elliot quest walkthrough

Use the fairy ability on the right, outside of his house, to activate a block. You've beaten all four Guardians and taken the elemental powers they were protecting. The first three colossi can be tackled now, so if you're near the spots they call home at any time, check out the. That's the Magic Mirror! Head back to the area in the desert that we followed to get the dash boots to dig up the sand and get a piece of heart. These statues are huge and weigh a ton, so if it stomps you, it's instant death. If you need to use a potion, consider keeping it in your inventory until you have had a few attempts at the fight to learn all of the different attacks. It opens that door in Elliot's village you've likely been wondering how to open. Instead, head to the right so that you can get your first key.

He's not really any tougher; a single charge shot should just about take him out if you want the fight over as fast as possible. The number of crystal outlines on the door will tell you if you can enter. Freezing a giant and then using stone on it will shatter it and kill it quickly. Entering the final dungeon, Elliot can kill Rasa in vengeance, evil, or let him live, a good act. If you are interested in helping to create one, please post in this thread or fill out this application. You have to stomp your way over the lava while avoiding the energy balls dropping from above. All other content is Copyright ©2003-2020 JayIsGames.com. The hint guy in Elliot's village (house above the Inn) has an experience scroll. I do not use the map here in the guide, but it was useful as I played and learned the game, so thanks to whoever made that. After seeing this ending, I realized it represents basically what I thought would happen all along. There are four, seven, and eleven-keyed crystal doors so keep this in mind. After you remove his frontal defense, you'll find that he gets harder now that he can see you better, not to mention some smaller frogs start pitching in. The light green looking tower is the Wizard's Tower. Do you feel that way?

Moving on, bomb the two blocks to reveal a way for you to drop down. Be extremely mindful of an attack where blocks come in from both sides of the screen to crush you. There's also a lot of dangerous fire blasts getting thrown around. Go all the way down to enter the area leading out along the water. At first, it's hard to understand how to approach fighting him, but the secret is in how he changes color. Stop controlling the statue, now, and move to the right and jump so that the shadow is to the right of the stone knight. It's in a cave behind a stone wall. This area leads you to the final temple, and it features many new enemies you won't find anywhere else in the game. Let's get the shovel, but since it's on the way, let's get a sixth crystal as well. Without going in that room, you can't drain the area of water, leading to the goddess statue. Tornado helps with any bats. You need to use tornado to ride wind up to a ladder, then just solve the puzzle. You shouldn't let anything attack the poor kid, as he has a very small health bar.

Your goal, in either case, is to jump up through the room and make it to the ladder above. If he's red, however, fire three ice arrows into his back and he'll go down just the same. There's a series of really small platforms leading up, but you can get two blue chests if you go to the left past the crusher. Oh, and as he teleports, he can target the spot you're standing at with a giant bonfire of death. Freezing them sort of works, only temporarily, but you can throw a stone at a frozen enemy to shatter it. Marlene's schoolin' money! He commands the power of ice and will use it against you a lot. All icicles should be destroyed with your stone ability before they can hurt Terry. Don't get too happy, however, some floor spikes just after the crushers will keep you on your toes. The platform it's on can only be controlled with the item from this dungeon. If that moving spike hits Elliot, it will explode on contact. It opens the special shop in the mountain village. Instead, let the first crusher come down and only move past as it slowly rises back to its attack position. For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Heading down the hallway, a large statue comes to life and begins following you. This way will lead you back to the left and lead you to this crystal, which was obnoxiously near the beginning all along. There's a small key down here. It certainly helps that beyond mere disorientation, Elliot Quest is a superbly constructed retro adventure, filled with great scenery, charmingly weird monsters, and just enough deconstruction to keep things interesting. Ice Guardian Boss Fight:The first form of this boss is a huge knight with an even bigger sword. I suggest you hang on to the ladder to avoid his attack, but don't fall down to the screen you just came from, just go down the ladder a little to be safe from the wizard's attack. Hooded Rogue Boss Fight #2:You have the option to accept the offer to have him join you here if you didn't already have him join you previously. There's a screen with one of these statues and an upper path where you'll find a green blob on top of a set of bombable blocks. Don't let the giant's tremors hurt you. The sword lands and sticks into the ground, giving you a platform to stand on now. Follow the small platforms up, but watch out for the shooting stones; now, just take the ladder up again. Well, you can, but you always wake up at the last glowing rock thing you passed. Congrats! At the end of all of this, you will finally get a crystal. He'll mention that the phantom appeared to him as his dead brother to trick him into coming here. First, shoot the boxes so that one of the blocks lands on the platform. You are playing matador here, and the bull is charging straight for you. The really important thing is to not let the shadow land on the spikes above, and that's a lot easier if you're invincible and don't have to worry about timing your jumps, just his jumps instead. The seventh crystal hidden here is a nice thing to have, because it means you now have access to all level seven crystal doors (that means you can at least try to fight three of the four extra bosses now if you're bold enough but you really should wait until after you've done the four Guardian temples). Lots of jumping spiders that shoot fire are all around. Either tornado the thing and finish it with arrows or freeze them. You will work with Terry as he tries to escape. The Satar's Lair, the last temple, is your final obstacle to get through before all can be concluded.

