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He follows Isa home and talks to her, Jack and Victor. In early episodes his name was listed on his shop as Stevie Barret. However, he seems to have some sense of morality, often reprimanding Tam for his meanness.

However, Jack has shown himself to be more observant than Victor on several occasions—notably when, in the episode "Wummin," he recognises (albeit incorrectly) that Bert Findlay's strange behaviour shows signs of an impending suicide. He explains that Eric was 85 and had a heart condition, and goes on to explain that the only reason he was following them was so he could learn more about Eric's life in order to deliver a fitting eulogy at his Funeral. Additionally, he is prone to malapropisms, such as saying "discretion" instead of "desecration." The Chancellor's statement this afternoon ends days of uncertainty over the scheme in Scotland. Callum returns to Craiglang 49 years later and hopes to reconnect with Isa and his old life after deciding to retire from his job. Thomas is a ned, who causes trouble for his parents.

Meena's face is finally revealed in the last episode - along with actress Shamshad Akhtar's incredible life story, Still Game final episode – Glasgow reacts as curtain falls on iconic BBC sitcom, Still Game quiz: prove you know Craiglang better than Jack, Victor and co, Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill talk for last time after curtain falls on Still Game, Pollokshields residents rage as firework 'explosion' set off at 2AM. Online. Peter McCormack (better known as "Pete The Jakey") is a familiar sight to residents of Craiglang. A lady who volunteers in the local charity shop and Edith's sister. Winston was cross and was determined to straighten out Thomas. Upset about Isa not loving his true self, Callum (whilst giving Boabby a driving lesson) attempts to commit suicide by driving the car into a canal. Molly Drummond (2006) Played by Dorothy Paul. In the episode "Cauld," he was referred to as Derek. Despite playing a hunchbacked seamstress with hideous teeth and a horrible voice, Maureen insists she would never say a bad word about loathsome but loveable Edith. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts.

View our online Press Pack. I must admit the teeth are disgusting. Email us at scoop@thesun.co.uk or call 0141 420 5200, Parents want Scots school closed as 100 self-isolate after coronavirus outbreak, Furlough scheme extended with 80% of workers' wages paid through to MARCH, Mum of twins dies in crash with drunk driver just WEEK before due date, Mum-of-three prison officer admits to having sex with convicted baby killer, Sir Sean Connery's widow pays tribute & saw him 'slip away without a fuss', ©News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. Even Navid believed that Rena was going to set a trap for Wullie and felt that Isa was not as crazy as he had thought. All rights reserved. Kevin is 24 and is extremely ageist. It’s fair to say that show reached its peak long ago, and that its return in 2016 brought some weaker episodes. In "Cat's Whiskers", Edith gets a makeover (e.g. Glasgow City Council's education department took the decision to halt inter-school matches so fewer children are meeting each other. John McDade (2004) Victor and Betty's son. He also may be the inventor of the famous "Beefy Bake." This results in Boabby, Winston, Tam, Navid and the other party guests going to the home to have the party there. The first episode, Local Hero, wasn’t as promising, leaning on Winston’s popularity and trying just a bit too hard to be ‘down with the kids’ on the subject of viral videos. By this time, Winston has had enough.

She is known to have an 18-year-old son, Simon, who was charged with drunk driving at the age of 12. Despite her aggressive nature, she seems to be friendly with Isa and many other locals. Edith, played by Maureen Carr, is the sister of the charity shop worker Barbara.

That Jack and Victor went together was even more touching - if we’re to believe we were seeing the passing of time and everyone with it, one by one, then it’s great that neither pal was left behind.

Wullie MacIntosh (2002, 2004) - Wullie MacIntosh was a pensioner who gained a reputation for borrowing things from the Craiglang residents - and never returning them. They may have relied too heavily on slapstick for the past few years, but the final few episodes delivered the nostalgia factor for those of us who have followed Jack, Victor, Winston, Tam, Isa and co for almost two decades. In "One in One Out" Frances has a baby at the age of 64, whilst Tam is aged 70. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF.

