dynamic earth answer key
Therefore, to follow the storyline we recommend that teachers complete the activities in the order provided.

Teachers can refer back to the triple junction model from the Plate Tectonics activities when students view A New Ocean. Evaluate evidence of the past and current movements of continental and oceanic crust and the theory of plate tectonics to explain the ages of crustal rocks. We anticipate that students should be able to achieve the NGSS Performance Expectation(s) listed after completing the activities in this unit. Worksheets are 8 the dynamic earth, Dynamic earth vocabulary, Lesson our dynamic climate, Macmillanmcgraw hill science a closer look grade 5 to, Answer key earths dynamic surface, This dynamic earth, 2010 gallery guide level 12 teachers copy 3, Instructions for copying. How do Tectonic Plates Interact introduces students to the basic models of plate boundary interactions, while the two BBC video clips, When Continents Collide and A New Ocean, show actual locations where these plate boundary types have occurred.

Teachers may already have their own PowerPoint presentations, one from a publisher, or they may chose one that is available on the web.

To extend student learning beyond the examples featured in the preceding activities and to encourage discussion, teachers may create questions related to their own regional tectonic setting, or an area characterized by active tectonic processes. 7.4 Resources are distributed unevenly around the planet.

The three main types of faults, the forces that cause them, as well as geologic features observed at the Earth's surface as a result are addressed. Expedition to the Seafloor tests the hypothesis of seafloor spreading using authentic age data based on fossil evidence collected by the Deep Sea Drilling Project in the South Atlantic. What fault line is California on? These can then be re-used each time the activity is taught. Analyze and interpret data on the distribution of fossils and rocks, continental shapes, and seafloor structures to provide evidence of the past plate motions. *Teachers are encouraged to visit the PLATES Project to download free movies (actually PowerPoint Presentations) of plate tectonic reconstructions. Therefore, it is imperative to allocate time to review the activities and background material prior to using the learning experiences in this unit and to probe students for their prior knowledge before starting an activity. agg905. Worksheets are 8 the dynamic earth, Dynamic earth vocabulary, Lesson our dynamic climate, Macmillanmcgraw hill science a closer look grade 5 to, Answer key earths dynamic surface, This dynamic earth, 2010 gallery guide level 12 teachers copy 3, Instructions for copying. They learn about the contributions of Wegener, Hess, Vine, Matthews, Tuzo-Wilson and McKenzie.

This narrated animation from IRIS describes the 4 basic classes of faults. Although both activities seem very similar because they examine divergent plate motion, the first is set in the Atlantic and the second in the Pacific Ocean basin. Click on NEXT and fly over California. The fault blocks can also be purchased from various scientific suppliers. Resource Type: Visualization (static visualization, animation, simulation), This short reading from the USGS's online edition of "This Dynamic Earth" discusses the technologies used and data found that helped to develop the Theory of Plate Tectonics, Instructional Strategies: Reading, Inquiry, Resource Type: Classroom learning activity , Visualization (static visualization, animation, simulation). Plate Tectonics, developed by the Geological Society of London, is a very useful interactive website.

Teachers should demonstrate this interactive tool for their students first and then allow the students to make selections and explore on their own. Oxygen.

They apply their knowledge to the motion of cars. Answer: Our dynamic earth, oxygen is the most abundant element in the Earth’s crust.

Our Earth continues to be a restless and dynamic planet. OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR.

Both Expedition to the Seafloor and The Race is on With Seafloor Spreading require that students work with maps as they determine the rates of seafloor spreading at plate boundaries.

The PALEOMAP Project has animations showing plate tectonic development of the ocean basins and continents during the past 1,100 million years.

on the Midcontinent Rift explains the spectacular scenery around Lake Superior resulting from the 1.1 billion year old Midcontinent Rift System and gives park interpreters and educators an opportunity to discuss some of the most important processes that shape our planet and influenced the region's settlement and growth. Apply knowledge of vectors in creating vector time series plots.

Instructional Strategies: Inquiry, Modeling, Resource Type: Laboratory investigation, experiment or demonstration. The videos Do Subducting Plates Slide Smoothly Against Each Other?, Sumatran Tectonics, and What Are The 4 Basic Classes of Faults?, are all from the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) website.

Should the teacher need additional tutoring regarding Earth movement during faulting, the "Video" resources link links to the IRIS website where there exists a plethora of relevant videos. The main classifications of plate boundaries.

Printing this in black and white makes the borders of the anomalies difficult to determine, so it is suggested that the teacher print the map in color and laminate for each pair/group of students.


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