essay that got me into harvard
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The other boy spent his early mornings reading the newspaper. Ethnicity: Asian Late evening rays streamed through these sprawling glass panes, casting a gentle glow upon all that they graced—paper and canvases and paintbrushes alike. What separates Bobby’s essay from a well-written story, however, is the subtextual narrative it provides the reader.

Together, we   formulated theoretical optimization models, created distribution schematics, and tested  our assumptions through field interviews, all while collaborating across the Pacific. Why was I curious about this thing or how did I take this knowledge and apply it? Is there anything about this you would change or tweak, or generally, do you feel like, “this was pretty good?”. At first, I was worried about the result, as I had never ordered an essay before, but the writer returned my essay a day before the deadline. Gender: Male For some people, they might focus on maybe a couple of key experiences and go deeper, do you have a perspective on which strategy works better on which circumstances?

The Crimson's news and opinion teams—including writers, editors, photographers, and designers—were not involved in the production of this content. My author turned out to be a true professional with good punctuality. We’ll post a bunch of additional content below. So, in this paragraph here, I wrote a little bit of details on what I studied, but more importantly, I tried to connect it back to why that’s relevant for me as a student. Major: Neurobiology. Major: Environmental Science and Public Policy. I remember the feeling I had when we were working that 6AM morning when I woke up in Hong Kong and how I felt about this work project Most times we have this habit of starting the story right at the very beginning, but for a reader, especially an ad-com committee person who’s going to just jump right into it, that build up often takes too long. High School: Private boarding school, 170 students in graduating class. Losing every single one of our belongings by theft and storage unit auctions, including my 202 cars, showed my family that the intangible things that got us through hardship are everlasting. This author showcases a very distinct claim over language. I’m expanding on that a little bit here to talk about how I’m actually a very ambitious person, I actually want to effect large scale social change through business. So to be fair, our founders of College Compass, Tony Ngo and Don Le, will do something deeply personal: we will do an essay review series where Don and Tony share their own essay that got them into Harvard and Stanford.

This time, I will not need a time machine to find the answers I am seeking. High School: Private, 100 Graduating Class A devastating cyclone had just hit the people of Burma, a thuggish ruling junta was causing havoc in their lives, and the young boy had to know about it. I deliberated. ACT: 30 Hidden behind that short statement is my journey of discovering where I belong. This is what I really needed. While the essay overall reads smoothly, it could benefit from the simplification of some phrases and sentences. Extracurriculars: Cohead of the all-male acapella group, captain of the varsity track and field team, class president, member of Disciplinary Committee, proctor in the dormitory, peer counselor for rising sophomores, president of the Black and Hispanic Association. And that’s when I realized the most important quality of my favorite teachers: passion. I try to make one phrase to tie it back to the overall theme of me waking up at 6AM in Hong Kong. It’ll be interesting for me to see what I wrote at that age and how I thought about the world. Ethnicity: White My young adolescent ears drank in the raw, chaotic beauty, an echo of the pain of the past. I think for many students, especially at the undergraduate level, you’re applying to many different number of programs. It was a routine that jump-started every morning: grinding the oh-so-slightly toasted beans into an aromatic dust, blanketing the bottom of the glass vessel, listening to the kettle whistle on the stove, and then submerging the roast to create a bold espresso. Perhaps the most prominent facet of Bobby’s essay is the use of imagery. So I really only mention it as a quick supporting point back to the overall academic experience. We will help you comprehend the subject and get to a higher academic level. Essentially, here is the summary of my overall positioning statement with regards to my academics. “I just love the pasta salad at La Madeleine.”. We hope that this detailed review will be useful and help you craft more compelling essays that stand out during the admissions process. “Born in Bulgaria, lived in California, currently lives in Bulgaria” is what I always write in the About Me section of an Internet profile. At school, it’s a habitual farewell between friends. So I highlight that point here, but then I showcase here how I think I’m a good fit for the Harvard Business School environment which really emphasizes discussing case studies and how I’m already very familiar discussing with classmates these types of situations. Instead, they complement each other in me, whether it be through incorporating English words in my daily speech, eating my American pancakes with Bulgarian white brine cheese, or still having difficulty communicating through gestures (we Bulgarians are notoriously famous for shaking our heads side to side when we mean “yes” and nodding to mean “no). But, she must have figured, to each her own. As a child raised on two continents, my life will be defined by the “What…?” question. I did probably 20-30 drafts of this essay through a 6-month period, so I feel pretty good about it. The essay also showcases Ariel’s mastery of cadence—making good use of the em-dash and colon—and her willingness to experiment with prose as she spells out her capital-T Truths. With this being said, this essay could have benefitted from more direct insight into Chad’s personality. SAT: Reading 800, Math 800, Writing 800

No, it was not so clean and not so white and not so nice. We’ll have to wait and see. Find the support and assistance you can always count on. If you try to create a victory where there isn’t really one, you run the risk of sounding insincere.

Don: Looking at this essay now, obviously it’s been a number of years and you applied into business school in 2005-2006, right Tony? Extracurriculars: Tennis player, coordinator and volunteer in the Youth Parliament (non-governmental organization), class president and member of the student council, editor in chief of the high school newspaper. It sat right behind me in class.

The story has a complete narrative arc, with a definite beginning, middle, and end. Instead, I got Spencer, who thought class was a good time to train his basketball skills by tossing crumpled speeches into the trash can from afar. ACT: n/a I believe in life’s greater Truths, like Love and Justice. Throughout the essay, she maintains an emotional authenticity that doesn’t feel sappy, which can be a delicate line to tread. The other knew his way around a World Book encyclopedia set, even at the expense of social crucifixion. Tony: Yeah!

I shaped the rest of my Stanford education in a similar fashion.

Over the years, we’ve helped many students get into the college of their dreams.


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