f5000 chassis for sale
To Jeff Gentry 1997 - Ken Constandine 1999 - Mark Butters 2001 - Richard  Lasselle (Saratoga Springs, NY) Nov 2004. It was sold to Gordy Oftedahl (Minneapolis, MN), but remained in F5000 specification with roll cage, so is not the car he entered in Can-Am. However, some parts of the tub may have been reusable and the chassis plate also survived. Tony Galbraith in his newly-acquired Lola T332 at Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park at Taupo in January 2018. Sold to Mike Allen (to replace HU46) and raced in Can-Am in 1979 (5 races, debut Road America 22 Jul), 1980 (4 races) and 1981 (3 races).

Raced by Obialero at the major historic meetings at Road America in July 2008, July 2009, July 2011, July 2012, July 2013, July 2014, July 2015, July 2016, July 2017 and July 2018. My thanks to Martin Krejci, Gerr Measures, Doug Waters, Randy Zimmer, Peter Austin, Fabrizio Bologna, Ron Lampley, Todd Reiners, RJ Nelkin, Michael Duncan, Marc Rauchfuss, Jay Braffett, Johan Woerheide, Richard Fried, Bryan Miller, Jim Gustafson, Phil Myers, Dick Lasselle, Jim Snelling, David Colpak, Kent Painter, Pete Brennan, Jim Rollins, Marcus Pye, Neil Glover, Dudley Cunningham, Stephen Murphy, Jeffrey Parsons, Randy Wright, John Korn and Todd Gerstenberger for their helping in getting this far. Used with permission.

Used with permission.

In 1981, the first of the Frissbee-Lolas appeared: all cars with Lola or replica Lola chassis plus Frissbee bodywork kits acquired from Brad Friselle Racing or 'bootleg' copies. By mid-2014, it had been acquired by an Australian, who has asked that his ownership of the car is not publicised. "Chassis #37" advertised in Victory Lane November 1991 from Burbank, CA "ground up restoration". Seatbelt, fire..... LolaT642e Formula Ford built in 1983 as an update to the successful 640 FF of 1982. Ted Arnold's Riley-bodied Lola T332 Can-Am car. He was back for the opening race of the 1978 season, at Road Atlanta, but crashed in practice and the car was written off. Meyer wrote off that car, then bought a second Spyder NF-11, only to write that one off as well. Raced by Bennett at the WeatherTech International Challenge at Road America in July 2018. Used with permission. Still owned by Dick Lasselle in November 2017.

Subsequent history unknown.

Cusumano crashed the car at St. Louis, the fifth round of the 1985 series, presumably in practice as he does not appear on the grid sheet or in results. Copyright Kevin Thomson 2011. For Sale.

John Morton in the CGI Racing Frissbee at Mid-Ohio in 1982. All and any help would be gratefully received.

It was eventually acquired by Shayne Windelburn (Auckland, New Zealand) from O'Brien in July 2005. Racing team in 1979, initially as spare car. John David Briggs ain his T332 at Laguna Seca in 1975 or 1976. The original tub was repaired and sold as a spare tub at the same time as the complete HU38(B). Used with permission. Copyright Alan Cox. Hogan Racing (St. Louis, MO): US 1974 for David Hobbs (five races: won its first race R2 Mosport 16 Jun, also a third and a fourth); US 1975 for David Hobbs (eight starts: best of third at Mid-Ohio) and Jody Scheckter (one race: Long Beach). The F5000-spec T332 was sold quickly to John Kalagian who built a "bootleg" Frissbee with the car and raced it in Can-Am in 1982 (full season).

Graeme Lawrence (NZ) for Tasman 1974 (first seen Levin 6 Jan 1974); New Zealand Gold Star December 1974; Tasman 1975; Tasman 1976; Gold Star Oct/Nov 1976; Australian Internationals 1977 - Terry Hook (Aus) Australian Internationals 1978, Australian Internationals 1979; heavily crashed at a club event at Lakeside 21 Jun 1981.

This would be the T332-spec spare car used by Ongais alongside his new T332C in the US series in 1976. Repaired and presumably Noyes' primary car at Pocono (US R1) and Mosport (US R2) where Noyes crashed. Still owned by Champlin in April 2015 when it was on display in the Donington Museum.

Kirt Bennett's Lola T332 in 2018.

The identification of at least one of the 1976 T332Cs is tentative: Shirey's car is probably HU57.

