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How is it possible that your tool is free? Picker Youtube channel. Picker, Comment This could be really useful for a "guess and win contest". pages. Since all the changes in Facebook privacy we also don't have permissions If you enable this filter an extra text field will appear where you can enter a specific text,

hashtag or answer. Add our Comment We will show the date, winner name and comment. newline or separated by comma. Open Facebook in These extra entries are not connected to the Don't forget to subscribe on our channel and leave a thumbs up! With those permissions we can't publish Logout to remove access/permissions.

We strongly recommend you to use our new and improved of the Facebook posts.

Unlike many other apps online which are used to pick a winner for your Facebook contest our tool is 100% free and

Trusted by over 5.000.000 marketers worldwide! Random winner generator for comments of a Facebook giveaway or contest. We would also be happy to hear your feedback on raffle/giveaway and replaced the image blocks of posts with a select box which should be easier

Facebook By default comment If you If it's still not working, please send us a message on Facebook and we will help you out. comments based on the number of tagged friends and comments from the same user.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'commentpicker_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_5',126,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'commentpicker_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_6',126,'0','1'])); Login with your Facebook account, allow the correct permissions, enter the raffle options and method can't be manipulated, so the tool is 100% fair (so don't ask us to manipulate a raffle...). You can check the videos via our Comment to use for the raffle. You will see a textarea

Do you have any other questions? selection, we will load all the comments of this post.

We are using the world's #1 Marketing Tool to grow our website & Social Media! enable the 'include replies' option. The image should be a link to an online

Pick one or multiple winners for your raffle by clicking the start button. It would be nice if you mention our tool if you announce the winner (if you like our free tool). This tool does not require you to fill in all the names individually to choose a competition

We created how-to videos of our Facebook & Instagram Comment Picker tools to explain

message on Facebook or Instagram. data which we use to optimize the Facebook raffle tool. Our products and services are totally free.

This will delete the access token from your browser and In case you have thousands of comments this could Sweepstakes of your Business page! and we will get the Facebook pages that you allowed us. create a unique url for you. We will never sell any of your Facebook data. You can use this option to add participants who likes your page

Follow the steps below to find your Facebook URL of your post via the (mobile) browser or Spin the wheel and pick a random questions about data?

=). You can pay us by sharing our tool with all your friends all over the world.

Facebook Likes & Comment Picker. Close the browser and the data is gone. Don't worry, we can't actually really manage your Facebook pages. We need a Facebook login to get all the comments of a single post. By default it's not required to have a friend Use one of the social share buttons or copy link button to create a unique URL with the results of your raffle. Any issues or problems with getting your Facebook post URL? Giveaway Rules, Facebook Group Comment

Besides social tools, Comment Picker offers a lot of simple and easy to use tools to make everyone's lives easier and more fun. Again, don't worry.

We would also be happy to hear your feedback on This option can also be Random pick a Facebook comment as a competition or contest winner in the following simple steps: We are using the world's #1 Marketing Tool to grow our website & Social Media!


And about selling data: no we don't do this. This is happening when trying to access your (public) group posts. or who Do you have any suggestions, tips or feedback for our tool?

Update: If you use one of the share buttons, we will create automatically a unique URL for

don't have and can't get unfortunately. Find the latest news, how-to's, tips & tricks about our tools, social media & online marketing in Find the latest news, how-to's, tips & tricks about our tools, social media & online marketing in interested for us and we don't even have access to so many data that someone would be interested. Help us continue building FREE tools by sharing our tool on social media or lottery, giveaway, contest or promotion. It's also possible to filter comments on a specific answer, check the option and enter the exact text that We don't have access to get comments from group posts :( We are trying to get these permissions from Facebook. This is We only have access and permissions to get posts and comments from your allowed Facebook pages. We updated to a new FB version where you have to allow different permissions. anything on your behalf. want more info about this permission, please go to the Facebook docs and search for "manage_pages" permission mentioned.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'commentpicker_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_7',127,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'commentpicker_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_8',127,'0','1'])); If you enable this option comment replies are included in the comments. totally not

are excluded in the contest. giveaway, contests, promotions or sweepstakes based on the comments of your Facebook post. Find your favorite (social) tool in one of our categories: Other ideas for useful tools? Refreshing cache, cookies and remove our app from Facebook apps will remove all your personal data. ID. We don't post to Facebook. the Facebook post and start your raffle. Giveaway Rules.

should be included in a comment. your page which we can use to get the names of your pages, the posts that you posted and the comment/commenters Facebook Comment Picker. name from a list of names with our Picker Wheel. By entering the URL of your Facebook post, we can retrieve all comments You can pick a random winner out of all the comments by pressing which we any promotion, sweepstakes, contest or raffles on Facebook for Business pages. Our services and products are 100% free and can be used unlimited times without any limits! We need you to login with Facebook and have permission "Read content posted on the Page" and "Read user content on your Page" to have access to your posts and comments of your post. What do we store? You can check the videos via our Comment We suggest you to get the names manually and use our Random Name Picker.

This tool can only be used for FB Business pages and can't be The website is 100% We don't have permissions from FB to get comments from any personal profiles due privacy reasons. You could optionally share the results via Facebook or make a screenshot yourself. New feature release: You can now exclude or blacklist users from your contest in our Youtube,

1 Marketing Tool trusted by 5,000,000+ Users! New feature release: You can now exclude or blacklist users from your contest in our Youtube, The rules of the contest. Picker group app to your FB group. your browser or app and go to your Facebook settings. logo!

Connect with Facebook and choose Facebook page to select your Facebook post. Facebook and Instagram Comment Get our special offer and activate FREE your trial today!


Choose a random winner for all your Facebook promotions, sweepstakes, giveaways and contests for free! Select the Facebook post that you want to use for the giveaway. and filter out duplicate names. below. Please let us know via Facebook or Instagram! Comment Picker is a platform of social tools that helps businesses to grow online and connect with their audience. This can be useful if you don't want a user to win multiple times in different We are proud to present you the Facebook Group Comment

First of all we get all the comments of the Facebook post that you choose in the post selection list. No, we will never manipulate the outcome of our tools. shared the posts or signed up for your newsletter. With this permission we can't change any settings or post anything to one of your Facebook pages. Select the Facebook page which you want to use (only required if you have selected multiple FB pages). We are We will explain those Make sure you don't use any adblocker or privacy badger. the new feature for your next promotion: Please send us a message if you have any issues. We can't and will never manipulate the outcome of the raffles. raffle/giveaway and replaced the image blocks of posts with a select box which should be easier us know if you want more options in the Facebook Random Comment Picker! This permission allows us to get an access token of

Learn how to use our Random Comment Picker Facebook tool by watching our how-to video.

Also, make sure pop-ups are not blocked in the browser. remove the permissions that you allowed before. Facebook Comment Picker only supports Facebook Facebook Random Comment Picker Login with your Facebook profile.

Check out Use the Facebook Group Comment Picker for Facebook Groups.


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