ford ltd landau
For 1967, the LTD underwent several changes, with a four-door pillared sedan joining the model range. Following the success of the Chrysler K-Cars and the General Motors A-body sedans (along with the introduction of Honda Accord sedan and Toyota Camry), Ford was one of the last major manufacturers to introduce a mid-size front-wheel drive model line. It was based on the U.S. 1966 Ford Galaxie.

The window stickers shows over $2,100 in options which was more than 1/2 the cost of a new Mustang in 1978! This pampered lady was bought from the family of the original owner. Ride in classic 70's style with the last of the full size Fords. How true this is, we may never know. The LTD designation has been speculated by some to be an abbreviation of "Luxury Trim Decor" and by others as a "Limited" trim designation for the Galaxie. You could be, Avoidable Contact #82: That one time my VW Quantum Coupe was used to rob a bank, Choose your oils wisely: Transmission gears and differential gears have different needs, Smithology: Your trailing arms are too short to box with Carl, Avoidable Contact #81: Won’t someone think of THE ENVIRONMENT? The Landau model continued as the alpha LTD, but would be retired after 1982, in favor of a new name that would survive more than 30 years in one form or another: the LTD Crown Victoria.

The hidden-headlamp system was operated by engine vacuum; if the system were to fail, the headlamp doors retracted up to ensure the headlamps were visible. There are a few little parking lot dings and stone chips in the paint on the front end.

I believeI am the fourth owner and the mileage is correct as I believe. The Ford LTD (pronounced el-tee-DEE) is a range of automobiles manufactured by Ford Motor Company for the 1965 to 1986 model years. This car is one of the more tasteful offerings to come from its era, an era that's generally unloved. Even more importantly, it's one that's survived in what appears to be excellent condition. Garage. So yeah, we know you like this 1977 Ford LTD Landau even before you checked out the ultra-affordable price.

All three models featured the new 302 CID engine with 4942 cc and 198 hp (148 kW), which replaced the heavier 292, but the Galaxie and LTD kept their design elements from the American original. The LX model was the only LTD to have a tachometer in the instrument cluster. That's why we know it will be gone quickly. If it moves and has an engine, Evan's probably interested in it. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All pictures of this car can be found on For the first time since 1971, the LTD was offered with a manual transmission; a 3-speed automatic was optional on the 2.3L engine and standard on the 3.3L engine (all 3.8L engines came with a 4-speed overdrive automatic). The inside was remarkably plus and featured high-back extensions which Ford called “flight bench seating”.

The Find of the Week isn't something flashy, or something ultra rare when new, or even something that most people would call all that cool.

The vertically-stacked headlamps introduced in 1965 were replaced by a hidden headlamps; shared with Lincoln-Mercury, the configuration would be a design feature denoting the top-trim LTD for the next decade. That was 1965, back when full-size meant gargantuan. As a mid-year introduction, Chevrolet introduced the Caprice (its closest rival), with 1966 bringing the AMC Ambassador DPL, Plymouth Fury VIP, and Dodge Monaco. [16] To aid in tracking fuel consumption, a trip computer was added as an option. The rest of the interior is like new also. Ford was short on budget compared to GM, but more importantly they were more conservative. Call today!!! For a start, it's an LTD Landeau, the top trim of LTD for the first year of this new generation. It started in the mid-1960s. Electric Audi RS E-Tron GT Coming to Canada with 590 HP, Unifor, GM Announce Tentative Deal That Includes Truck Production in Oshawa. [15][16] The LTD marked the launch of the rear-wheel drive Ford Panther platform; in stark contrast to the Chrysler R platform, the Panther chassis was completely new from the ground up. Along with the addition of side marker lights and reflectors, the parking lights illuminated with the headlights; front outboard shoulder belts were fitted to cars built effective January 1, 1968. [16] While slightly narrower overall, the body design also led to increased interior and trunk space. The vents in the front bumpers were removed (shifting the license plate mount under the left headlamp) and the sideview mirrors were repositioned (leading to the return of vent windows as an option).


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