After you rise to about the level of his head, move away and fire arrows as you fall back down. Elliot has more than his own interests to consider and it would be selfish to only think about his own happiness, would it not? Beside the save stone is a door to warp back out, so you're not locked in if you want to go back and finish up the extra bosses or do other errands. To the left is a screen you'd expect to see in a straight platforming game. Grab the small key by melting the ice. It's full of tough enemies, like those giants that carry a large club, throw rocks, and cause tremors to hurt you. Push the block on the right all the way to the right to give you a platform to jump up to the next area. Deal with the knight quickly and then focus all attacks on the statue, you don't want to be crushed. The final Guardian boss is also one of the best bosses in the game, easily. You're on the world map now. As the statue gets close, it will make a much bigger jump, giving you time to get underneath to the other side, just don't be touching the ground when it lands.

"Decided to join the winning side?" With all eleven crystals in your possession, head to the part of the world map that has the lost woods and the forest where you bought the silver arrows. To do this safely, it's best to jump and move slowly, as simply running means you will slide and could be killed. Due north of Elliot's village, you can now get the heart piece by using the fairy spell here to activate a platform. You can push the graves after Terry leaves. The final piece of heart is locked away in the mountain village; the Rusty Key opens the door, and saving Terry from the graveyard gets you the key. Arrows work, too, but it takes longer unless you get lucky with a killer shot. Pay careful attention to the moving spike on the next platform above you. Go up.

It just has some pots and a treasure chest, though, so drop down again. It's the kind of game that drops you straight into the action without so much as an intro scroll. You will need to go similar to how you would go to find Rasa's place (see VII above), but head up instead of right to the world map. Grab the last small key here. After you defeat the phantom, you will find Terry over to the right. I always got a whoopin' growing up if I did that. Since there's no other way to get the shovel but to abide her plea, let's leave through the portal door on the left. It's also how you unlock New Game Plus, a much harder version of the game. Having him become an ally is an evil path choice, while refusing is good. This next area has two crushers. Go up and use the bats here as stomping platforms to get to the higher ladder. Bomb the platform here if you want, but don't go to the right yet, keep heading up. Near that cave, there's a brown structure visible on the map. This FAQ/Walkthrough is a proud winner of GameFAQs FAQ of the Month Contest for January 2016! Opening chests you find in houses, personal treasure that isn't yours, is something bad guys do. This ending, to be honest, is probably the ending most will be happiest with. The way to the crystal is pretty simple, actually. Starting a new game means completely starting over your save data, so be advised that you shouldn't do it hastily thinking your old data is kept. All three of the statues aren't going to come alive. This ending lets Elliot have that, but being selfish is tricky and may not always lead to what you bargain for in life. The thwomp looking enemies fall down and attempt to crush you, which leads to instant death, so always take a moment to either let them fall and go back up so you can run under safely or dash with the dash boots to get under without having to wait. Open up your map. If you go right, you'll be out on the world map where Rasa's house is located. Also, thanks to user GA172373 on the boards here, his topics also helped me a bit. Use the stone magic to make a huge icicle fall down. In this room, it's a simple block pushing puzzle. You've circled back, it's the spike room. You need two bombs in the next area to reveal a door (and a third once inside). Grab the small key in this room, then head back out to the left. The goddess has opened up access to a forested area in the far east, very close to the cave with the moving wall. Going by the guide's Crystal Locations list, this is the final crystal of the eleven and shows up last in your inventory as well. Head left, and you have some more bad guys, skeleton warriors, to deal with. Behind her is a fair amount of treasure, but at this point, gold, honestly, isn't that big of a deal anymore, as we've already purchased most of what matters to beat the game.


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