fallout new vegas build
This will ensure your survival, as long as you dont take on massive groups. Pay close attention to these features so far as they affect your secondary statistics, skills, perks, behavior, and dialogues: The importance of IN is difficult to overestimate. Worth it or nah?!!

Honestly, this may seem like a cheap build, and it is geared more towards PC players. Required fields are marked *. Recon Armor (Sneak +5)

But New Vegas has some changes in skills, for example, Small Guns and Big Guns are now united in the single Guns category. Okay so ive done about 40 playthroughs of all diff play styles and i find two to be the most repeating the first being a gun/ncr game and the other being a energy wep/legion game for both im usually am lvl 40 to 50 before confronting benny for guns/ncr i tag guns surival and repair i focus on accurcy improving and ap reducing perks. Will give you a big amount of effective HP recovery. Honestly, if you want to go full loyalist, prior to the end mission, just murder everyone save vault dwellers. So we created this guide with the most balanced builds for Fallout: New Vegas. etc. -Ruby’s casserole > Cook-cook fiend stew > Wasteland omelet after finishing other DLC. Or use whatever EXPLOSIVE weapons you like. This is what you'll wind up with (unbuffed,) assuming you grabbed all the relevant skill books along the way. Please sign your posts with ~~~~! 1 in Sneak That's right, 1 strength! 13 in Science All perks and traits should complement your style increasing the damage, range, critical hits, and a number of action points. Your tag should be: Speech, Guns, and either Repair or Barter (whichever you prefer for repairing your gear). Thus, with high IN you can raise your skills significantly which means more efficiency in battles, trading, and dialogues. This is one of the few opportunities you can just be a full asshole. You shouldn’t really be getting killed by anything.

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This build focuses on the Cowboy perk with as high crit as possible and ofcourse the lucky magnum to make sure i crit as much as possible. to perform deadly shots in heads is crucial, so you have to invest extra points in AG. Remember that for food and drink, the effects will double at 50 Survival, and triple with 100, with the exception of (Cass's) Moonshine and Ant procurements, which are unaffected. Voltaic Volition 10:09, December 13, 2010 (UTC), Very nice write up! So, you can control what order you distribute points within the level range based on your necessities or preferences, but be sure to keep track of what you are doing.

4 in Survival, 4 Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual 5 Grognak the Barbarian You can tag all of them but we suggest selecting at least one skill from the last tier. This can easily destroy anything. Speech is only for chat-oriented characters. Companions: ED-E and Craig Boone OR Arcade Gannon. You also want high enough crit chance and stealth level to perform deadly melee attacks. The main purpose of it is to let you survive alone in the Wasteland.

Survival is wonderful for true adventurers and, especially, those who play on Hardcore Mode. -Whiskey > Wasteland tequila > Large wasteland tequila (If Cass on party)

It allows you to create so different characters from melee maniacs with iron claws to invisible snipers who can eliminate their victims from afar. Why the hell not? Yes, it’s almost impossible to finish the game without a single kill. With technological advancements, the gaming systems, game mechanics and game engines improved, bringing a broader variety of entertainment to gamers worldwide. For example, lasers are good weapons for each character as well as Comprehension and Educated perks. You don't have to follow this character build to the letter, but there are a few perks and a trait that I recommend that you get, in order to create a super human.

I know your probably thinking that this build doesn't seem like much, but if you get the recommened perks, implants, and all of the skill books including all of the skill books in Dead Money, you will get a very powerful character as you progress through the game.

Also, there is a completely new skill called Survival.

T-45d Power Armor (Strength +2; If planning on using this with guns with 100 skill requirement, you'll need Milsurp Review magazines or Fire ant nectar, to make up for the Agility -2, or the addictive Steady, which negates strength and skill wield requirements on its own, defeating the purpose of wearing this armor in particular.. so I just wouldn't recommend this armor unless dealing with Explosives and/or Energy Weapons.


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