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Level 10 - which is retraining of extra 5* heroes seems unappealing to me, and I likely will not level up that far. It is also better than TC 19 because it only uses one recruit. Essentially the Hero Academy becomes another TC19. Created Jul 1, 2016. And there's no guarantee it's a great hero. The Alchemy Lab was first announced in December, 2018 and was released in June 2019 along with several other new advanced buildings. Even then, I have doubts about whether it is worthwhile, but for some people it may be. However, the best use I can identify is the iron storage and 3* rare troop training hack. When you have a HA-10, you can afford to have one of these cooking all the time and maybe get lucky enough to pull a superhero. Thanks in advance. Guardian Panther.

Threw him back and got Perseus. This trick also can be used with Level 4 of the Hero Academy, but you are only training 2* Uncommon troops. Level 10 gives Season 1 five star heroes at 95% chance. Do I understand correctly that I can run multiple HA6's while simultaneously continuing to level up HA to 10 if I so desire? My guess is that hero academy will be a like elemental summons rather then hotm. Yes, that's a good point - 2 recruits needed in TC19 vs. 1 in HA1. A full team consists of 5 heroes.

Level 6 of the Hero Academy lets you train RARE 3* troops.

That's 150 xp per recruit, 150 xp per minute, and 30 xp per 1k food. Well maybe 9 minutes was wishful thinking, but good catch. Here's what you will need in order to get the Hero Academy all the way to Level 10: The amount of time and iron & food it will take to level up all those buildings is enormous.

It may give me a small chance of getting a hero I don't have, but whether it would add good value to any of my teams is a different story. However, the likelihood of getting one of the desirable rare heroes is miniscule. Guardian Owl. I've been reading the comments, and some of you complaining about the cost and if it's worth building. I wasnt big on alchemy lab, but I built it anyway. Guardian Kong.

Point being if I had known then what I know now, I'd have 5 lvl 29 Mana troops at least. Didn't have him so its a keeper. Hero Academy: Level 10 plus Research Costs in food.

In addition for free to play (FTP) Empires & Puzzles players, the Hero Academy might be good, even to level 10 as a chance to get more rare 5* heroes. Houses: Enough housing capacity for 300 recruits. I need to retrain some 5 star hero duplicates that will never get fed. I even level 3 Isarnia to 80.. when I have nothing else to do! I don’t keep to level doubles of any hero, so this works for me. For someone who is trying to rank in tournaments, this likely is not a viable strategy. Will update if anything changes. I've got enough great 5* heroes at this point in the game that the value of HA10 for me is pretty low.


Used level 10 to recycle an extra Leonidas. Personally my TC2 / TC19 churn out all the feeders I need, so there's no point to cranking out trainers. Level 10 of the Hero Academy is very expensive to operate in terms resources, and time consuming, and for most players is a complete fail. Even then with all the new Valhalla heroes that further reduces the value of HA10 for me. Those are pretty difficult to come by, as the only other way to get them is through the 10% chance provided by Epic Troop Summons, or the 1.7% chance provided by the Daily Summon. Personally I’ve been running constant trainer heroes in this thing s once I got the building to 10 and I’m loving it.

Believe it or not, I never got Marjana, but have 5 Sartanas.

The official subreddit for the exciting mobile game "Empires & Puzzles". What building to convert to hero academy? The official subreddit for the exciting mobile game "Empires & Puzzles". Once I have the food storage fully leveled, I'll run HA10 once in a while, but still feel it's a waste of a lot of food etc. I was neglectful of my troops in general at the beginning of my playing to the point that I'm only holding 2 lvl 23 Mana troops and I'm approx 3 years into game (or is it 2 years lol).

Some player reaction has judged the Hero Academy as being a poor solution to the problem of duplicate heroes. I leveled up crit 4* instead of mana like a noob lol. There are some duds with those to be certain. For everyone else, probably not, in general.

On balance, I would not build the Hero Academy just for this strategy alone, since it is not a big improvement on TC19. I can't belive they announced the hero academy 12 months ago and still no one knows what it is. Press J to jump to the feed. Same with Hero Academy, a surplus of heroes can be converted into new ones. First, level up your Hero Academy to level 6. Another strategy for using the Hero Academy is training Common 1* heroes. The best use if you are going to go through the time and expense of leveling it up is to focus on Level 6 and use it to get 3* RARE troops using the hack / strategies found above. For now, I've been doing the HA6 strategy for troops and occasionally HA1 if I want quick 1* feeders. The chance of each rarity of trainer heroes from Beta at 501 tries: 1 star: 265 (52.9%)2 star: 189 (37.7%)3 star: 44 (8.8%)4 star: 3 (0.6%). Let’s see how that rolls out.

RN, I have my other Mana troops stuck at 21, 21, and 17 (got my only ice Mana troop about 18 months into the game) my ice crit is @21 and done there for now as I continue to move up the Mana ice troop. I'm personally loving the HA6 TIP/TRICK you've paid out. BE CAREFUL!

If I retrain a 4* troop does it loose its level?

It seems like I have to convert a farm or a mine to get the hero academy and a forge at the same time. Trade? Whether the Hero Academy adds much to your Empires & Puzzles power really depends on your style of play. Build the thing and then take a roll on HA10 once a month to see if you get something worth it out of it.


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