due to multiple community guidelines violations you're temporarily blocked from commenting

Temporary suspension: Temporary suspensions range from one to 30 days. what would be the next ban? Anything that promotes or glorifies violent crime, theft, and fraud is a violation.

This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins.

Anything that involves hate speech is a violation. We'll help you grow an engaged audience for a fraction of the cost. You can read further information about codes & blocked accounts. from the automatically generated response. We update our Community Guidelines from time to time to evolve with community behavior, mitigate emerging risks, and keep TikTok a safe place for creativity and joy. But posting to just 50-100 groups won’t get you the best exposure on Facebook, So what do you do? ); cases where Steam usage involves illegal activity (storing and distributing child pornography, selling drugs and weapons, advocacy and promotion of terrorism, etc. This covers everything from someone running a personal profile for their cat to someone pretending to be a politician.

This is pretty tricky. Also, overtly sexual content can be offensive within certain cultures. Criminal activities cover a wide spectrum of acts punishable by law, including theft, assault, human exploitation, and other harmful behavior. IS. Anything that depicts or glorifies violence or includes graphic content is a violation. "To help protect your account from fraud or abuse, we might have temporarily blocked … It will offer your post a fresh appearance. They have literally zero support service and they do what they want and answer to no one. It will render your post much more clicks as well as make it appear fresh to the spam detection system of Facebook. Anything that is cruel and insensitive is a violation. I’ve recently had a rash of comments blocked that don’t violate any of these standards. Anything that promotes or endorses a violent organization or organized crime is a violation. I’m sorry to hear that – have you tried reaching out to them to see if you could get it back? We do not allow content that includes hate speech, and we remove it from our platform. This is a very tricky category and includes different standards for different types of people. To learn more about how to get help, click here. We cannot comment on the individual reasons your page was removed. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. The most comprehensive guide about bans on the Steam platform. I responded to a friends post agreeing with the post and it got blocked. When I share my website link to facebook post. Content that is gratuitously shocking, sadistic, or excessively graphic, including but not limited to: Depictions of violent or accidental deaths involving real people, Depictions of dismembered, mutilated, charred, or burned human remains, Depictions of gore in which an open wound or injury is the core focus, Depictions of the slaughter of real animals, Depictions of dismembered, mutilated, charred, or burned animal remains, Content that provides instructions on how to commit suicide, Content that praises, promotes, or glorifies suicide, Content that provides instructions on how to commit self-harm, Content that supports pro-ana or other dangerous behavior to lose weight, Content that shows the inappropriate use of dangerous tools, Content that depicts drinking liquids or eating substances not meant for consumption, Dangerous challenges that might lead to injury, Content that depicts minors below the lawful age operating motor vehicles.


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