figurative language in the medicine bag
One of the hyperboles can be found when Martin’s friends are talking about going to visit Martin’s grandpa and exclaim, “We’re going to see the great indian of Bell View Drive.” "Oh, that's okay.

This here is barren country. l�{��sK����;��F�� n-r��SkK��}���x,S�L:�)I\M��7�8R�Խ �+"����Šm�J��bZф�؇�0H'�!8��[�ǝ�tNp� A�0w�X߶�:���\¿ �Ļ�M��osC*��T��BA�}��Ի(J��%f�+?^.�7a�ܪ}�)�O/��(S�n��˛1�q�fLa��S���Y��B^��2 ���+'��JXOyu��Z����7�. Objectives: To be able to interpret a symbol & distinguish between flat and round & dynamic and static characters. Martin is an average boy, he has many friends and goes to school but he also has an amazing heritage. He held the artifact in his hand and looked at it for what seemed a very long time. However, “nothing bothered Cheryl about bringing her friends to see Grandpa.” This is significant because it shows that Cheryl is perfectly comfortable about allowing people to see her grandpa while also illustrating the fact that she is not embarrassed of him. Martin even admits being afraid of his friends’ reactions when he introduces Grandpa to his friends and thinks “I could tell that he had known all along I was afraid he’d embarrass me in front of my friends.” This reveals the beginning of a transition between the two mindsets, using the mistake to show theme. Martin had a few thoughts on seeing his grandpa walking down the street. This story teaches us to not let what other people think affect what you really care about. Just think, someone I never even met gave his life for me. In the end, Grandpa finishes what he came to Martin’s house for, and he passes down the medicine bag to Martin, as he is the next in line to receive it. 1151 Although it could be argued that the theme is shame, the text actually proves that it is that you should stay close to your family or you will lose some of your culture because Cheryl tried to stay close to her grandpa, and she was very appreciative of her culture. I managed to stay warm enough to survive through a few freezing winter nights because of some blankets I traded beads for.". ", I said "No thanks. I call it ice to make it easier for them to understand. "El camino de Cristo" The man said in a dry voice. To see if he had any miracles left for me. All in all, Sneve uses figurative language in the story in a way that conveys the theme.In conclusion, the theme of “The Medicine Bag” is obviously to not let what others think affect what you love. He tipped up the bottom of the pouch with one hand and several items spilled out into his open hand. Instead of focusing on talking to his grandpa he was self-conscious and thinking about other things.Although the theme could be interpreted as not accepting your culture, the text is actually less about what or who you choose and more about not being afraid of your choice. Afterwards, his feelings about having Grandpa in town goes from his initial reaction of seeing Grandpa, to taking pride in his ancestor. 1 1.2 Understand the most important points in the history of English language and use common Also, as Martin watches his friends, astounded by Grandpa, he thinks, “I was so proud of him.” This exhibits the ending mindset had changed from the one he had at the beginning of the story. Types of Characters. When they get to Martin’s house they find that his grandpa has dressed in formal Native American clothing. Martin is embarrassed about his Sioux Grandpa to his friends, his Grandpa lives on a Native American Reserve by himself, but every summer Martin’s family comes to visit. At the beginning although Martin is rude to his grandpa, he is also very ashamed and embarrassed, and he doesn't seem to purposely be mean to his grandpa. It was kind of different cause this boy was born to a feller and his wife. I asked. My curiosity was aroused. Although Martin did not try to connect to his grandpa, his sister Cheryl was the complete opposite. Similarly, symbols in stories represent or stand for something else by association. Another contributing factor is probably that Martin and his family only visit with him one week out of the entire year. One of the major elements that Sneve used to show that Grandpa and his culture were out of place was imagery. The cattle could be heard rustling around drawn by curiosity of the glow from the small fire. He has a Sioux grandpa who live on a reservation, and he loves to tell many stories of him. Now you must realize that what we call medicine and what the Indians call medicine can be quite different things. As you’re nearing the end Martin becomes more accepting of his friend’s views. "This is ice that never melts. Martin often repeats about how embarrassed his is about his grandpa, showing us that it is one of the core concepts.

—, He believed in hard work, believed that his strength was as ancient as a rock’s.

Then he took out a little cross carved out of wood. It is important to stay close to your family in order to truly accept your culture. I appreciate your help. Jake grew silent again.

He should have been excited. [ 0 0 612 792 ] >> It wasn't like anything I had ever eaten before. It looked as though he had been sent out to wander and die.".

But they have medicine most white men don't believe in. Magic. endobj This could be interpreted as the theme being hope because grandpa gave the medicine bag, a bag that gives you hope that you will be saved somehow but it has to be not taking things for granted because the medicine bag is a great thing that Martin took for granted. CommonLit is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Obviously, while living away from his family's culture he has gotten friends that don't have the same culture as him, so he doesn't feel comfortable showing it to them. But I never saw a mean side of him and he never shirked lending a helping hand. It's Grandpa.” This also shows how he immediately thought about what others would think. --Giving human qualities (the qualities of a person) to nonhumans (usually objects or animals). His friends are mainly influenced by TV and movies making Martin think that his friends won’t see his Grandpa as much “I knew it wasn’t Grandpa that I was afraid they’d laugh at”. Examples of Metaphors in "The Medicine Bag:" ... Personification. Or do you need a bullet from my Colt to clean out your ears? (below). But when he got to town or the crew was feeling boisterous at the chuck wagon, he was as lively and jovial as any. This shows how Martin sees Grandpa, what really sticks out to him, and what he fears people will make fun of him for. As a result, Cheryl helps make people more aware of the Sioux and their culture from hearing her grandpa’s stories. Inside those crates are books that I am taking to the mission at El camino de Cristo.

It represents freedom and the many lives lost in gaining that freedom for our country. When Martin brought his friends to meet his grandpa he writes that, “I could tell that he had known all along I was afraid he’s embarrass me in front of my friends.” This shows that his grandfather was a wise and patient man.


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