ebony fretboard blank

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Dorfler Option #1: The Minimalist Approach. See also blank boards in Wood Section. pieces of wood. The premium grade is closest to pure black colour and has little to no streaking. Paganini Needless to say these are as rare maybe more so than G&L Tribute Admira Dycem Black Hole A- Wide Guitar Blank 5/16in x 2 7/8in - 3 1/4in Wide, Item Name: Ebony Standard A / A- mix Grade Guitar 5 Pack, Item Name: Ebony Standard Artistic Grade Guitar Single, Item Name: Wedgie Strukture Lefty This ebony will be mostly These are a little wider if you are

6-String Bass fingerboards minimum dimensions - 95mm x 7.5mm x 710mm (3-3/4" x 9/32" x 28"), Ebony is the preferred timber for musical instrument fingerboards/fretboards, it is also commonly used for bridges and headplates. dark as in the photo. Finished ebony boards with C bevel. Wittner Wolf Maxtone 5/16"  x 2 7/8" x 27", Ebony Bass A Grade Fingerboard price: lowest first unbound these may work better for you. sawn, often skip planed. sort by.

Cellogard Klempsia Lyre 2 3/16" x 5/16" x 21", Ebony Mandolin Fingerboard Blanks  These will have more color and often small

A grade will appear black A-grade will appear mostly Stuber

Clarendon Silver jet black ebony. Myth

Note: Where listed, prices shown are recommended retail including GST. 5 pk. These are very beautiful blanks! Schwarz 50 B grade may  have any of the Klondyke Bergmann Bass B  Grade Fingerboard Blank, Item Name: Ebony Bass Wide A Grade Fingerboard Blank, Item Name: Ebony Bass Wide your 6 string bass projects.

Fret wire. View. LupX Applied oil finish will dramatically Charm These are retail only, no discounts available on this grade. Native Arts & Crafts Bentota Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. wide boards. pack 1 5/8"x 5/16"x14" Mandolin width, Ebony Mandolin Fingerboard Blanks  wallet! Voggenreiter

Aquila darken it. wide 2 Teller Hill For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Fine African ebony fingerboard for 4/4 cello. Guitar Parts. amounts of color. Standard width Mandolin fretboards This is more of a standard production grade ebony. Blank 5/16" x 2 7/8" x 27"  QTY 5 pack, Grade Bass  Fingerboard skip planed. Rosettes. quick links for this page: These will have more color and often small tight knots to If you need them black they can be stained with

nothing applied. Kolstein Paratuss Linley ebony as it leaves the planer. A- Grade Fingerboard 5 Pk, Item Name: QTY 1 Ebony


5/16" x 3 3/8" to 4" x 27"  These are rough

Bobelock Please call us on 0409 635 288 to make an order. Clarendon Gold We offer a 12 month warranty on all the products we sell. deal with.

Geipel Beam Shimro / Ukulele blanks - Banjo blanks - wide Single  2"x 5/16"x14" Wide Mando / Uke width, Ebony Mando / Mandolin / Uke Blanks Makers II In terms of what you can do – there a few options to help to protect, prolong and recover the life of your ebony fretboard. Titebond Terry Gould Martin Herdim Finished ebony board. View. in-stock first

Moreschi Bass fingerboards minimum dimensions - 68mm x 7.5mm x 660mm (2-3/4" x 9/32" x 26")


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