Laurel's father, whose company is represented by Caplan & Gold and who Laurel is sure to be responsible for Wes' death. The season later focuses on the investigation about Wes' death, and the identity of his murderer. It is revealed that Atwood not only moved Wes' body and tried to frame Nate and Annalise for it, but also had his body cremated, making it impossible for a second autopsy to clear Annalise. Emmett Crawford (portrayed by Timothy Hutton) is a managing partner at Caplan & Gold who hires Annalise to work for the firm. Frank fühlt sich mit Laurel sehr wohl, aber eines Tages werden sie von seiner Exfreundin Saskia überrascht. They have a sexual relationship until Oliver finds out that Connor is using him.

She discovers that Frank was responsible for the death of Annalise's baby and eventually tells it to Annalise, culminating in Frank's disappearance.

In the first season, Frank initiates a brash relationship with Laurel and continues to help Annalise with criminal and arcane tasks. While taking a shower, Frank informs Bonnie that Annalise tried to call her. He later uses the badge and uses the gas he bought earlier to cause a man to inhale the toxic substance. In the series finale, Bonnie is accidentally shot and killed by courthouse security guards while trying to stop Frank from murdering Governor Birkhead. On the outside, he is a cocky, confident, sarcastic, and macho individual.

("It's About Frank"), After being released from prison, Sam convinced Annalise to hire Frank as her paralegal.

The person attending Annalise's funeral is revealed to actually be Wes' son Christopher who grew up to be the spitting image of his father and takes over Annalise's old law class. Wesley "Wes" Gibbins (portrayed by Alfred Enoch) is a sweet, eager-to-help and smart student who was in the wait list for Middleton and is later selected to be part of Annalise's group.


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