essbase calc script documentation
To use an environment variable in a calculation script, insert the dollar sign ($) character before the environment variable name. Figure 105, Relationship Between Members of the Market Dimension, Figure 106, Calculation of Variance and Variance %.

Also see Using Two-Pass Calculation. For example, in the Sample.Basic database, the following formula copies Actual values to Budget values: You can use the FIX command to copy a subset of values. Relational Modeling After you execute a calculation script, you can check the results of the calculation in Smart View or Spreadsheet Add-in. You can, however, define a calculation script for use with multiple databases. To use a substitution variable in a calculation script, the substitution variable must be available to the calculation script. If necessary, perform other operations on the calculation script.

For example, in Sample.Basic, to calculate Qtr1 as the current quarter: Create a substitution variable for the current quarter (&CurQtr) and assign it the value Qtr1, Create a calculation script that uses the &CurQtr substitution variable. When you use an interdependent formula in a calculation script, the same rules apply as for the IF statement. The EXCLUDE command has some restrictions. Compared to using other methods to export data, using a calculation script has the following advantages and disadvantages: Supports multiple targets: flat files, relational databases, and binary files, Provides options for type, format, or data, As part of a calculation script, can be deployed in a batch process, Can be very fast when the dynamic calculation export option is not used because DATAEXPORT directly accesses Kernel storage blocks in memory, Provides, through binary export/import, a faster way to back up and restore data because the compressed format used by binary export requires less storage for the export files, Can be used as a debug tool to trace batch calculation results by using the DATAEXPORT command before and after other calculation commands to track data changes, Contains limited data formatting options compared to Report Writer formatting, Works with stored members and Dynamic Calc members only, with no support for attribute members and alias names, Not supported for aggregate storage databases, Cannot export data directly to the client. Following is the calc script code snippet that can be used to FIX on all level 0 Account members except restricted members: @REMOVE( @LEVMBRS( "Account", 0 ), @LIST( @RELATIVE( "FCCS_System Account", 0 ),@RELATIVE( "FCCS_Drivers", 0 ),@RELATIVE( "FCCS_Ratios", 0 ),@RELATIVE( "Exchange Rates", 0 ) ) ). When using environment variables in calculation scripts, follow these guidelines: Must consist of alphanumeric characters or underscores (_), Cannot include nonalphanumeric characters, such as hyphens (-), asterisks (*), and slashes (/), Cannot exceed 320 bytes (for Unicode-mode and non-Unicode mode applications), May contain any character except a leading dollar sign ($). Reviewing the Process for Creating Calculation Scripts. Selector FIX On All Members of a Dimension Except Restricted Members. JExport MDX scripts Articles Related Documentation / Reference Calculation Commands > DATAEXPORT Essbase - Export Essbase Calc Script is the language available to you to write your own custom business logic in Financial Consolidation and Close.

Data Processing The following example creates budget sales and expense data from existing actual data.

Dynamic calculation will be done while we retrieve the data from Essbase.


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