elizabeth ellen farnsworth loomis
* hardcover: ISBN 0-684-87287-0, paperback: ISBN 0-684-87288-9. He retired to East Hampton with his wife, Manette, and never again granted an interview. They would be picked up at the airport or train station and taken to Tuxedo Park in his limousine. Loomis was married to Ellen Farnsworth for over thirty years, she was beautiful, delicate, and often suffered from debilitating depression. Once the crash of the stock market had bankrupt most speculators, he became even wealthier as Wall Street floundered, by purchasing stocks cheaply after they had plummeted in value and few had the cash to invest again. Alfred Lee — can refer to:*Alfred Lee (basketball) (b. His first cousin was Henry Stimson, who held cabinet-level positions in the administrations of William Howard Taft, Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, and Harry S. Truman. She was reputed to be “the prettiest girl in Boston, and typical of her day and social class: intelligent, educated—she could read French, Latin, and Greek—but impractical. Eventually, he was elected to the National Academy of Sciences for his work in physics. NOTOC A *Ernst Karl Abbe Germany (1840–1905) *Derek Abbott Australia (1960 ) *Marek Artur… …   Wikipedia, We are using cookies for the best presentation of our site. At 24, Loomis married Ellen Holman Farnsworth, 2 years his junior, a delicate beauty from a distinguished Boston Brahmin family and the sister of a Harvard classmate, Henry Watson Farnsworth. Many of these from the 20th and 21st centuries are found on the list of recipients of the Nobel Prize in physics. Ellen Holman Farnsworth was two years older than Alfred Lee Loomis and they got married 22 June 1912 in Deadham, Massachusetts.

He competed at the 1948 Summer Olympics in London, where he won a gold medal in the 6 metre class with the boat Uanoria, together with Herman Whiton, James Smith, Michael Mooney, who later married his daughter, Nancy, and James Weekes. Loomis also made a significant contribution to the development of ground-controlled approach technology, a precursor of today's instrument-landing-systems that used radar to permit ground controllers to "talk-down" airplane pilots to safe landings when poor visibility made visual landings difficult or impossible. 1956), sometimes known as Butch Lee, Puerto Rican basketball player *Alfred Lee (bishop) (1807–1887), American Protestant Episcopal bishop *Alfred McClung Lee (1903–1992), American sociologist, past… …   Wikipedia, Loomis (surname) — Loomis is a surname.

Immediately following his graduation, Loomis married and began the practice of corporate law in the firm of Winthrop and Stimson and achieved great success. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni.

Samuel Loomis Halloween character Top: Donal …   Wikipedia, Samuel J. Loomis — Dr. Samuel James Loomis is a fictional character in the Halloween film series. It was invented in 1918 [Aberdeen Proving Ground (brochure), [http://www.apgmwr.com/apgbrochure.pdf p.2] ] by Alfred Lee Loomis… …   Wikipedia, List of physicists — Below is a list of famous physicists. Daughter of William Farnsworth and Lucy Holman Farnsworth Stimson became a great influence upon Loomis from an early age. * Alfred Lebbeus Loomis (1831 1895), American physician * Alfred Lee Loomis (1887 1975), American lawyer, inventor * Andrew Loomis (1892 1959), illustrator * Bernard Loomis (1923 2006), American toy inventor/marketer * Charles …   Wikipedia, Alfred Loomis — is the name of: * Alfred Lee Loomis (1887 ndash;1975), American physicist and philanthropist * Alfred Lebbeus Loomis (1831 ndash;1895), American physician * Alfred Loomis, American sailor, Olympic champion from 1948 …   Wikipedia, Loomis — ist der Familienname folgender Personen: Alfred Lee Loomis (1887–1975), US amerikanischer Anwalt und Erfinder Andrew Loomis (1892–1959), US amerikanischer Illustrator und Kunstlehrer Andrew W. Loomis (1797–1873), US amerikanischer Politiker… …   Deutsch Wikipedia, Samuel Loomis — For other people named Samuel Loomis, see Samuel Loomis (disambiguation).


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