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– Colin Stevens’ collection. Initially they were used to equip the three reconnaissance regiments who relied on the car’s small size, speed and mobility to scout ahead before reporting back in person or by radio.

In service photo taken on Cyprus courtesy of RCD Archives.

CANADIAN FERRETS WITH UNKNOWN CAR/CFR NUMBERS, 2005 FGH Reunion photo via Digger MacDougall//, At CFB Petawawa in hanger, Dec 2007 Photo by CMS.

armoured roof. Medium Vehicles 6. A number of Ferrets were saved from the target ranges or rusty oblivion as monuments by various means. An RCD photo “Canada Here We Come” with 54-82508 in the foreground shows appears to be “01” at far end in Cyprus line-up.

Under restoration 2006. This page was last updated: 05-Nov 02:54. (see top photo on this page for normal paint scheme). Note the two vertical wire cutter bars.

I would also appreciate photos of ex-Canadian Ferrets, ideally with identification as to which one it is, and then I can update the data base.

3. Probably by coincidence, this vehicle actually served in UNEF. Private owner. Special thanks to Cpl. MWO Ross Pettit wrote on 2008-03-11 ” I rebuilt that FSC [Ferret Scout Car] when I was posted in Trenton.

Numbers are NOT sequential so one cannot extrapolate to determine a missing number. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Bid for the chance to own a 1959 Daimler Ferret Mark 2 Armored Scout Car at auction with Bring a Trailer, the home of the best vintage and classic cars online. Then to Doug McAvoy in Edmonton? This MAY be unique to 82507.Hard target?

Purchased from SECO by David Cussins who later sold it. Lot #10,635. No CFR found on vehicle. I of the Royal Canadian Dragoons patrolling the Egyptian-Israeli border with UNEF. UNKNOWN, Edmonton?

This vehicle was sold surplus out of Calgary in April 1981 and probably went to the USA (though likely the above launchers were removed years before this.) There may be one of it with Browning MK. Note the Canadian added M-series lights.

Could not scrape for it as vehicle has been restored and has made up markings “54 011” over the driver’s hatch. Hull 464 was one of at least two converted into police armoured car response vehicles. Prices are £6,000 - £9,000 and £15,000 for the Mark 4.

Presentation of new mace to “E” Division RCMP Pipes and Drums, Museums – Giving a Tour & Public Speaking, Canadian Ferrets – all 124 by CAR / CFR    NEW, My former Ferret (36 BA 66 >>>> 54-82598), Ferret 54-82524 sold out of New Mexico and now back with the Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians), Where to find the identity numbers on a Ferret, Canadian Ferrets – all 124 listed by CAR / CFR, Hard Targets (i.e. Canadian War Museum (or DND? - Miniart 35067 -1/35 scale Daimler Dingo MK1B British Scout Armored Car and Crew, - Zvezda 6229 Scout Car Mk.I "Dingo" (Daimler) /british armored car/ 1/100.

It had been a monument at some point with everything welded including the wheel nuts. 450.B._.4 according to a list BUT that CAR 54-82617 was stamped on the hull of 457.B.7.4. 4. 1958 Saladin Armored Car (06 BB 43) more details click on photos to enlarge . Various fittings for UN service including wire cutters and a short-lived anti-grenade cage are well shown, as is the one-off conversion to carry ENTAC anti-tank missiles. RAPCO in Texas, USA had three Ferrets they they sold in Texas. Aviation & Marine 15. http://www.jaylenosgarage.com/your_garage/cars/5449.shtml. The primary role of the Ferret was reconnaissance. Vehicle had disruptive camouflage paint job when bought.

Did it go to West Germany with the ENTAC equipped jeeps? Likely 303.B.2.4 Has North American M Series lights as was often fitted to Canadian Ferrets.

Appears to be in Germany. Hard target? RCAF, Researching a Canadian World War I Veteran, Mounting & Wearing of Decorations, Campaign Stars & Medals – Canada circa 1945, British Columbia Provincial Police 1858 – 1950, BCPP Nominal Roll 1858 – 1950 – Sorted Alphabetically, BCPP nominal Roll – Sorted by Regimental Number, Royal Canadian Mounted Police 1873 – Present, RCMP Change of Command Parade for “E” Division 2011-04-11. Photo appeared in Canadian Army Journal 1965 Vol XIX No 1 p 6.Were any others so converted or just this one? Artillery 9.

I would like to know the CAR/CFR numbers for each of these Ferrets.

The US has no interest in the fact that it’s an armoured vehicle because it is not of American manufacture. Corrections and additions are welcomed. CAR/CFR number stamped into metal, confirmed by Brad Mills 2007 Dec. Funeral Vehicle. Identified as 54-82569 by Darrell Zinck. Reserve Army) and then were recalled and then issued to the Regular Army.

Best Match Time: ... Save this search. BC Dragoons had it on issue in the mid-1950s.

Was for sale in 2007 Spring. British Ferret Armoured Car For Sale (Mk 1, Mk 2 and Mk 4 Big Wheel). The vehicle was repainted for CWM in white with UNEF RCEME markings for display.The CWM has the correct UNEF UN decal on the front right fender but the other markings are unusual.

