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Small, isolated groups of non-Spanish-speaking Indians—such as the Jicaque, Miskito (Mosquito), and Paya—continue to live in the northeast, although their numbers are declining. Honduras - Honduras - The people: Honduras has been inhabited since well before the 1st century ce. Destination 360.

The people of Honduras total approximately 7.5 million and are mix of various ethnic groups.

Honduran Americans (Spanish: honduro-americano, norteamericano de origen hondureño or estadounidense de origen hondureño) are Americans or US citizens of Honduran heritage. Some of their works are on display at Tegucigalpa’s National Art Museum.

Examples of Honduran writers include Juan Ramon Molina, Roberto Sosa, Ramon Amaya Amador, and Rafael Heliodoro Valle.

Honduras is a poor country, and the majority of Hondurans work under extremely difficult conditions. Sadly at least 5,000 people were killed and 70% of the country’s crops were destroyed; the damage Hurricane Mitch had caused was estimated at £2 billion.

The code has generally resulted in a higher standard of living for the worker and better operating conditions for business; labour laws are not always strictly applied, however, and some workplaces are substandard. Famous honduran people, biography of famous honduran, famous people from honduran Famous biography wesite list all famous biographies of famous people around the world. Among the things that the Garifuna people are known for are their music and dance.

The country’s natural resources include agricultural lands along the northern coast and interior river valleys, extensive pine forests, and small deposits of silver, lead, zinc, and low-grade iron ore. Examples of artists include two primitivist painters – Jose Antonio Velasquez (1906-1983) and Pablo Zelaya Sierra (1896-1933). Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox.

In 1954 striking banana workers led the trade union movement to one of its most resounding triumphs, which resulted in the promulgation (in 1955) of a labour code that is considered one of the most complete instruments of its kind in Latin America. All Rights Reserved

Thanks! As for America Ferrera, she is an actress and producer who is best known for her leading role as Betty Suarez on the television show Ugly Betty. Steve Van Buren, Rafael Leonardo Callejas, and America Ferrera round out this list of famous Honduran people. Other ethnic groups include the Pech, the Tawahka, and the Miskito, who are all found in the east.

Examples of artists include two primitivist painters – Jose Antonio Velasquez (1906-1983) and Pablo Zelaya Sierra (1896-1933). Many of the other famous people of Honduras were either artists or writers. Destinations • Central America • Honduras • People of Honduras.

Honduras has been inhabited since well before the 1st century ce.

Many of the other famous people of Honduras were either artists or writers. In relation to religion, Honduras is a predominantly Catholic country.

Honduran people occasionally say that theirs is a machista (macho, sexist) country. Visit the North Coast and the Bay Islands, for example, and you will see Garifuna people in strong number, while the southwest is a good place to encounter Lencas. The culture of Honduras is very much influenced by the country’s association with the rest of Latin America and by its multi-ethnic nature.

Among the things that bear his name is the Plaza Morazan in Tegucigalpa. SatchaPretto is an Emmy award-winning journalist for the largest Spanish-language television channel in the United States. Held in May, this annual event is internationally renowned and attracts thousands of Hondurans and foreigners alike to the North Coast. The photographic opportunities are wonderful in Honduras, especially when it comes to the people. The economy is geographically divided between the highlands, where subsistence farming, stock raising, and mining have long dominated, and the lowlands, where plantation agriculture based largely on bananas is the chief occupation. Of mixed American Indian and Spanish descent, they represent an estimated 85-90 percent of the total population. The official language of Honduras is Spanish, and the predominant religion is Roman Catholicism, some two-thirds of the population being adherents. Also worth noting when it comes to the main festivals in Honduras is the La Ceiba Carnival.

There are also cases of sexual harassment of office staff.

A pronounced shift in population took place during the early part of the 20th century from the interior to the hot, humid northern coast, where employment opportunities were provided by the United Fruit Company.

They reside in the southwestern part of the country, particularly in the mountains and valleys that are found near the city of Gracias. Of the total population, about nine-tenths is mestizo (a mixture of Spanish and Indian). This is a result of the colonial era, during which Spain was the overseeing power. 16,923 listeners. With an estimated population of 100,000, the Lenca people comprise the largest major ethnic group of Honduras. A good place to start such a discussion is with Francisco Morazan (1792-1842). This biography of Rafael Callejas provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & timeline. He is currently the president of the Honduras Federacion Nacional Autonoma de Futbol. Some of their works are on display at Tegucigalpa’s National Art Museum.

Many of the major festivals in Honduras are tied to the country’s Catholic identity.

Honduran food is certainly related to Latin American cuisine on the whole, and thanks to the fact that the country borders the sea, you can easily find fresh seafood, especially at coastal eateries. There's at least three artists known as "Horus": 1) A Russian rap artist from Cheboksary. They eventually spread out onto other islands and the Honduran mainland. Find out more about famous Honduran Sportspersons, including Emilio Izaguirre, Maynor Figueroa, Wilson Palacios, David Suazo and Andy Najar. Descendants of Carib and Arawak Indians who mixed with escaped African slaves, they were forcibly transplanted by the British to the Cayman Islands and the Honduran island of Roatan in 1787.

The Garifuna people are the second-largest ethnic group in Honduras and number around 95,000.


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