Housed in a pair of sunglasses, E.D.I.T.H. None of the men is successful in finding out but it is Isa who susses it out when she sees an old photo of Winston's that she took. Boabby reveals he has been working behind the bar of the Clansman since he was eighteen, though apparently he previously worked as a bouncer at QM Union at Glasgow University. Peggy is Jack's overweight ex-neighbour. After two days of Innes' arrival, the neds never bother anyone again. He stops when he nearly ran over Boabby who was riding his bike. The closure affecting the northbound M898 will take place between 8pm and 6am from tonight until Tuesday. Molly lives in Finport, on the coast and came to Craiglang to visit her sister. At least for now. Our. A bus driver working for Dial-a-Bus. Edith is a resident of Craiglang. Played by Sandy Nelson, Chris is Craiglang's local postman. Played by Marj Hogarth; appears in "Dug", "Hoaliday" and "One in One Out".

Coronavirus death toll in Scotland reaches 2,966 as 39 more die overnight, Sainsbury's to cut 3,500 jobs including Argos and supermarket deli counters. . Meena, portrayed by Shamshad Akhtar, is Navid's wife. Jack has commented he has "plenty of padding" and he doesn't seem to know the rules of Blackjack. Still Game is a BAFTA award-winning Scottish sitcom, produced by The Comedy Unit with BBC Scotland. Keys used are WASD plus mouse. What Remains of Edith Finch, Gorogoa, Includes 2 items: She has a hunchback, numerous moles, and misshapen teeth. She is Jack and Jean's daughter.

Fergie (2002–2016) Played by Jamie Quinn - Fergie is a young boy who looks to be in his late-teens. The following morning, Mrs. Fletcher sees Jack, Victor, Isa and the guests escaping and discovers Navid asleep in one of the chairs.

Watch River City to see if Theresa survives on Tuesday at 8pm, BBC1, We pay for your stories and videos! Played by Ronnie Letham; appears in "Scones", "Dug" and "Hogmanay Special: The Party". What Remains of Edith Finch is a collection of strange tales about a family in Washington state. His materialistic attitude often causes a rift between himself and his wife, but at 70, Tam became father to Tam Junior and Frances became Britain's oldest mum. Actress Abbie Purvis on battle to beat stereotypes of disability and how Game Of Thrones star changed everything, Still game but no jobs: Comedy star returns to teaching as experts warn pandemic risks exodus of talent from arts, The traffic is murder this morning: Radio Scotland’s travel oracle Theresa Talbot reveals why she is page-turning to a life of crime, INTERVIEW: Julie Wilson Nimmo – Working with someone you love is really weird, it was like ‘Are we the new Richard & Judy?’, Do your duty and follow coronavirus restrictions, urges D-Day veteran, Harry Brockbank sidelined as Bolton take on Crewe in FA Cup, Sony tells gamers not to turn up at shops hoping to buy PS5 on launch day, Police in George Floyd case to face trial together in Minneapolis, Leeds to assess Raphinha ahead of Palace clash. Mrs Fletcher (2016) Played by Ronni Ancona. A good friend of Jack and Victor's, Winston Ingram is played by Paul Riley. Boabby (West of Scotland version of 'Bobby'; real name Robert Taylor) is played by Gavin Mitchell. Get a round-up of stories from The Sunday Post every week. Shug can apparently hear through walls and across streets due to his ears. Ford Kiernan has stated the name of Navid's shop 'Harrid's' is a play on the famous department store, 'Harrods.'. With Still Game ending, Maureen would love the chance to stay in the comedy game.

Eventually Isa told Victor that Barbara was married and Victor confronted Barbara telling her that she should not be with Jack. Do you have a story or video for The Scottish Sun? Jack Jarvis is played by Ford Kiernan. "Auld" Eric is played by James Martin. Eric dies in series 8. A reclusive man. A 'home help' worker. Since returning to Shieldinch early this year, Theresa has cemented her status as the ultimate baddie.


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