A mystery car bought from Mark Rose (Fort Worth, TX) in 1983 by Scott Cattell (Sebastopol, CA), who started a long-term restoration. Retained by Reimer 2005 but in very poor condition. |  Sitemap   It does comes with all body work and a new nose cone, the original Kitchiner factory mould is also present. Raced by Briggs raced in the US in 1976. As the car Bob Danzi acquired from the team for 1981 is now firmly identified as the older 1979 Prophet', we can be confident that it was this newer 1980 Prophet that was "Frissbee-ized" for 1981.

Graham Earl's Lola T332 as he acquired it from Chris Perkins in 2007. He raced the car in US vintage racing from 2005 onwards.

Raced at Mid-Ohio June 2014. For 1981 the Caplan team abandoned the Prophet design, and had the 1980 Prophet "Frissbee-ized". The 'fresh Falconer engine' is the same phrase as used by Woltring when he advertised his own car in April 1983. F5000 Cars For Sale Formula 5000 Members can post Ads to sell their cars in this space at no cost . Copyright Dan Wildhirt 2010. Appeared also at Road America July 1997, but did not start. Copyright Bill Peters 2001. The next name in the log book is that of Stanley E. Siegel (Orange, CA). Built new for 1981 using a T333 monocoque that John Morton had acquired from Cooke-Wood Racing.

It is just amazing, such a long list of components on the rebuild including the zero hour motor, that is just the tip of the iceberg!

These histories last updated on

The car was rebuilt and rented to Phil Compton (Dallas, TX) for the Dallas Can-Am race in July 1984. Great Canadian racer great career! In 1981, John Morton bought "all of Roy Woods Racing's Lola 332 stuff", which included a T333 tub and a brown F5000 Lola T332 as well as a huge amount of parts. Gordon Johncock in Patrick Racing's Lola T332 HU44 at Road Atlanta in 1975. For the car now fitted with HU43's Hewland gearbox, see the Hogan/Haines car. READY NOW! Pictures of the car at Mosport 20 Aug 1978 (#9 Kelly) and at Mosport 2 Jun 1985 (#27 Gustafson) are on the Racing Sports Cars site and show that it had retained its Riley bodywork in 1985. Here is "one of the two" correct Mike Hailwood Lola T190 chassis'. Likely to be the "ex-Andretti" car raced by Rocky Moran: Can-Am 1978 (five races: debut Watkins Glen 9 Jul 1978); Can-Am 1979 (three races but Moran also had the ex-Briggs T332CS that season); Can-Am 1980 (four races).

Charlie Kemp in his Sprite-liveried Lola T332 at Laguna Seca in 1979. The fate of the tub is known but will not be disclosed at this point. That is now known to be the ex-Randolph Townsend Spyder, built on Lola T332 HU48.

Raced in the Support Class at the Formula One Grand Prix at Albert Park in Australia. Intended for Townsend at R9 Laguna Seca 14 Oct 1979 but taken over by Keke Rosberg for the race, finishing 6th).

Copyright © Allen Brown Sold to Adrian Whapham (NZ) in 1994 or 1995 and raced in historics in New Zealand - Stan Redmond (Christchurch, NZ) by 2001 (still wearing the HU16 chassis plate). Raced 1975 in UK Shellsport Formula 5000 series by Ian Ashley for owner Richard Oaten. Reimer died in March 2012 at the early age of 59.

The car was still with Leonard Janke in April 2017. Whether he ran this second car in F5000 or whether it was only acquired when Don Breidenbach started to run as his team mate in 1977 remains unclear. It also provided the basis of the T333 Can-Am design and the successful Frissbee, Schkee and Prophet Can-Am cars.

For 1968, the SCCA opened up Formula A to stock block engines of up to five litres, thus allowing in the 302ci Chevrolet engine that had been introduced for the SCCA's Trans-Am series. He won a SCCA National at Brainerd in July 1977, and advertised the car and its spare tub from Minneapolis, MN in May 1978. Paul Zazryn in his Lola T332 at Phillip Island in March 2016. The new Lola T332 of Graeme Lawrence at Teretonga Park in January 1974. A/F5000 Cars and parts for sale Main page For Sale: For Sale McLaren F5000 M10B . The rebuilt car has been raced by Smith in the series every season from 2012/13 to 2017/18.

This would be the #61 Lola T332 raced by Simpson at the Chicago Historic Races at Road America 31 Jul 1988, and also the #51 Unser Lola T332 that was at the Walter Mitty Challenge in the late 1980s. Still in Johan Woerheide's garage in May 2014. Steinhardt restored the car to open-wheel configuration and raced it in US vintage racing from 2002 onwards.


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