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Grades will be determined by two one hour exams and a final exam.


Grades will be based on hour test(s), problem sets, and a final exam. Some courses are of special importance to students – for instance, declared majors or potential majors who need the course for the degree or as a prerequisite to additional work – and faculty may want to accommodate such students.

(INDEPENDENT). The course will have a lecture format, but questions are welcome. Adverse selection, moral hazard, and principal-agent models. (3). 600; graduate standing. Econ 401 provides motivation for many of the examples studied in this course. 401 and 404 (or 406). Econ 671 and 672 form the basic required sequence in econometrics for all doctoral students. Election for dissertation work by doctoral student not yet admitted as a Candidate. We explore two frontier economic paradigms of dynamic microeconomics: Optimal learning and experimentation (including models of informational herding, financial timing, and informational demand) and dynamic search-matching models. There are also courses listed under "ALA" in the course guide for those interested in research, and UROP may have some summer opportunities. Hello!

We would suggest reaching out to your advisor in LSA, or the Newnan Advising Center. A staff member will then need to create the section in ECON 499 and then issue the override for that particular section. Course Homepage:

For these classes we do not give overrides. Each week an original research study is presented by a graduate students, a Michigan faculty member, or a faculty member visiting from another university. Explore which educational path will help you work toward your dream career. Positive theory of equilibrium. best. (4). 601, 603, 673, & 674." As for opportunities for research within the Department of Economics in particular, you have a couple of options. This course studies optimal stochastic dynamic optimization in discrete and continuous time. There may also be some helpful information here on their site about using IB credits. (3).


544 or Pol. endobj Finally, it contrasts the foundations and recent work on value and demand for information, and how to rank informative signals.

This course in macroeconomics deals with the determination of broad economic aggregates such as national income, employment, the price level, and the balance of payments in both the short run and the long run. Graduate standing. 2015-06-29T14:47:04.251-04:00 Some discussions are mandatory, and you should speak to your professor. Prerequisites: Public Policy 571. The activities of the Research Seminar include a weekly seminar or workshop, an ongoing program of faculty and graduate student research, linkages with developing country institutions, conferences involving academics and policy makers, training of graduate students specializing in international economics and international economic law, and the distribution of a series of RSIE Discussion Papers.

Professor Stern is the General Editor of the series.

<>stream College Confidential. Course Homepage:

The Seminars in Public Policy toward Business are devoted to critical discussion of new research in the field.

The topics covered in this course complement those covered in Economics 435: Financial Economics. The course is designed to provide students with an introduction to international finance that can be used in a career in banking, finance, government, or international trade.

It is strongly recommended that students take Economics 401 before 402. From the students’ perspective, however, there is one important fact to know about how waitlists work. Prerequisites: Econ. Learn what it means to be a Wolverine and dig in to what the liberal arts are all about. Mac OS X 10.6.8 Quartz PDFContext No statistical background is assumed, but various practical skills will be developed throughout the course. Graduate standing. Course Homepage: Prerequisites: Econ. Some class time will focus on topics such as bibliographic methods, data analysis, and economic modeling, but most of the effort will be involved in writing the research paper. Only the credits transfer here. Replies to: UMich Economics #1. giants92 1319 replies 19 threads Senior Member. Universities Which Received The Fiske Guide To Colleges 2020 Lowest Academic Rating, Georgia Tech CompSci vs Penn State Schreyer CompSci, Moved: Is a 1340 too low of an SAT score for UofM.

If you decide to replicate a paper using a numerical method and the website already provides the code that replicates the results of a particular journal article, obviously you WILL NOT receive credit for a replicating those results.

86891 The course is self-contained and does not serve as a prerequisite to Economics 406.

The case for UMich: - Well known and respected university - Great sense of community and school spirit, sports are amazing (I'm a huge sports fan) - Econ+CS opens a lot of doors (If I end up deciding to pursue the tech side, I'll be in a good position as well) - $15K cheaper than NYU - … Use is made of some of the more recent developments in agency theory to study in depth the issue of managerial compensation.

