essay on students get limited access to the internet
Because of many popular search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., when student have a test, they could use these search engine to cheating easily or they send messages to ask each other. Why Internet Access Must Be Limited To Students. 2015 “How Liberals Ruined College.” The Daily Beast, The Daily Beast Company, 11 May 2015, However, the cheating can still happen in several ways that are out of the control. Find paragraph, long and short essay on Internet for your Kids, Children and Students. Many would argue that students are already too heavily restricted from seeing the political right’s point of view, but I feel it should be restricted further. another case is even lead to death because of playing video games on the internet too long is the case of students name Chuang in Taiwan playing video game almost two day without eating and finally he collapsed and die according to Daily mail newspaper. As Self-Service says, Everything is bad. They like to spend their games and games and study sitting on the LED screens of the above-mentioned devices. Students could relax and playing during learning on internet. They have forgotten the art of reading books, comics, listening to stories from grandparents, writing letters to. It restricts the rights of a student if he or she is unable to watch adult material. However, access to such material shouldn’t be restricted when a student uses college Wi-Fi. There is an arcticle in 2018, told that it is a student named Nguyen Thi Minh Anh in Viet Nam, Hanoi go to mental hospital because she spend too much time online to Facebook and now she is in the process of treatment according to Zing newspaper. Should Students get Limited access to the Internet. In my argumentative essay I discuss if the Internet should be limited to students. Feelings are not the most important thing on the planet, and students need to understand this, which they may not if they see right-wing material. Once again, make outdoor activities for students make them interact each other to be able to create a better world and not be negatively affected by the internet. Ashley Kenpper (2018) said “If we can limit their access to the internet, or even turning it off during tests, could increase the students’ attention in school and possibly help them achieve better grades“. But it is already extremely limited It is restricted from accessing illegal activities websites and parents do not allow their kids to see any kind of voicing thing.

Latimes, 2016, “Professors are overwhelmingly liberal. With limited internet access, students who get bullied can have some piece of mind while at school. Should students be completely banned from taking the right view of things? Failure to do so is certainly a consequence.

Students can According to Catalin Cimpapu (2017) “In November, the FBI arrested a former University of Iowa student for hacking his alma mater and changing grades on 90 different occasions”. The internet access must be limited to students if we want to school as safe place to learn for student, their research will be really safe and they will focus more on learning and what happens on social networking sites will not hurt

the students use inter net from the morning till night before bed or get out of bed and not to pay attention to the family make some student hardly to talk with their family because they are always online on the internet and get addict to it so they losing their focus to study . According to Kalaya Daraha (2013), “over 50 percent of those who had used the Internet for less than 1 year play a sport game (51. What’s more, for children with mental disabilities, it may give them an alternative way of achieving something. The internet is praise as a tool to meet people and develop relationships but if students’ attention is too much in social network and lack of face to face communication in the real world, it will have a negative impact on their life. 4%)”. You cannot copy content from our website. Internet Essay for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and higher classes. The current generation of students use computers to complete their. Plus, people may become a little odd if they are not exposed to any sort of adult material, and they may be surprised when they see the real thing. Therefore, changing and develop access internet can raising their awareness and prevent this problem cheating when taking a test.

If you need this sample, insert an email and we'll deliver it to you. If a social media platform is not a strong leftist believer, then that social media platform may have been infected by right-wing brainwashing and is therefore damaging to a student’s mental health. Best educational portal - worldwide students help, Each Student Must Have The Right To Pick Only Those…, The Advantages and Disadvantages of The internet. In my argumentative essay, I discussed that the Internet should be limited to the students.

Growing up reliably states that young people are related to growing up soon and should be brainwashed, but then say that they cannot be trusted with the greater responsibility of using the Internet. This shows that physical impact is also important for students. After all, students are adults, and adult reproductive acts are common with students. It can enable struggling kids to visit sites like the a classroom crash course, thus helping more young people understand what is happening at school.

Student’s freedoms of expression are at risk if a student is unable to see people conducting the act of love. There is no reason to deny that this boom effect of the IT revolution has had its effect. Students cannot succeed in their studies and control their mental if we don’t take action on their access to the internet. Students are already restricted to mostly leftist reading and research material, but this should be stretched further to ensure no right-wing or middle-political website is available at all. The Internet is one of the best open surges of information and learning. Internet should be limited to students It should be limited because if students will use it more they will skip there meal and etc Parents should also keep a cheak on their children when they are doing work at home. They has raised that most crimes related to rape are caused by the internet and victims are usually women of school age. Students use the Internet as much as they like and become more passive and do not become other interesting things. Student use internet so much and affect from the bad websites. Here are some serious cases to warn that the internet must be limited to student for the government. The human expression of sexuality shouldn’t be removed from the college campus. Powers, Kirsten. Choose your writer among 300 professionals! This may also include restrictions on certain social media platforms. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. They have no peace of mind.

If students are able to go online and see a right-wing opinion, then they may start believing that being right-wing is the best. Would you like to have an original essay? Not only can you use the Internet for communication, business, banking or entertainment, but you can also use it for education and research. Katherine Kam (2007) said that “While sexual predators have targeted children in chat rooms, they migrate to wherever young people go online” and they pretend to have the same hobbies with these students and become friend with them and finally have a lot of Missing and Exploited young students case in Alexandria, Virginia. For example, many students study in their college dorms, and they shouldn’t be restricted from seeing adult material in their college dorms. One of the biggest problems we have to limit on the internet is to waste students time. In my argumentative essay, I discussed that the Internet should be limited to the students.

The Internet is one of the best open surges for information and learning. With workplaces we won't need reading material or cover, instead, we will just have PCs and tablets and that will save huge money. The Internet is already restricted in college campuses. Student can’t fall to porno websites, videos on internet when they researching the information. Even nowadays, online sessions are being registered for courses or exams, which make the Internet an essential part of a student's. (Latimes, 2016). The technology is much better than ever. The world wide web offers a lot to anyone in … Teachers and parents should teach children the art of using the Internet wisely.


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