elmo reaction meme

However, as is often the case with memes, users sometimes add other characters or text to "Elmo Rise," with one popular version featuring SpongeBob SquarePants. Origin. Check out a selection of photos below: It's not an event until Philly Elmo shows up. Proceed with caution.

The image has been most commonly used as a reaction image to respond to shocking news or powerful lyrics.. I argue there is one perfect GIF to communicate all the in-between, ambivalent emotions you may feel working for an unfeeling corporation: Elmo on fire. If your off-the-cuff workplace chats got subpoenaed tomorrow, traces the beginning of the Elmo-on-fire meme.

It pops up often on social media, sometimes as a reaction gif.

Know Your Meme traces the beginning of the Elmo-on-fire meme to a cake decoration. Personally, though, when I send Elmo in a world on fire to colleagues, I am letting the GIF convey my “Ahhhhhh!” for me when I cannot say the words out loud. They cannot always encompass all your feelings about work neatly or professionally in a group channel that bosses can see. The bulging eyes and crackling flames place Elmo ambiguously between excitement, anticipation and fear, a messy place of emotions in which anxious workers often dwell. Marry me. Related: The Origin Of The Spider-Man Pointing Meme. PNG & GIF BASE. The best GIFs persuade you to believe the more you watch them, and a puppet on fire is instantly legible, no captions necessary. I, as your colleague, cannot promise that you will have a job tomorrow, but I can promise that I will be there with you to help you face that uncertain future together. One Twitter user even pointed out the scene was reminiscent of one of Bane and Batman's fights in The Dark Knight Rises. She especially loves female-driven shows like Parks and Recreation, Jane the Virgin, and Fleabag. Elmo’s tiny hands are raised upward, beckoning the world to come closer to the fire. If your off-the-cuff workplace chats got subpoenaed tomorrow, as they once were for Gawker employees, would you be prepared to defend them?

An essential daily guide to achieving the good life, This GIF is perfect because words can fail. In photos shared by various Twitter users, a person wearing an Elmo costume head stands in front of a burning object with his fist in the air, making the "Elmo Rise" meme come to life. Also in Philadelphia, an individual dressed as Batman took to the streets to cheers from the crowd.

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The sinking ship implies defeat. Random, funny, and odd images to get your day started right. I feel relief knowing that a silent Elmo lets me get away with multiple possible meanings.

Elmo Memes Cartoon Memes Cartoons New Memes Dankest Memes Funny Memes Bomb Meme Reaction Pictures Funny Pictures Elmo Nuclear Bomb The image has been most commonly used as a reaction image to respond to shocking news or powerful lyrics.


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