Please visit our Transfer Students page for more information! The specific procedures vary from one department to the next and may vary for courses within a department. Approximately one-third of the course is spent reviewing and elaborating on standard macro theory of the sort covered in an advanced undergraduate course. (3). We will study the functioning of the markets by analyzing behavior of non-competitive firms. 402. Statistics for Economists. Prerequisites: Econ. Waitlists are created at the discussion-section level, not the lecture-section level. Students will normally do a computer project involving hypothesis testing or model simulation. There is often some attrition in the enrollment of a class; it is difficult to predict how much loss of enrollment a class might experience and the impact that overrides might have on the final numbers. Atlas displays historic data about the U-M curriculum to guide U-M students, instructors, and staff in decision-making. Prerequisites: Econ. Our department no longer offers an internship class.

(3). Course Homepage:

Rackham credit requires additional work. Course Homepage:

No credit granted to those who have completed or are enrolled in 360. 2015-06-29T14:47:04.001-04:00 ECON 401. Reference materials for the couse are: Foundations of International Macroeconomics, by Maurice Obstfeld and Kenneth Rogoff, Cambridge, MA, MIT Press, 1996. The course emphasizes developing an intuitive understanding of the methods by proof-sketches, solved examples, and provlem sets rather than fully formal proofs. To offer feedback, please contact the Wolverine Access Team.. For technical issues with Wolverine Access, administrative systems, or other ITS services, contact the ITS Service Center: . <> 52 0 obj

(2). (8). Students should be prepared to participate frequently in class discussions. Course Homepage: Registration waitlists that begin when a course section has filled with registered students serve a number of uses for faculty, departments, and our College. The core. Likely topics include labor unions, minimum wage laws, compensation policies and productivity, wage indexation, and discrimination and equal-opportunity laws. Waitlist procedures exist to help deal fairly with students who wish to enroll in closed classes.

It may be felt that other criteria weigh more heavily. The specific procedures vary from one department to the next and may vary for courses within a department. This course studies modern lattice-theoretic methods of supermodularity and comparative statics. Alternatively, you may choose an article that uses numerical methods, and you must reproduce the numerical solution or simulations. Economics 431 is not required. Mac OS X 10.6.8 Quartz PDFContext 429e952a2416c84e0520899cec8cc1f64d888049 A student may register for a closed class only by obtaining an override (a permission entered in M-Pathways) for that class. The Seminars in Public Finance are devoted to critical discussion of new research in the field. Prerequisites: Econ. We've got articles, videos and forum discussions that provide answers to all of your test prep, admissions and college search questions. The assessment will comprise a mixture of problem sets, exams, and an assignment. Please visit our Studying Abroad page for more information! These "dept" credits are granted to count towards your overall number of credits required by LSA to graduate, the "Econ" in their title is just to designate a department for administrative purposes. Econ.

This page was created at 4:33 PM on Fri, Mar 22, 2002. Course Homepage: A further focus is potential implications of global development in the more developed countries. No. 455. Examples: Monday, today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/04, Carleton College vs Williams vs pomona vs Harvey mudd. See Russian and East European Studies (REES) 795. endobj If they will accept the AP test results as equivalent to their STATS 250 course and it transfers in as such, then we will accept the credit towards the major as well. Why do colleges waitlist?? 673, 674. Exchange economies; production economies; the 2X2 production model. Course Homepage: The rest of the course examines the implications of existing tax law in the U.S., and commonly proposed revisions in the law, for the allocation of resources in the economy. The course begins with the multiple regression model under ideal conditions and then goes on to detailed consideration of departures from the ideal conditions as well as a brief introduction to nonlinear regression models. We show how different objectives of bondholders and stockholders may influence the efficient running of the firm (especially during times of financial distress). We do not open up a waitlist for these classes until all the lectures are full. Each faculty member has an assigned section number. Rackham credit requires additional work. (3). This course has a lecture format, but questions are welcomed. Sci.

It then explores stochastic orders, and extends the monotone comparative statics to uncertainty. It's just not centered around football. Just got waitlisted from 2 colleges in one night. Students will be required to produce a polished research paper by the end of the course which can be incorporated into their thesis. Economic problems center around the utilization of limited resources to provide goods and services for society. Prerequisites: Econ.


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