dyneema vs amsteel
Safe working loads do not apply to shock loading. Samson’s Amsteel is made from Dyneema SK60.

Knots degrade the strength of the rope up to fifty percent.

Zing-It vrs Dyneema vrs Amsteel I am familar with Amsteel ( I use it for a lot of suspension stuff, tie outs etc ) but have never used Zing-It or Dyneema lines and familiar with them. The diameter of Amsteel 7/64 is 0.11 inches, so for this rope, one fid is equal to 2.31 inches. It depends. I see a few threads about Amsteel vs. dyneema (which seems kinda tantamount to asking Hamburger vs. beef), but I was considering Spectra as an alternative to Amsteel.

I also just got some Mountainfitter Guywire Dyneema … If you want your package to arrive quickly, we recommend upgrading to FedEx or DHL services. Amsteel is a samthane coated, non-rotational, 12-strand single braid that is known for its low stretch and high strength. The problem with synthetic fibers is creep. Class II ropes (including Amsteel) are manufactured from high-modulus fiber, such as Dyneema Composite Fabrics. Counter-intuitively, the smaller the diameter of the rope, the shorter the bury needs to be. WV. So the recommended bury would be about 8 inches.

Working load (WL) is the load that a rope is subjected to during normal use.

Loop Suspension[/color], If this is your first visit, be sure to

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But I'm afraid they … Samson specifies that a fid is equal to the diameter of the rope x 21, and that an effective bury for Class 2 rope should be three and a half fids. I retract my earlier statement!

What he said. As an example, the average strength of 1/4” Amsteel is 7400 pounds, while Amsteel Blue is 8600 pounds. USPS international shipments are delayed beyond normal shipping times.

The 7/64 commonly used for whoopie slings, has only eight strands, but diameters beyond that have twelve.

For example, a whoopie made with 1.75 mm Zing-it would only need five inches of bury (if following Samson specs), while one made with 1/8 inch Amsteel would need nine inches. Samson’s Amsteel is made from Dyneema SK60. Can anyone enlighten me on the pros and cons of the two lines.

Amsteel is defined by Samson as a “high-modulus polyethylene” rope. WLs are based on a percentage of the breaking strength (aka tensile strength) of new and unused rope. 08-21-2012, 13:39 #3.

The eye of the whoopie sling is usually made with a locked Brummell, which does not require stitching. As a dentist, I deal with creep in various materials and know how to factor it in when … As an example, the average strength of 1/4” Amsteel is 7400 pounds, while Amsteel Blue is 8600 pounds.

They are not the same thing but are often confused. I am unclear as to …

There's got to be SOME reason everybody around here goes to Amsteel vs…

Amsteel is a product name for cordage made with dyneema fibers, so Amsteel is dyneema. Dyneema is stronger than steel and a fraction of the weight.

The high-modulus part means that Amsteel has “low elasticity elongation” or in other words, it doesn’t stretch much. Class I ropes are manufactured from polyolefin, nylon and or polyester fiber. It can be quite confusing!

They are not the same thing but are often confused. The breaking strength of Amsteel Blue 7/64 is 1600 pounds.


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