Although the photo is from a US dealer’s 1983 ad, it shows one of the Ferrets bought directly by the Ontario Regiment. One of 4. Note CAR/CFR number painted inside the fighting compartment. Salvaged from the target ranges at CFB Shilo with permission by substituting an ex-British Army (BATUS?) So far only 2 have both numbers showing.

Interestingly, in the opposite of the normal trend for military vehicles where they first go to the Regular Army and then when replaced go to the Reserves, the Ferret was first issued to Militia units (i.e. Mine and another one close by came from a Mark Sonday near Kenosha, Wisconsin some years ago he acquired 20 something of them from Canada. Inside vehicle during cleanup  Grant found West German money, French match covers, and about 150 - .30 cal links.

Canadian Ferrets – All 124 listed by CAR / CFR Ferret 54-82518 UNEF 1222 1957 July This table below shows all 124 Ferret Scout Cars that were purchased by Canada. Light Vehicles 3. Sold to ___ of Emdonton. May be ex-Canadian as it is an early Mk. They apparently had quite a few Ferrets probably also ex-Rex-Tex. Also found on the front glacis (slope) down on dark green semi-gloss paint is what appears to be shipping information to “25 CANADIAN FORCES SUPPLY DEPOT 6363 NOTRE DAME ST. MONTREAL QUE.

F104 (Confirmed by CMS 2007 Dec) This is the Ferret that was presented to General Radley-Waters and it has the plaque on it.This Ferret was presented to this esteemed war-time armoured officer.

It listed the CAR/CFR, the Base it was released from or went to (e.g. The DND disposal list shows 54-82511 was disposed of from Valcartier. Has a turret now. Designated as a hard target in Aldershot, Nova Scotia but fortunately saved as a gate guardian in Truro, NS. (ower of 464.B.8.4 but is it 54-82559? ), AZ USA SN 299http://www.planesoffame.org/menu.php, 54-82518 UNEF 1222 in Canadian Army United Nations Peacekeeping service in July 1957 near El Quasima. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Current owner not known to me. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Canadian Ferrets – All 124 listed by CAR / CFR, FOR SALE – Firearms & Deactivated Firearms, Letters from William Arnott Stevens to his Grandsons, Documents of Lieutenant Earle Walter HUME, killed in World War I, Photos – Aircraft etc. In 3/4 view, the CAR is painted above the starboard driver’s window. Land Rovers 5. For Sale. 9 of those “sold” went to the Ontario Regiment Museum. His office is 200 yards from the Ferret. WD # 36 BA 66 54-82592 CAPRI also had tower lights but had antenna mount stbd rear and different camo pattern.

http://news.webshots.com/photo/2295716230031780957PIbU. Was called CAPRI while in LdSH(RC).

Default Canada Only North America Worldwide.

Heavy Vehicles 7.

Sold by Allan Kerr of Edmonton to Grant McAvoy of Abbotsford, BC. Now a museum display at CFB Gagetown Museum, New Brunswick. I. Apparently burned at Petawawa, Ontario in between 1959 and Dec 1965. 1961 MK4 British Ferret Armored Scout Car. Sold.

One Mk. ” – Russ Cihlar, USA 2007-04-25) Kenosha is just North of Chicago, IL so these may be the ex-Crown Surplus LdSH Ferrets out of Calgary. more details click on photos to enlarge .

RCMP Musical Ride 2013-08-24 Langley, B.C. They served in Canada for training and occasional security roles include protection during Royal visits and as part of the Infantry Brigade Group in Germany until withdrawn from service in the 1980s. “Ferret Scout Cars were widely used in many countries. 417.B.5.4 Now painted UN white but what is its CAR/CFR?

Very clean Mk 2/3 Ferret armored cars. Photo by Patrick Keenan – Aurora, Illinois USA. Still had correct DND licence plate 82609 fitted. 54-82566 is apparently the one remaining of the 4 which actually was shot up. 3 Israeli Tanks and Combat Vehicles – Steven J. Zaloga, Ontario Regiment – 3 of 9. .. Ferrets run and drive well. 501 was not in UNFICYP so it has to be 601. Believed to have been destroyed as a hard target. (Ref. CFR and SN of his Ferret are not known at this time. … (some are in rough shape, got wet before I could scan them)” “I was posted to Petawawa fall 74 until spring 78. Colin Stevens bought it from him. REFERENCE: Official Canadian Armed Forces document 1981-05-22, 17th Duke of York’s Royal Canadian Hussars (in Quebec)   (7th Reconnaissance Regiment) (Militia, mid-1950s), British Columbia Dragoons (9th Reconnaissance Regiment) (Militia, mid-1950s), The Prince Edward Island Regiment (17th Reconnaissance Regiment) (Militia, mid-1950s), Armour School (Borden) Combat Arms School (Camp Borden then moved to CFB Gagetown), Nanaimo Camp (in BC – 1 Ferret for training – ref. Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. II, with turret, shows up in Canadian markings in Cyprus, but is believed to be a vehicle on loan from the British while a Canadian Ferret was in the British workshop in Cyprus.


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